6 Quick Tips to Bring 100% Accuracy in Gas Supply Business

You must be a proud startup or an enterprise dwelling since a decade or two in the gas industry. But ever wondered how amazing it would have been, had you maintained accuracy in each of your business operations? Imagine how accuracy would have achieved that list of goals in a year that you are planning to fulfill in five years or so. Let’s follow the popular saying of Marc Rayman “The accuracy we achieved would be like kicking a soccer ball on the earth and scoring a goal on the moon.”

In today’s world, the management and tracking of the gas cylinders have become complex than ever. To maintain the business processes a gas supply company has to undergo a lot of troubles. Delivering the best sort of customer service, reducing costs and improving efficiency have become difficult than ever. The failures of previous tracking techniques such as barcodes have become more than usual. The lack of accuracy in ascertaining the damage of the gas cylinders and discrepancy in cylinders’ records has further worsened the scenario.

However, the various developments in the market have come up with new technologies, solutions, system and software that trigger these challenges and complexities completely. For your better understanding of these opportunities available in the market, we have for you 6 quick tips to bring 100% accuracy in gas supply business.

1. Gas Meter Accuracy: The manual method of reading, writing and recording tank content disrupts the accuracy of the data as 10% information is not error-free. The gas meters are used to read and calculate the amount of gas supplied to the client’s site and update the information on the central system.

Liquid gas monitor requires no human involvement and sense and measure the gas consumption of the clients and transfers the data to a remote location with the help of latest sensing and telemetry technology. Fortunately, the data recorded on the company’s system is 100% accurate and involves no discrepancies.

2.  Know the Accurate Location of Your Assets: The cylinders used to supply industrial and medical gasses are a huge investment by the gas supply companies. They are a key returnable asset and tracking these tankers become crucial in economically challenging times.

The business productivity depends on apprehending the cylinders that are available, whether they are at a customer’s site, in the warehouse or the delivery truck or gone for testing, and their operational status. These are all significant elements of which accuracy is essential at all times.

RFID tracking system can fulfill all these demands and proves to improve inventory accuracy by 99.5%.

3. Identify Damaged Cylinders Accurately: It is problematic for industrial gas suppliers to identify which cylinders are damaged and which can still be used to supply gasses. If the damaged cylinders are used in the supply process, the customers’ relations and the lives of humans can be destroyed.

RFID software can accurately identify cylinder damage and attribute the damage to a specific delivery incident.

4. Accuracy in Timely Deliveries: Manual recording tank process proves to be inefficient and remains unable to plan for future gas cylinder deliveries. The verbal delivery requests for cryogenic gases are often ignored. As a result, customers get anxious and upset due to the late gas deliveries or even worse situation of the non-availability of gas.

Liquid level indicators solution eliminates the possibility of emergency requests at inconvenient times with built-in alerts. These alerts help the gas supply company to prepare for the availability of gas. Moreover, multiple gas cylinder deliveries are clustered in one truck run reducing the costs to the maximum. Due to this, the industrial gas companies can enhance their service by ameliorating accuracy in the cylinders’ delivery.

5. Accurate Detection of Leakage: Leaking valves and fluid-filled pressure gauges can end the gas companies’ business forever. It is important to maintain the gas cylinders in a way that there are no possibilities of leakage.

Gas leak detection system available in the market can measure the liquid level of tank and detect possible leakage accurately, protecting the environment, relations, and people. These are specially designed to enhance safety in the gas industry.

6. Get Accuracy in Reports: The reports are a helpful source for making informed business decisions. Their absence is a big loss for every gas supply company. The insufficient data fail in maintaining the real-time reports.

Gas monitoring solution has a remote monitoring system that senses, transmits, collects and processes data in real-time from sensor through telemetry. It gives gas cylinder companies and their clients’ accurate, comprehensive, real-time rich, dynamic cloud-based reports to help gas companies run, evaluate and manage their business. Customized reports- daily, weekly, monthly, and annually can provide a historical comparison.

Finally, these 6 quick tips are sure to bring 100% accuracy in your gas supply business. These can help you in delivering the best services to your customers. These tips can make the task of managing, maintaining and tracking easy. They can help your company to enhance protection in all terms. They give your gas enterprise customized reports, optimize costs and keep your capital intact.