10 Signs You Should Invest in Gas Monitoring

Since more than 150 years, a lot has changed. However, the gas industry is still characterized by a true entrepreneurial passion that invigorates opportunity seeking. So what opportunities you need to seize acknowledging the signs that can disrupt your gas startup? What are those signals and how can you drive success to your business?

Today’s climate is extraordinary, having a high demand for industrial gasses in almost every sector from power to Research & Development and healthcare. The shift in the demand curve prompts the complexities, risks and deficiencies in the gas supply business.  The investment curve of the gas cylinders is steep and long, and so it becomes essential to preserve and utilize them to its best.

Scroll down to read the 10 red light signals that have stopped your growth forever. These signals encourage you to adopt solutions that can flash a green light to jumpstart your productivity, eliminate the complexities of your business and provide your organization a fresh start to a smooth and sailing ocean of success.

1. Losing Customers: Are you starting to notice that you are losing your customers, or they have started being upset with you due to the lack of seriousness in your service? How did that happen? You were doing everything to understand and act on their needs! The defect here is the verbal delivery requests that are misunderstood and not acted upon quickly. The time inefficiencies further aggravate the situation. This is the first sign you should invest in a remote liquid gas monitoring solution that alerts the company to a customer’s bottled gas needs and keep them happy.

2. Underutilized Gas Bottles: As pointed above, the gas tankers are a huge investment that every industrial gas companies have to make. Due to this, it becomes mandatory to use these assets efficiently. Alas! The use of inefficient and inaccurate monitoring methods does not allow this to happen. Probably this is the second sign that prompts your requirement to rely on gas monitoring software process that ensures each tank is utilized properly.

3. Frantic Emergency Calls: Due to the lack of efficiency in recording tank content, there is a flood of emergency calls for the gas. In the middle of the night, customers often request delivery of bulk gas instantly. That’s the third sign for you to start considering gas monitoring applications that prepare real-time data and allow alerts to remove emergency requests at inconvenient times.

4. Exceeded Operation Time: The delivery of gas cylinders takes time to arrive. The customers tend to become anxious because of their critical needs. Due to this, the client’s sustainability hangs in between. Moreover, the non-availability of gas leads to irreparable harm or loss of revenue for the gas company.

That’s the fourth indicator to make you want a fuel monitoring system to avoid shaking your customers’ sustainability and plan just in time delivery.

5. Data Errors: Do you notice that there are errors in your data including accounting errors? How did these mistakes occur? They are nothing but human errors made in reading, writing, and uploading data. These errors push away the profit of your enterprise. It’s time to have a liquid gas monitor that deploys specialized monitoring devices that are robust, user-friendly, designed to last and continuously sense, convert and transmit error-free data.

6. Blue-collar Data Uploading: On each tank, a lot of time is wasted due to the data collection process in a blue-collar manner. The process is repeated ample of times in a day. The gas supply companies are bound to give the employees major training and oversight to maintain such a process and records.

Don’t you realize you are losing much time and money following an old school way? All you need to do is switch to portable gas monitors that can simplify liquid gas consumption tracking, processing, management, and real-time monitoring.

7. Leakage Complaints: It’s difficult to acknowledge which cylinders should go for testing and refurbishing and which can still be employed to supply gas! The damaged cylinders can damage the customers’ relations forever! Fluid-filled pressure gauges and wrong valves make the situation all the more nervous! Are you tired of hearing leakage complaints from your customers? Do you wish to ensure that your service becomes a-one and fault-free?

Employing a gas leak detection system is that one step that must be taken to ensure the indoor and outdoor environment does not become vulnerable. Such a move makes the workplace, trucks, site and people present there safer!

8. Increased Delivery Costs: When unscheduled delivery takes place, the delivery costs increase and the company has to arrange for separate investment. The timely deliveries through reordered alert system in the gas monitoring system reduces the associated costs by combining multiple deliveries in one truck run.

9. Outdated Technology: The technology in your company has become outdated according to the market standards. It keeps you below the competing level and lacks in accomplishing various gas supply tasks. This is just another indicator that you need to switch to a solution that comprises advanced technology such as GPRS telemetry, electronic pressure sensing, Microsoft mobile, web and database technology. Such technologies keep the level of your service high and simplify all your tasks.

10. Lack of Transparency and Trust: As pointed above, your company’s data remains erroneous and cannot be verified. In such a case, the transparency and trust somewhere get nullified. This is probably the last but not the least sign for you to invest in a solution that provides key features to eradicate this issue. Telemetry technology allows periodic transparent data load to the central system. Moreover, the built-in data validation and information governance enables you to trust your data.

The above 10 signs insist you to invest in the best gas monitoring solution such as Trakaid’s LgMonitor with robust software processes and latest technology that provides all the required features to keep you ahead in the competition.  You should take the action else your gas startup can face a catastrophic failure soon. Take the experts’ advice and switch to gas monitoring solution before its too late.