15 Ways Gas Cylinder Companies Win Through Monitoring

When I was a child, my mother used to stress on the importance of organizing things. She used to say that information is a source of knowledge. If well organized and processed information is made available to the right people, it becomes an asset. Organizing information is a key to success.

What about you? Does your company have its data scattered in numerous files and registers? Do you struggle in accessing your company’s facts and statistics? Are you sure your company’s details are 100% accurate? Various gas cylinder companies have switched from manual data entries to monitoring system.

Come; let’s have a look at the number of ways in which the gas cylinder companies win through monitoring.

1.  Latest Technology Tracks it All!

In the past, Gas Cylinder Companies’ data was manually stored. It was easy back then to manage and access valuable data. At that time, gas cylinder companies were dealing with a small market. They were fully aware of their products’ whereabouts. In today’s time, tracking the supply of cylinders has become extremely difficult. The market has expanded, and customers have increased. The growing demand has resulted in supply expansion. It has become very crucial to track the company’s gas products. From the gas cylinders’ availability to its whereabouts as well as its operational status, everything has a direct impact on business productivity.

Manual system involves attaching barcode labels.Today, barcodes have become an outdated form of tracking. They are expensive and unable to resist the harsh environment. One cannot easily duplicate them. Many gas cylinder companies have switched to Industrial gas cylinder management solutions to solve this problem. Industrial Gas Management solution comes with built-in RFID technology. It is the latest form of unique identification code. RFID technology makes it possible to track an asset. It comes with a high impact-resistant case, and one cannot duplicate them.

2. Efficiency of Data!

Reading, writing and data entering of cylinders has become time-consuming and challenging. On top of that, 10% of manual entries are incorrect. RFID technology built in Industrial Gas Cylinder Management solution gives accuracy in data. It covers the products’ data of receipt, filing, issue, delivery, and pickup. The data converts into automatic operation. The company does not have to spend this way on their employees’ wages. It helps in reducing large number of the company’s cost. It’s built-in data validation, and information control lets you trust your data.

3. Proper Knowledge of The Products’ Status!

Gas cylinder companies that rely on manual data remain at a loss. They are unable to maintain the proper status of their products. Various gas cylinder companies are depending on the Liquid gas monitoring solutions for proper assistance. Its interface is easy-to-use and meets the standards of the industry. It gives them the ability to view the current status of their cylinders. It is imperative to maintain the products’ status as their availability and delivery are not only critical but time-sensitive.

4. Easy Business Decisions!

Some gas cylinder companies do not have proper reports. They are unable to view historical movements and take correct business decisions. However, the case is different for gas cylinder companies who have a monitoring system for their data. The industrial gas management solution efficiently tracks and traces the real-time movements of the past. The history of their products is like an asset for them. They can quickly analyze the related reports of the past for making future decisions.

5. Safe Products Secure Companies’ Traffic!

Gas cylinder companies fail in maintaining their products. Safety issues can lead to a permanent damage. Customers lose their trust in the particular gas cylinder company, and the business comes to an abrupt end. RFID technology enabled industrial gas cylinder management solutions save the companies from losing their customers. It detects the cylinders that are due for testing. It provides customer satisfaction as it delivers the right and safe products every time.

6. No Extra Cost or Loss of Revenue!

Customers receive cryogenic liquid gas in tankers by Industrial Gas Cylinder companies. Recording tank content manually has proved to be a failed process. As a result, there are a lot of emergency calls to the gas companies. Frequently, the request for immediate delivery of gas comes at odd timings. The non-availability of gas leads to loss of revenue. Various gas cylinder companies using liquid gas monitoring solutions do not face such problems. In these companies, there are no more emergency calls for delivery. The LgMonitor solution allows tracking, processing and managing the liquid gas consumption. It reduces the cost of non-planned production and delivery. The real-time monitoring allows the transporting of number of products in one turn.

7. Transparency is Trust!

There is no data transparency in various gas cylinder companies. So, one cannot blindly trust the statistics and details of the products. Moreover, the clients remain in the dark about the process. However, the gas cylinder companies who are using Liquid gas monitoring solution do not face this issue. The monitoring system is cloud-based which uses sensing devices and telemetry (remote) technology. GPRS telemetry technology transmits radio signals in a periodic fashion. Periodical load of data is transparent to the central system.The customers have full details about the process. The cloud-based monitoring system allows clients to trust the gas cylinder company. After all, transparency is the trust.

8. Information access at just one touch keeps the companies forward!

At times, employees need to access the products’ information. Unfortunately, the information is unavailable to them at the required time. On the other hand, the gas cylinder companies having access to the liquid gas monitoring solution have got rid of this problem. Your valuable information is now available at just one click. It enables access from anywhere and everywhere at all times. Both employees and customers can have a controlled and customized access to information from their Desktops and Smartphones.The Liquid Gas Monitoring Solution built on latest technologies like Microsoft mobile, web, database, electronic pressure sensing and GPRS telemetry technology makes its access easy.

9. Use of powerful technology makes the companies advanced!

Gas cylinder companies using outdated technology remains at a loss. While the companies using liquid gas monitoring solution are much ahead. The monitoring solution has evolved from cryogenic sensing technology. It is built-in with durable and robust processes and controls. It is user-friendly and can sense, convert and transmit error-free data. They also offer a big cost reduction.

10. All assets back at their proper place!

Sometimes, the gas cylinders companies do not get back their products from customers. Due to the complex supply chain, the companies lose 1-2% of their outgoing cylinders. There are no records of these losses, which leads to inaccuracy. RFID technology in the monitoring solution is economic and improves the rotation of returnable assets. The technology uses RFID tags (microprocessor)to establish its contact with the network database. Its data storage capacity allows the company to get back all of its products at the right time. Also, all the empty cylinders go back to the correct company for refilling.

11. Increasing Productivity!

The gas cylinder companies using manual entry systems are less productive as compared to the companies using monitoring system. Industrial gas cylinder management solutions provide monitoring to the gas cylinder companies. The solution alters business processes. Their productivity is increased by 30% on an average- from the initial point to the last point of delivery.

12. Right consumers receive right products!

At times, the suppliers of gas cylinder companies deliver products to the wrong consumers. The real cause of this inefficiency is the lack of specification on cylinders. RFID technology built in industrial gas cylinder management solution eliminates such a problem. It makes cylinder tagging easy and supplies cylinders to its right consumers.

13. Sustainable service due to proper leak detection system!

Most gas cylinder companies do not have a leak detection system. The consequences can be irreparable damage. On the other hand, gas cylinder companies using liquid gas monitoring solution, are able to detect leakage. It has a flow sensor that detects the amount of gas that move through a gas flow passage. Its location system monitors the products due for service within the right time.

14. Access to perfect records and warehouse monitoring!

Gas companies using monitoring system have proper knowledge about the filled cylinders. In the warehouse, they are easily tracked. They can be accurately identified and delivered using RFID tags. With the help of remote monitoring system, the warehouse can be monitored centrally from a location. It not only saves the money spent on manpower but also saves a lot of time.

15. Maintenance of cylinder’s limit!

The gas cylinder companies do not have proper records and reports. At times, due to the improper information, a consumer‘s monthly limit of cylinder increases. On the other hand, various gas cylinder companies who use monitoring solution do not face this issue. The solution allows proper maintenance of customers’ reports. There is a proper maintenance of the reports from customers’ average daily consumption of the number of cylinders they hold per month.

Hence, the gas cylinder companies are advanced and totally win through monitoring. The technology they use has benefited them tremendously.