How to Crank Up Gas Supply Business with LgMonitor

The world today is experiencing unpredictable upheavals in the prices of oil and gas, making controlling and monitoring of gas cylinders even more crucial. In such a circumstance, Trakaid LgMonitor proves to be the best product that offers an extremely dependable platform. Liquid gas monitoring solution provides a suite of technologies that are built based on the years of experience.

Monitoring and controlling cryogenic liquid gas and gas cylinders has become vital for every gas company. Gas monitoring solution allows planning of the liquid gas deliveries. The applications and technologies on which the solution is built simplify the use and streamline the operations while LCD display for level and pressure help the gas industry view the conditions more clearly for enhanced efficiency and safety.

Trakaid LgMonitor ensures a low total cost of ownership by saving the money spent on database configuration and testing, staff training and maintenance, and preparing real time reports.

Are you a startup or an established organization longing for motivating your gas supply business? Being a startup do you fear of running out of gas liquids at the wrong time or being a business gas supplier from some years has experienced that many times? Yes, Trakaid LgMonitor is just what you were waiting for!

Here’s how even you can crank up your gas supply company:

Rely on pressure sensors for monitoring liquid gas

Gas suppliers use the pressure transmitters that fulfill the demand for measurement of differential level as well as overpressure range. Monitoring of fuel is done successfully with the help of sensing technologies.

LgMonitor has modern data communication capabilities. GPRS technology is used for communicating data over GSM network. The data is transmitted every 1 to 24 hours.

High-pressure gas cylinders can lead to the possibility of leakage, and so pressure sensors are useful for eliminating the chances of risks.

Embrace remote monitoring software service

By investing in gas monitoring, you are moving towards growing your gas supply business. Here’s why: Trakaid’s LgMonitor is a web-based system offered as Software-as-a-service over the cloud. Due to this, it is accessible 24×7 using a web browser, erasing the barriers of the location of the office.

The system has flexible and modular architecture using the latest telemetry technology and electronic pressure sensing devices. One device is installed on each tank from where data is transmitted point to point using GPRS/TCP IP.

Comprehensive real-time levels reporting helps you run, analyze and manage your business. It allows historical comparison and numerous other customized reports provide predictive analysis.

Customer-designated administrator can provide user login rights to its multiple tanks. You can then view tank data, tank listing, tank status, usage trends, history of failures and previous alarms.

Keep your company’s assets securely monitored

Liquid gas monitoring solution maximizes the value obtained from your assets. It keeps a check on the condition of your assets and plans for asset replacement strategies. The damaged cylinders in use to supply gas can result in leakage and loss of property and lives.

Tank asset management is time-consuming and challenging. The tanks are often underutilized due to inaccurate monitoring methods followed in the industrial gas supply company. However, the gas monitoring solution can aid in managing the assets properly.

Ensure timely deliveries for building a good name in the market and satisfying your customers

Depending completely upon manpower in the highly technological world is a dead loss. Manual data collection process is repeated multiple times during the day on each tank which requires significant training. Human-made data records are prone to errors. Moreover, the paper records do not help in evaluating data for usage and leakage.

Most of the time, verbal delivery requests of the clients are misunderstood. When customers demand gas deliveries on an emergency basis, their sustainability remains at stake. It becomes troublesome for a gas company to manage that delivery promptly. Moreover, exceeded operational time leads to screwing up the customers’ relations.

Reorder alerts help in schedule regular and timely gas cylinders’ deliveries and remove non-planned delivery costs. On time deliveries not only satisfy the customers but also help in building a good market reputation in the gas industry.

Finally, pressure sensors allow data transmission and remove leakage. Remote monitoring software service enhances accessibility over the cloud and powers alarm and levels reporting. Overall, Trakaid’s LgMonitor is one of the best gas monitoring systems with the latest technology and sensing devices. It provides high value to the gas company, monitors cryogenic gas, plans schedule delivery and asset budget and decreases the associated manpower costs.