The Best Monitoring Software to Detect Industrial Gas Cylinder

Today, a vast array of industries such as chemical, mining, steel, medicine, electronics, aerospace, food etc. require industrial gasses. As the demand for industrial gas cylinders swells, the complexities in the industrial gas companies reach a farther limit. In such situation, there arises a need for employing the best software to simplify the intricacies.

Industrial gas suppliers and customers both love cryogenic gas in a huge volume. Large integers of small gas cylinders are expensive to fill, supply, receive and track. The gas supplied through a gas cylinder is stored in cryogenic tanks at the customer’s location for future use or distribution. Like this, gas cylinders become the most important asset of the gas industry, and its proper use becomes vital.

The competing market is required to face and tackle the challenges of the gas industry where the customers require the cryogenic liquid gas time after time. They want safe cylinders to be delivered quickly as their requirements cannot wait. The consumers’ sustainability remains at stake when they order for gas delivery on an emergency basis. If the operation time exceeds and the productivity decrease – customer relations face irreversible damage.

The cryogenic gas suppliers have to recruit labor to perform manual reading of tank content. For this purpose, the labor needs to undergo continuous training and review. Much of the company’s resources are lost in this process. The gas suppliers invest time and money in labor but suffer from inefficiency, remain unable to maintain the up-to-date data, come across leakage issues, lose their cylinders; and there comes the goodbye wave from the customers!

Trakaid’s LgMonitor is by far the best monitoring software to detect Industrial gas supply in the market. You can say it is more of a cloud-based monitoring system that applies sensing devices and GPRS telemetry technology for delivering a remote liquid level sensing solution. LgMonitor succors in simplifying tracking, processing, management and real-time monitoring of the gas consumption.

Liquid gas monitoring solution gives accurate and timely data involving very less human involvement. The monitoring software provides alerts that manage production, plan schedule delivery and evade emergency calls at discomforting times.

Trakaid’s LgMonitor, the best monitoring software provides organizations and their clients with comprehensive, real-time substantially dynamic cloud-based reports and notification alarms.

The wireless tank monitoring converts an analog signal from a pressure sensor into a digital signal. The disadvantages of the technology of barcodes have shifted the demand for popular RFID for cylinder tracking. An identification code affixed to the cylinders help the monitoring software in tracking the tankers. The software has devices that are tough, long lasting, and resistant to the harsh environment and handle rough approach.

Come; let’s look at the advantages of Liquid gas monitoring solution:

1- The up to date data makes on-time delivery possible.

2- The delivery costs are optimized and minimized as numbers of deliveries are arranged in one truck turn.

3- Transparency is enhanced as the data is loaded periodically to the central system through the telemetry technology.

4- The solution maximizes trust in the data as the information is validated and governed.

5- The monitoring solution is erected on advanced technologies such as telemetry, sensing technology, database technology, and Microsoft mobile.

6- The solution provides a real-time actionable data so that informed decisions are made.

7- You can have access to customized reports that help in operating, analyzing and managing the business processes. The reports are made, annually, monthly, weekly and even daily. Due to this, the historical comparison becomes possible and future usage becomes predictable.

8- It allows keeping the assets of the company secure, as proper tracking of the cylinders is done.

9- Customers and employees can have customized and controlled access from anywhere via a MacBook, an iPhone or a tab.

10- It eliminates the risk of leakage as an RFID tag has the testing date of a cylinder. So, the gas suppliers use only the undamaged cylinders for supplying gas. The measurement of tank level via the gas leak detection equipment allows safe delivery.

Finally, apart from the innumerable benefits of the liquid monitoring software and solutions, the increased needs of the market makes it all the more important to employ Trakaid’s LgMonitor. The robust software is user-friendly and transmits data that is error-free. Due to this, the additional costs vanish, the efficiency doubles and the productivity triples. There remains a zero chance of non-planned production; customer’s sustainability is maintained due to the immediate and safe delivery and transparent data.