9 Key Benefits Gas Suppliers Can Get from Trakaid’s LgMonitor

As the curve of the population has moved higher, the number of industries has taken an upsurge, and these various industries demand various cryogenic gases to carry their day-to-day functions. The gases – nitrogen, oxygen, helium, methane, argon, etc. needs gas cylinders to be supplied. However, cryogenic tanks of different sizes have different handling requirements.

Liquid gas monitoring has become an essential feature of every gas company due to the ease it provides in liquid gas consumption tracking, processing and management. It enables gas companies to view the present status of their products, so as to ensure gas availability and delivery.

Constantly accurate quality and safety of the product and optimization of the process are one of the supreme reasons why industrial gases measurement, monitoring, controlling and tracking has become all the more mandatory.

When humans record tank content with the help of manual reading protocol, the process becomes constantly challenging. The process of monitoring tanks’ gases is reiterated numerous times throughout the day.  The maintenance of this procedure demands continuous training and review.  At the end, gas supply companies are presented with emergency calls from the clients for immediate gas deliveries.

Today, the sensitive needs of the customers require the gas suppliers to ensure that gas is reordered and arranged at the right time, and for this it is crucial to have a complete knowledge of the inventory. Only then, the sustainability of customers can be assured.

Even you can manage your cryogenic liquid gas tanks and promise your customers liquid gas tank deliveries on time. You can ensure them that the safety of your customers related to the gas cylinders is your prime priority. Investing in Trakaid LgMonitor can be the best decision for your industrial gas supply company.

Let me explain the above by jotting down 9 key benefits that gas distributors can get from this gas monitor and liquid gas monitoring solution.

Save time and money invested in the manual process: Manual reading protocol of recording tank content requires time and money. This is because monitoring gas available in tanks requires continuous training and review. A lot of time and money gets wasted in this process. LgMonitor allows machine-to-machine data acquisition requiring no human intervention.

Real-time accurate information: Manual recording of tank content gives rise to reading and writing errors made by humans. Trakaid’s LgMonitor provides accurate and timely data via advanced sensing devices and telemetry technology to sense and measure consumption and transmit data to a remote location. Real-time data and alerts allow gas companies’ managers to manage production.

Timely liquid gas deliveries: LgMonitor has an easy to use interface that allows gas companies to have access to the current status of their products. The advanced technologies eliminate the out-of-stock issues with the gas supplies to the customers. Reordered alerts help in scheduling regular and on time liquid gas deliveries, so as to ensure customers’ sustainability.

24×7 access via web-based monitor: The web-based application offered as software-as-a-service over the cloud allows 24×7 accessibility via a web browser. Due to this, the barriers of the office location are blurred. Login rights provided by the customer-designated administrator help in viewing tank data, tank listing, usage trends, history of failures and previous alarms from anywhere at any time. Moreover, customers and employees can have access to information from desktop and smartphone, making things even simpler.

Cloud-based reports: Cloud-based remote monitoring system offers cloud-based reports enabling your gas company to run, analyze and manage the business in an optimum manner. Liquid gas monitoring solution makes comprehensive, real-time, rich, dynamic reports available on the cloud as well as a rule-based alerts and notification engine even to the customers. These reports are a real resource to make future business decisions and plans such as analyzing, predicting and forecasting future usage of the customers.

Enhanced transparency in loading data to the central system: Telemetry technology helps in periodically loading data to the central system. Such a transmission of data is transparent and enhances trust in the data. Moreover, built-in data validation and information governance stimulates the trust feature.

Grab latest technologies to stay on top of the competition: Latest sensing, GPRS telemetry and Microsoft, mobile web and database technologies are the best sources to stay on top of the competing market and enhance efficiency of the operations.  Garnering these technologies can make your gas supply business reach its sky limit.

Detect any possibility of leakage: The lack of up-to-date data makes the gas companies disable to evaluate the fact that there is a leakage. LgMonitor provides accurate data to the gas companies. Automated alerts based on customized settings are sent to the gas company and its customers providing tank liquid level and possible leak information.

Optimize delivery costs: While earlier, additional expenditure had to be arranged for emergency gas deliveries, today adopting liquid gas monitoring solution promote just in time gas deliveries. Due to this, the delivery cost are reduced and optimized by combining various liquid gas deliveries in one truck run.

Finally, Trakaid’s LgMonitor deploys specialized monitoring devices that are robust, user-friendly, designed to last and consistently sense, convert, and transmit error-free data. This automates operational data, delivers operational efficiency and offers a huge cost reduction.