5 Ways Trakaid’s LgMonitor Will Save Gas Suppliers Money & Time

The present situation and the need of the hour

Ruffled by global economic turbulence, uncontrollable competition, bewildering complexities, disturbed time management and shocking additional charges – the liquid gas companies become firm and confident about changing the way their business has been operating until today. The harsh reality calls for ameliorating the efficiency of gas companies. Moreover, preserving the margins and maintaining the reinvestment rates has become crucial to fatten the production.

Saving the resources while addressing the customers’ demands

The gas distributors and consumers prefer cryogenic pressurized liquid gas in bulk rather than in small cylinders. The gases of the air treated to low temperatures (typically lower than -180 degree Celsius) are compressed in large cylinders after being condensed into the liquid state. As industrial gas manufacturers make a huge investment in these tankers, the assets ought to be fully utilized to maximize productivity.

Gas is required for various functions of different sectors in the world. The firms of energy, mining, construction, food production, aircraft and so on, require various liquid gases to be delivered to them on time. Late deliveries can result in a sudden halt of these companies’ operations. And so, to combat the challenges of tight resources and serious demands of the clients, industrial gas suppliers have yoked digitization and monitoring to supply higher volumes of liquid gases with less investment of money and time.

How gas suppliers can save money and time by using Trakaid’s LgMonitor?

Trakaid’s LgMonitor is a cloud-based monitoring system, designed for remote monitoring of the central storage and distribution of industrial and medical gases. Because LgMonitor has the power to communicate automatically, it deploys specialized monitoring devices that are robust and can consistently sense, convert and transmit error-free data. This automates operational data, delivers operational efficiency, reduces the time and provides a huge cost reduction.

Let’s talk in detail about how this gas monitor has the potential to save the crucial resources for the gas suppliers, when their budgets are tight and the customers’ demands are time-sensitive. Here are 5 ways Trakaid’s LgMonitor will save gas suppliers money and time:

1. Say good-bye to the manual mode: The manual reading protocol of recording tank content eats up a lot of time. Moreover, fat payments need to be done to the employees for maintaining this process. The latest sensing and telemetry technologies can sense and measure consumption and transmit data to a remote location. The machine-to-machine data acquisition capability of LgMonitor makes it extremely reliable to save ample time and money.

2. Error-free data: The data that is manually recorded is prone to errors. Also, paper records do not aid in analyzing the data for usage and leakage. Leakage can disrupt customers’ relations with the gas company and often decrease the profit margins. LgMonitor offers accurate data due to its real-time monitoring capabilities and based on this data, it sends alerts to the gas firms and its customers providing tank liquid level and possible leak information. Due to this, the industrial and medical gas suppliers are rescued from big money losses.

3. Organized deliveries: The process of monitoring gas in the cylinders presents serious difficulties and lead to frantic emergency calls to the gas company for immediate gas deliveries. In such cases, individual deliveries lead to extra investment of time and money.

Trakaid’s LgMonitor uses GPRS technology to transmit periodically a signal that is captured at the receiving end. The data stream is recorded and analyzed against a custom configuration. Alerts are generated and sent at various thresholds. Due to this, the gas suppliers remain fully aware of the customers’ gas requirements. Organized multiple deliveries combined in a single truck run optimize and reduce delivery costs and save the time that is wasted otherwise.

4. Real-time Reporting: Reports help us in evaluating, and managing gas supply business. However, paper reports’ maintenance demands a lot of time and high expense. LgMonitor goes paperless and maintains customized reports on the cloud. These reports aid in reducing the amount of money that is spent on the manpower to maintain these documents.

The rich-dynamic cloud-based reports are accurate as they are tested against built-in data validation and information governance. The reports are maintained daily, monthly, weekly and annually. They allow comparative as well as predictive analysis and help the gas suppliers to take informed business decisions in less time.

5. Advanced Technologies: Gas Monitoring solution is erected on the latest technologies including electronic pressure sensing, GPRS telemetry, and Microsoft mobile, web and database technology. This vast array of technologies simplifies liquid gas consumption tracking, processing, management and real-time monitoring. The authorized gas suppliers can say goodbye to the time consuming and expensive processing, tracking and management process. Moreover, the new technologies that come with LgMonitor save gas suppliers and managers good amount of time to be invested in other important core business areas.


