How to Growth Hack Your Gas Supply Business?

Achieving phenomenal growth in your sales and traffic is like a dream come true. Although it might seem a distant dream for you, knowing the correct ways to ‘growth hacking’ can lead you right to your destination. The key to attract more traffic and sales and maintain the sustainability of your current customers makes it all the more probable to embrace a growth hacking mindset.

Earlier the logistics of the industrial gas supply business were simple. Today, we have increased demand and a complex supply chain to deal with. In such a situation, growth hacking is an effective strategy for bootstraps and high growth companies. The importance of dismissal of the elevated costs and short lifetime value of the old marketing techniques needs to be taken seriously.

All you need to have is- a growth strategy, abundant out-of-the-box solutions, the latest technologies, advanced tools, scheduled testing, data analytics, data transparency and on-time deliveries. As soon as you understand the ways to multiply your customer base and to escalate them into highly active, and revenue generating clients you are all set to rock the business.

Here are the ways to rapidly growth hack your gas supply business by mounting up golden archways along highway exits:

Use the right set of tools: In an industrial gas company, tankers are used as the main supply procedure to deliver gas to the consumers. Of course, you have hugely invested in these tankers that make it all the more crucial to get them back once they are empty.

As mentioned earlier, the complex supply chain makes the environment of the business confusing. In this confusion, initially the company doesn’t even realize that their 1-2% cylinders become strayed or stolen annually.

Asset monitoring tools track these imperative cylinders. They allow the proper utilization of these assets and their visibility. The critical elements such as where the tankers are at a given time, what is their operational status, have a direct effect on the bottom-line.

You should adopt this monitoring tool to make your business productive.

Forget the traditional method of recording data: Do you know what is eating up your valuable time and money? It is the manual method of reading, writing and entering the data of the cylinders. The process is reiterated in a day while receiving, filling, delivering and tracking the cylinders.

Unfortunately, after putting in so much of hard work, 10% entries prove to have errors.  Such manual entries make it worse to have inefficient and unreliable data. The time and money that is lost in this process remains huge.

Get the best assets’ tracking software for your business that allows the machine-to-machine data acquisition facility and provides efficient and dependable data that accelerates the growth of the company. Moreover, the burden and cost of the labor decreases to the maximum limit.

Dump all your barcodes: Do you know that the barcodes are the biggest barrier on your road to success? Even though barcodes have taken care of the industrial gas companies for a longer period, today their shortcomings are pulling down a gas supply companies’ growth!

Barcodes can be easily forged which makes the integrity of the assets’ physical location unreliable. They lack read-write capabilities and become unreadable as soon as they are damaged or exposed to mud and oil. They require a direct line of sight to be read. The reading of number of barcodes at the same time is an impossible phenomenon!

The technology of RFID for cylinder tracking fast tracks the growth of a gas supply business. The RFID chip is small in size and the code embedded in it is fully resistant to counterfeiting. They do not require a direct line of sight to be read. They can endure harsh environment without being damaged, as they come in case protective covers.

RFID scanner initiates radio signals when the trigger is pulled and then reads the identification code. Due to this, a magical tracking becomes possible. Though RFID installation is more expensive than barcodes, it proves to give a faster return on investment.

Ensure that your cylinders undergo scheduled testing: Barcodes do not contain proper specifications of the gas cylinders. On the other hand, RFID tag has appropriate specifications of the history of issue date, the date of scheduling and maintenance and the gas quantity. Due to this, it becomes easier to discover which cylinders can still be used and which should go for testing or damage repairing.

As a result, the chances of leakage minimize, maintaining your customers’ sustainability. It enhances your reputation in the market that further attracts more traffic. In the end, your business will be able to provide a level of smooth service. Growth hacking can then become possible.

Get your reports right and get them on the cloud: The poor method of obtaining data reduces the possibility of having proper reports. The monitoring solution have GPRS telemetry technology that senses, transmits, collects and process data in real-time. The monitoring system automatically prepares and displays the daily, weekly, monthly and annually organized reports. These reports are accessible even on the cloud for the customers and employees to be seen from anywhere and everywhere 24×7.

Plan your deliveries: Without proper records, it is almost impossible to plan on-time deliveries. The inventory management solution makes it possible to maintain proper records that further allow just–in-time deliveries. Due to this, there are fewer emergency calls for gas delivery, the customers stay satisfied, there remains no possibility of the non-availability of gas and combined delivery in one truck run proves to be a cost-effective way.

Give your customers a taste of transparency: Get this clear, apart from your profit, your customers are the ones for whom you run your business. Keeping them unaware of the business processes is almost a suicidal norm. Get out of this norm and give them a taste of transparency. The monitoring solution has database and telemetry technology that permits a transparent data load to the central system. The transparent data builds their trust in you and attracts more traffic day-by-day.

To conclude, growth hacking your gas supply business is not as easy as it looks. It is important to focus on your customers and how they discover and embrace your service. It’s time to employ the right solutions, technology and tools to build your business that help you attain and retain more traffic, rather than just wasting time on the outdated procedures.