9 Proven Ways Gas Cylinder Suppliers Can Eliminate Losses in 15 Days

The present times are economically challenging. Gas cylinder suppliers need to be very focused on the kind of technology they are using. 90% of the gas cylinder suppliers are still employing traditional methods of managing. Mistakes done by gas cylinder suppliers are piling up losses in their business.

We have a new age of cylinder logistics solution. The introduction of RFID technology has managed to simplify business and deliver profits. It has changed various business applications. Are you facing losses in your business and don’t want to carry their burden anymore? You can then shed all your mistakes and eliminate losses in 15 days. Let’s see how you can do that!

1- Do not spend on manual labour:  Traditional methods of managing data requires a lot of time. The company has to arrange funds for employee’s wages to record and maintain data. There is not just loss of time but loss of a lot of money. RFID technology for cylinder logistics solution records data in less time and saves a lot of money spent on manual labour. Gas cylinder suppliers can easily eliminate huge losses by employing RFID technology in just 15 days.

2- Have efficient data: Old methods of reading, writing and entering data has proved to be inefficient. 10% of manual entries are incorrect. Minor faults in the data can lead to big losses. RFID technology for cylinder logistic solution can provide 100% efficiency in data due to no involvement of human error. It has built-in data validations which improves the process and makes the information error free.

3- Get rid of Barcodes: Barcodes may seem like a cost-effective option to track the assets for most gas cylinder suppliers. However, barcodes fail in resisting the harsh environment. They need manpower for attaching each label to the tankers. They get tracked only by complicated printers. The cost and maintenance of these scanners are quite high. Ultimately, the business remains in loss. It’s time to switch to RFID-based cylinder tracking system. It may be expensive for installation but once it is installed the need for human assistance gets minimal. They come with a plastic cover and do not get damaged. They cannot be forged or reproduced.

4- Give your deliveries a perfect touch: Gas cylinder suppliers face lot of losses by losing their customer’s trust. Traffic is decreased when the deliveries of cylinders are delayed. Cylinder logistics solution can give perfection to your supply chain. You can provide more reliable and faster delivery. Suppliers can eliminate losses by gaining 100% customer satisfaction.

5- Ensure your cylinders are safe: Until cylinders are not serviced and tested according to the needs, the safety of your staff and most importantly your customers is at a big risk. Gas cylinder suppliers do not have a leak detection system in their companies. They are unable to identify damage. Cylinder logistic solution provides a leak detection system which measures the level of tank product. The solution can eliminate loss of customers and loss of lives, and provide a safe and secure service.

6- Don’t lose your precious assets: Gases are supplied in cylinders and tankers. Gas suppliers have invested a lot of money in these assets of the company, and hence they are extremely precious. It is very important to have a smooth rotation of these tankers. However, gas suppliers’ inability to maintain complex records can result in loss of these cylinders. RFID-based cylinder logistics solution can maintain proper records and track the tankers. This way all cylinders come back for refilling and are delivered again.

7- Fulfill the requirements of your consumers: When consumers take services from a company, they want and need transparency of information. They expect to have reliable records of dispatch date, refilling date. RFID tags have full specifications for reliability of consumers. There is transparent loading of data to the central system. RFID-based cylinder logistics solution can reduce losses by fulfilling consumer’s requirements and maintaining their trust.

8- Manage your delivery cost: Gas cylinder suppliers go in ample losses due to lack of records. Emergency calls for availability of gas increase the expenditure planned for the delivery. Liquid gas monitoring solution makes it possible to manage delivery cost. The properly maintained data eliminates non-scheduled delivery costs. It allows multiple deliveries to happen at once and saves suppliers from losses.

9- Deliver the products to its right customer: Sometimes due to lack of specification, suppliers deliver cylinders to the wrong customer. RFID technology built into cylinder logistics solution makes cylinder tagging easy. It allows delivery of right products with its right valve type and pressure to its right customer.

So, gas cylinder suppliers, follow the 9 proven ways, switch to the latest technology and eliminate losses in just 15 days. Feel free to give us your suggestions.