5 Ways Trakaid’s LgMonitor Will Save Gas Suppliers Money & Time

The present situation and the need of the hour

Ruffled by global economic turbulence, uncontrollable competition, bewildering complexities, disturbed time management and shocking additional charges – the liquid gas companies become firm and confident about changing the way their business has been operating until today. The harsh reality calls for ameliorating the efficiency of gas companies. Moreover, preserving the margins and maintaining the reinvestment rates has become crucial to fatten the production.

Saving the resources while addressing the customers’ demands

The gas distributors and consumers prefer cryogenic pressurized liquid gas in bulk rather than in small cylinders. The gases of the air treated to low temperatures (typically lower than -180 degree Celsius) are compressed in large cylinders after being condensed into the liquid state. As industrial gas manufacturers make a huge investment in these tankers, the assets ought to be fully utilized to maximize productivity.

Gas is required for various functions of different sectors in the world. The firms of energy, mining, construction, food production, aircraft and so on, require various liquid gases to be delivered to them on time. Late deliveries can result in a sudden halt of these companies’ operations. And so, to combat the challenges of tight resources and serious demands of the clients, industrial gas suppliers have yoked digitization and monitoring to supply higher volumes of liquid gases with less investment of money and time.

How gas suppliers can save money and time by using Trakaid’s LgMonitor?

Trakaid’s LgMonitor is a cloud-based monitoring system, designed for remote monitoring of the central storage and distribution of industrial and medical gases. Because LgMonitor has the power to communicate automatically, it deploys specialized monitoring devices that are robust and can consistently sense, convert and transmit error-free data. This automates operational data, delivers operational efficiency, reduces the time and provides a huge cost reduction.

Let’s talk in detail about how this gas monitor has the potential to save the crucial resources for the gas suppliers, when their budgets are tight and the customers’ demands are time-sensitive. Here are 5 ways Trakaid’s LgMonitor will save gas suppliers money and time:

1. Say good-bye to the manual mode: The manual reading protocol of recording tank content eats up a lot of time. Moreover, fat payments need to be done to the employees for maintaining this process. The latest sensing and telemetry technologies can sense and measure consumption and transmit data to a remote location. The machine-to-machine data acquisition capability of LgMonitor makes it extremely reliable to save ample time and money.

2. Error-free data: The data that is manually recorded is prone to errors. Also, paper records do not aid in analyzing the data for usage and leakage. Leakage can disrupt customers’ relations with the gas company and often decrease the profit margins. LgMonitor offers accurate data due to its real-time monitoring capabilities and based on this data, it sends alerts to the gas firms and its customers providing tank liquid level and possible leak information. Due to this, the industrial and medical gas suppliers are rescued from big money losses.

3. Organized deliveries: The process of monitoring gas in the cylinders presents serious difficulties and lead to frantic emergency calls to the gas company for immediate gas deliveries. In such cases, individual deliveries lead to extra investment of time and money.

Trakaid’s LgMonitor uses GPRS technology to transmit periodically a signal that is captured at the receiving end. The data stream is recorded and analyzed against a custom configuration. Alerts are generated and sent at various thresholds. Due to this, the gas suppliers remain fully aware of the customers’ gas requirements. Organized multiple deliveries combined in a single truck run optimize and reduce delivery costs and save the time that is wasted otherwise.

4. Real-time Reporting: Reports help us in evaluating, and managing gas supply business. However, paper reports’ maintenance demands a lot of time and high expense. LgMonitor goes paperless and maintains customized reports on the cloud. These reports aid in reducing the amount of money that is spent on the manpower to maintain these documents.

The rich-dynamic cloud-based reports are accurate as they are tested against built-in data validation and information governance. The reports are maintained daily, monthly, weekly and annually. They allow comparative as well as predictive analysis and help the gas suppliers to take informed business decisions in less time.

5. Advanced Technologies: Gas Monitoring solution is erected on the latest technologies including electronic pressure sensing, GPRS telemetry, and Microsoft mobile, web and database technology. This vast array of technologies simplifies liquid gas consumption tracking, processing, management and real-time monitoring. The authorized gas suppliers can say goodbye to the time consuming and expensive processing, tracking and management process. Moreover, the new technologies that come with LgMonitor save gas suppliers and managers good amount of time to be invested in other important core business areas.


To conclude, Trakaid’s LgMonitor is a device that you can trust and depend in maintaining your gas supply business. Apart from delivering huge cost reductions and time efficiencies, it provides accurate information, simplifies the management of the gas company, maintains the safety standards and satisfies the customers 100%. The innumerable benefits this gas monitor bestows upon the gas suppliers make it even more reliable and necessary in the gas industry.