To conclude, Trakaid’s LgMonitor is a device that you can trust and depend in maintaining your gas supply business. Apart from delivering huge cost reductions and time efficiencies, it provides accurate information, simplifies the management of the gas company, maintains the safety standards and satisfies the customers 100%. The innumerable benefits this gas monitor bestows upon the gas suppliers make it even more reliable and necessary in the gas industry.


How will Gas Monitoring Solution Impact Gas Industry?

The ever changing gas industry comes across new frontiers of production that augments the scale, risk and complexity of projects. Shortage of skilled workers impacts the gas industry’s capability to drop-ship projects safely, efficiently, successfully and timely. The management and business performance is continually challenged in the complex gas supply environment.

Cryogenic medical and industrial liquid gas is supplied to the customers in bulk through gas tankers as per their requirements. Gas cylinders are a huge investment for every gas cylinder company and require optimized use. For the operational status of the clients, every gas company should have the knowledge of inventory, so as to reorder gas at an appropriate time.

Gas monitoring solution provides a monitoring device that can consistently sense, convert, and transmit error-free data. The management of cryogenic liquid gas tanks has become easier than ever before due to the facility of cloud. The measurement of actual cryogenic gas use with accuracy has now become possible with gas monitors.

In this context, today, we will talk about Trakaid’s LgMonitor and how this gas monitoring solution impacts the gas industry.

To meet the gas monitoring and management challenges, companies need a system to:

  • Manage inventory for reordering gas on time
  • Efficient use of assets to enable smooth production
  • Measure accurately the gas usage of the customers
  • Forecast expected use for more cryogenic tanks
  • Monitor pressure and level of the tanks cost-effectively
  • Notify inefficiencies and defects to be tackled
  • Save time and money
  • Access data from remote locations day and night

Let’s see how many requirements Trakaid’s LgMonitor can fulfill:

  • Mismanaged inventories can create serious financial issues for a gas business. LgMonitor has an easy to use interface that enables gas suppliers to have a look at the current status of their products, whose availability and delivery is time-sensitive. It allows the company to oversee and monitor ordering, warehouse storage, gas content quantities.
  • Inaccurate monitoring procedures are the biggest cause of underutilization of tanks. LgMonitor benefits the gas supply company to provide efficient utilization of all the assets. Due to this, seamless production is carried out in a gas supply company.
  • Gas monitors such as LgMonitor are specialized in determining the volume of gas consumed by the consumers. Latest sensing and telemetry technologies sense and measure the liquid gas usage of the clients and transmit accurate data to a distant place without the need for human intervention.
  • Apart from transmitting data by using latest technologies, Liquid gas monitoring solution gives access to the usage history of the consumers. The gas supply organization can have a look at the real-time and historical usage of the consumers and evaluate, foresee and predict their usage. Due to this, the customers will always stay satisfied with the service.
  • LgMonitor has pressure transducer that continually monitors tank pressure. It provides an early warning of under pressured and over-pressured gas tankers. Moreover, gas-liquid level sensors are used to acquire reliable information about the current liquid volume in tankers and determine the fuel consumption. The best part about gas monitoring system is that it follows one of the most cost-effective ways.
  • Gas detection and monitoring services provide companies and their customers a rule-based alert and a notification engine. This helps in troubleshooting and separating impairments.Telemetry employs an electronic device to convert an analog signal from a pressure differential sensor into a digital signal. It uses GPRS technology to transmit periodically a radio signal that is captured at the receiving end. A unique identification code identifies the monitoring device. The data stream received is recorded and analyzed against a preset custom configuration. LgMonitor then uses this data and send alerts to the gas company, and its customers providing tank liquid level and possible leak information so as to tackle the problems.
  • Emergency liquid gas delivery gives rise to additional expenditure and wastage of time. It is important for you to know how much liquid is in the cylinder and when to deliver the supplies. Whether you are a gas supplier or a distributor LgMonitor offers equally more profit in the pocket for both.The gas suppliers can manage their production and use its logistical assets more efficiently and cost effectively. The gas distributor can reorder gas promptly and manage its cash flow in the most efficient way. The reordered alerts promote timely deliveries. Moreover, combining multiple deliveries in one-truck run helps in optimizing the delivery costs and save time.
  • LgMonitor is a cloud-based software solution to provide remote monitoring. It provides access to the internet log-in to view monitoring data, adjust monitoring levels and alerts via email and SMS to designated persons 24×7. Messages from the device are received on the host on a periodic basis via GPRS over GSM network. The best part of remote monitoring is that it blurs the barriers of data location.Trakaid’s LgMonitor fulfills all the requirements to beat the challenges of monitoring and managing the gas supply business. Hence, it is one of the best solutions to rely on when it comes to gas management and monitor and essentially growing your gas supply business.

