How will Gas Monitoring Solution Impact Gas Industry?

The ever changing gas industry comes across new frontiers of production that augments the scale, risk and complexity of projects. Shortage of skilled workers impacts the gas industry’s capability to drop-ship projects safely, efficiently, successfully and timely. The management and business performance is continually challenged in the complex gas supply environment.

Cryogenic medical and industrial liquid gas is supplied to the customers in bulk through gas tankers as per their requirements. Gas cylinders are a huge investment for every gas cylinder company and require optimized use. For the operational status of the clients, every gas company should have the knowledge of inventory, so as to reorder gas at an appropriate time.

Gas monitoring solution provides a monitoring device that can consistently sense, convert, and transmit error-free data. The management of cryogenic liquid gas tanks has become easier than ever before due to the facility of cloud. The measurement of actual cryogenic gas use with accuracy has now become possible with gas monitors.

In this context, today, we will talk about Trakaid’s LgMonitor and how this gas monitoring solution impacts the gas industry.

To meet the gas monitoring and management challenges, companies need a system to:

  • Manage inventory for reordering gas on time
  • Efficient use of assets to enable smooth production
  • Measure accurately the gas usage of the customers
  • Forecast expected use for more cryogenic tanks
  • Monitor pressure and level of the tanks cost-effectively
  • Notify inefficiencies and defects to be tackled
  • Save time and money
  • Access data from remote locations day and night

Let’s see how many requirements Trakaid’s LgMonitor can fulfill:

  • Mismanaged inventories can create serious financial issues for a gas business. LgMonitor has an easy to use interface that enables gas suppliers to have a look at the current status of their products, whose availability and delivery is time-sensitive. It allows the company to oversee and monitor ordering, warehouse storage, gas content quantities.
  • Inaccurate monitoring procedures are the biggest cause of underutilization of tanks. LgMonitor benefits the gas supply company to provide efficient utilization of all the assets. Due to this, seamless production is carried out in a gas supply company.
  • Gas monitors such as LgMonitor are specialized in determining the volume of gas consumed by the consumers. Latest sensing and telemetry technologies sense and measure the liquid gas usage of the clients and transmit accurate data to a distant place without the need for human intervention.
  • Apart from transmitting data by using latest technologies, Liquid gas monitoring solution gives access to the usage history of the consumers. The gas supply organization can have a look at the real-time and historical usage of the consumers and evaluate, foresee and predict their usage. Due to this, the customers will always stay satisfied with the service.
  • LgMonitor has pressure transducer that continually monitors tank pressure. It provides an early warning of under pressured and over-pressured gas tankers. Moreover, gas-liquid level sensors are used to acquire reliable information about the current liquid volume in tankers and determine the fuel consumption. The best part about gas monitoring system is that it follows one of the most cost-effective ways.
  • Gas detection and monitoring services provide companies and their customers a rule-based alert and a notification engine. This helps in troubleshooting and separating impairments.Telemetry employs an electronic device to convert an analog signal from a pressure differential sensor into a digital signal. It uses GPRS technology to transmit periodically a radio signal that is captured at the receiving end. A unique identification code identifies the monitoring device. The data stream received is recorded and analyzed against a preset custom configuration. LgMonitor then uses this data and send alerts to the gas company, and its customers providing tank liquid level and possible leak information so as to tackle the problems.
  • Emergency liquid gas delivery gives rise to additional expenditure and wastage of time. It is important for you to know how much liquid is in the cylinder and when to deliver the supplies. Whether you are a gas supplier or a distributor LgMonitor offers equally more profit in the pocket for both.The gas suppliers can manage their production and use its logistical assets more efficiently and cost effectively. The gas distributor can reorder gas promptly and manage its cash flow in the most efficient way. The reordered alerts promote timely deliveries. Moreover, combining multiple deliveries in one-truck run helps in optimizing the delivery costs and save time.
  • LgMonitor is a cloud-based software solution to provide remote monitoring. It provides access to the internet log-in to view monitoring data, adjust monitoring levels and alerts via email and SMS to designated persons 24×7. Messages from the device are received on the host on a periodic basis via GPRS over GSM network. The best part of remote monitoring is that it blurs the barriers of data location.Trakaid’s LgMonitor fulfills all the requirements to beat the challenges of monitoring and managing the gas supply business. Hence, it is one of the best solutions to rely on when it comes to gas management and monitor and essentially growing your gas supply business.