Cryogenic Gas Suppliers: 6 Mistakes Which Cost You Losing your Clients

Hey, all the gas suppliers out there! Are you encountering the wiping out of your organic traffic? Do you think that losing your clients is one of your misfortunes or bad luck? The truth is that there’s no one to be blamed for this mishap, but you!

Ever wondered what disastrous mistakes did you commit? And how can you prevent this uncalled loss from happening to your supply chain?

Kiss your traffic goodbye

As all of you are aware of the fact that along with market demands, the requirements of the people have been taken to a multistoried level.  The customers want and need cryogenic liquid gas in volume rather than in small tanks. The cryogenic tanks are used for storing liquid gas by the clients. This being clear, let’s move on to the 6 fatal mistakes:

You employ the manual method of uploading data: The present procedure you follow of uploading tank content is a blue collar way. The process of monitoring gas available in cylinders is reiterated several times in a single day. The maintenance of this process demands proper continuous training and assessment. Such a process proves to be a big failure.

As a result, the gas suppliers face emergency liquid gas requirement calls from the customers. These emergency calls happen any time of the day and night, hampering the smooth process. Either the delivery takes much time to arrive or the non-availability of liquid gas kills the client’s sustainability.

You do not have an up-to-date data: You do not have a monitoring system that can provide you updated data of every minute. The unavailability of an up-to-date data leads to the incapacity to scrutinize the certainty that there is a leakage. The occurrence of leakage does not only cost your clients to unstick from taking your service but risks their lives leading to your screwed market reputation.

You do not employ equipment that ensures safety: All the harm could be avoided if you would have relied on a gas leak detector. There are numerous pressure gauges that are filled with fluid. Leakage can occur during the time of delivery. As a result, you have forgotten to employ a vehicle mounted gas detector. A leaking cylinder or a wrong valve type is where a customer decides to wave you a goodbye.

Nothing like a machine to machine data collection: The employees responsible for recording data are after all humans. So, 10% of manual entries happen to be erroneous. Such data is undependable and cannot help in making correct business decisions for the future.

The future demand of the cryogenic liquid tank remains unpredictable without proper data reports. Often due to this, the gas cylinders remain unarranged. The customers today have high expectations, and they can’t bear late delivery of gases. That is where you again lose your clients.

You still have an outdated technology: The barcodes here is an outdated technology we are referring to! Barcodes do not contain proper specifications of the cryogenic storage tanks. The lack of scheduled date for testing and maintenance makes it unable for a cryogenic supplier to identify which cylinders still can or cannot be used. If the damaged cylinders are used, the maximum chances of losing your consumers come up to the brim.

Keeping your clients in the dark: The norm that you follow of keeping your clients away from the transparent data can result in backfiring you. The details and the statistics of the cylinders remain unreliable. There is no transparent loading of data. So, the customers remain aloof from having the full details of the process. Such little trust of the clients in your service can make them shift to another gas supplier.

Make your traffic stick to you

It’s time to eradicate even the slightest possibility of losing your customers because they are like the oxygen of the industrial gas companies. Without the clients your company will face catastrophic failure.

Trakaid’s Liquid gas monitoring solution gives you a cloud-based monitoring system built on amazing latest technologies. The radio telemetry and database technology and sensing devices can make the cryogenic gas processing, tracking, management and real-time monitoring smooth.

LgMonitor provides gas supply companies the means to view a current status of their tankers, whose delivery and availability is both important and time-sensitive. It evaluates their impact on the business processes from any remote location.

Such fuel monitoring system allows an automatic machine to machine data acquisition that removes customers’ out of stock problems with gas supplies. The technology senses and measures consumption and transmits information to a remote location.  It ensures the correct and clear-cut data on time without the need for labor. It makes the scheduled delivery ready and eliminates emergency requests at odd times.

Moreover, the remote monitoring systems provide rich, dynamic cloud-based reports to the gas suppliers, rule-based alert, and a notification engine. They can predict future usage of the clients with the help of historical records that analyses their average daily consumption. The gas detection sensors enhance the security of the employees and customers like never before.

Hence, you have got a fool proof solution to say goodbye to your mistakes. Of course, life and business both are about making mistakes, learning from them and never repeating them again. The monitoring and tracking solutions we just explored are a win-win for the gas industry, the gas suppliers and their clients.