9 Key Benefits Gas Suppliers Can Get from Trakaid’s LgMonitor

As the curve of the population has moved higher, the number of industries has taken an upsurge, and these various industries demand various cryogenic gases to carry their day-to-day functions. The gases – nitrogen, oxygen, helium, methane, argon, etc. needs gas cylinders to be supplied. However, cryogenic tanks of different sizes have different handling requirements.

Liquid gas monitoring has become an essential feature of every gas company due to the ease it provides in liquid gas consumption tracking, processing and management. It enables gas companies to view the present status of their products, so as to ensure gas availability and delivery.

Constantly accurate quality and safety of the product and optimization of the process are one of the supreme reasons why industrial gases measurement, monitoring, controlling and tracking has become all the more mandatory.

When humans record tank content with the help of manual reading protocol, the process becomes constantly challenging. The process of monitoring tanks’ gases is reiterated numerous times throughout the day.  The maintenance of this procedure demands continuous training and review.  At the end, gas supply companies are presented with emergency calls from the clients for immediate gas deliveries.

Today, the sensitive needs of the customers require the gas suppliers to ensure that gas is reordered and arranged at the right time, and for this it is crucial to have a complete knowledge of the inventory. Only then, the sustainability of customers can be assured.

Even you can manage your cryogenic liquid gas tanks and promise your customers liquid gas tank deliveries on time. You can ensure them that the safety of your customers related to the gas cylinders is your prime priority. Investing in Trakaid LgMonitor can be the best decision for your industrial gas supply company.

Let me explain the above by jotting down 9 key benefits that gas distributors can get from this gas monitor and liquid gas monitoring solution.

Save time and money invested in the manual process: Manual reading protocol of recording tank content requires time and money. This is because monitoring gas available in tanks requires continuous training and review. A lot of time and money gets wasted in this process. LgMonitor allows machine-to-machine data acquisition requiring no human intervention.

Real-time accurate information: Manual recording of tank content gives rise to reading and writing errors made by humans. Trakaid’s LgMonitor provides accurate and timely data via advanced sensing devices and telemetry technology to sense and measure consumption and transmit data to a remote location. Real-time data and alerts allow gas companies’ managers to manage production.

Timely liquid gas deliveries: LgMonitor has an easy to use interface that allows gas companies to have access to the current status of their products. The advanced technologies eliminate the out-of-stock issues with the gas supplies to the customers. Reordered alerts help in scheduling regular and on time liquid gas deliveries, so as to ensure customers’ sustainability.

24×7 access via web-based monitor: The web-based application offered as software-as-a-service over the cloud allows 24×7 accessibility via a web browser. Due to this, the barriers of the office location are blurred. Login rights provided by the customer-designated administrator help in viewing tank data, tank listing, usage trends, history of failures and previous alarms from anywhere at any time. Moreover, customers and employees can have access to information from desktop and smartphone, making things even simpler.

Cloud-based reports: Cloud-based remote monitoring system offers cloud-based reports enabling your gas company to run, analyze and manage the business in an optimum manner. Liquid gas monitoring solution makes comprehensive, real-time, rich, dynamic reports available on the cloud as well as a rule-based alerts and notification engine even to the customers. These reports are a real resource to make future business decisions and plans such as analyzing, predicting and forecasting future usage of the customers.

Enhanced transparency in loading data to the central system: Telemetry technology helps in periodically loading data to the central system. Such a transmission of data is transparent and enhances trust in the data. Moreover, built-in data validation and information governance stimulates the trust feature.

Grab latest technologies to stay on top of the competition: Latest sensing, GPRS telemetry and Microsoft, mobile web and database technologies are the best sources to stay on top of the competing market and enhance efficiency of the operations.  Garnering these technologies can make your gas supply business reach its sky limit.

Detect any possibility of leakage: The lack of up-to-date data makes the gas companies disable to evaluate the fact that there is a leakage. LgMonitor provides accurate data to the gas companies. Automated alerts based on customized settings are sent to the gas company and its customers providing tank liquid level and possible leak information.

Optimize delivery costs: While earlier, additional expenditure had to be arranged for emergency gas deliveries, today adopting liquid gas monitoring solution promote just in time gas deliveries. Due to this, the delivery cost are reduced and optimized by combining various liquid gas deliveries in one truck run.

Finally, Trakaid’s LgMonitor deploys specialized monitoring devices that are robust, user-friendly, designed to last and consistently sense, convert, and transmit error-free data. This automates operational data, delivers operational efficiency and offers a huge cost reduction.


How to Crank Up Gas Supply Business with LgMonitor

The world today is experiencing unpredictable upheavals in the prices of oil and gas, making controlling and monitoring of gas cylinders even more crucial. In such a circumstance, Trakaid LgMonitor proves to be the best product that offers an extremely dependable platform. Liquid gas monitoring solution provides a suite of technologies that are built based on the years of experience.

Monitoring and controlling cryogenic liquid gas and gas cylinders has become vital for every gas company. Gas monitoring solution allows planning of the liquid gas deliveries. The applications and technologies on which the solution is built simplify the use and streamline the operations while LCD display for level and pressure help the gas industry view the conditions more clearly for enhanced efficiency and safety.

Trakaid LgMonitor ensures a low total cost of ownership by saving the money spent on database configuration and testing, staff training and maintenance, and preparing real time reports.

Are you a startup or an established organization longing for motivating your gas supply business? Being a startup do you fear of running out of gas liquids at the wrong time or being a business gas supplier from some years has experienced that many times? Yes, Trakaid LgMonitor is just what you were waiting for!

Here’s how even you can crank up your gas supply company:

Rely on pressure sensors for monitoring liquid gas

Gas suppliers use the pressure transmitters that fulfill the demand for measurement of differential level as well as overpressure range. Monitoring of fuel is done successfully with the help of sensing technologies.

LgMonitor has modern data communication capabilities. GPRS technology is used for communicating data over GSM network. The data is transmitted every 1 to 24 hours.

High-pressure gas cylinders can lead to the possibility of leakage, and so pressure sensors are useful for eliminating the chances of risks.

Embrace remote monitoring software service

By investing in gas monitoring, you are moving towards growing your gas supply business. Here’s why: Trakaid’s LgMonitor is a web-based system offered as Software-as-a-service over the cloud. Due to this, it is accessible 24×7 using a web browser, erasing the barriers of the location of the office.

The system has flexible and modular architecture using the latest telemetry technology and electronic pressure sensing devices. One device is installed on each tank from where data is transmitted point to point using GPRS/TCP IP.

Comprehensive real-time levels reporting helps you run, analyze and manage your business. It allows historical comparison and numerous other customized reports provide predictive analysis.

Customer-designated administrator can provide user login rights to its multiple tanks. You can then view tank data, tank listing, tank status, usage trends, history of failures and previous alarms.

Keep your company’s assets securely monitored

Liquid gas monitoring solution maximizes the value obtained from your assets. It keeps a check on the condition of your assets and plans for asset replacement strategies. The damaged cylinders in use to supply gas can result in leakage and loss of property and lives.

Tank asset management is time-consuming and challenging. The tanks are often underutilized due to inaccurate monitoring methods followed in the industrial gas supply company. However, the gas monitoring solution can aid in managing the assets properly.

Ensure timely deliveries for building a good name in the market and satisfying your customers

Depending completely upon manpower in the highly technological world is a dead loss. Manual data collection process is repeated multiple times during the day on each tank which requires significant training. Human-made data records are prone to errors. Moreover, the paper records do not help in evaluating data for usage and leakage.

Most of the time, verbal delivery requests of the clients are misunderstood. When customers demand gas deliveries on an emergency basis, their sustainability remains at stake. It becomes troublesome for a gas company to manage that delivery promptly. Moreover, exceeded operational time leads to screwing up the customers’ relations.

Reorder alerts help in schedule regular and timely gas cylinders’ deliveries and remove non-planned delivery costs. On time deliveries not only satisfy the customers but also help in building a good market reputation in the gas industry.

Finally, pressure sensors allow data transmission and remove leakage. Remote monitoring software service enhances accessibility over the cloud and powers alarm and levels reporting. Overall, Trakaid’s LgMonitor is one of the best gas monitoring systems with the latest technology and sensing devices. It provides high value to the gas company, monitors cryogenic gas, plans schedule delivery and asset budget and decreases the associated manpower costs.