5 Ways to Protect and Grow Your Gas Supply Business

There would be zero suppliers in the gas industry that would argue that they would do anything to evade the possibility of a monitoring and tracking failure to happen. An ample of dollars is charged in the course of impairing, fixing and unexpected downtime. However, the gas suppliers forget that the market has given birth to the latest technology based tracking and monitoring systems that rarely collapse and help in protecting and growing your gas supply business.

The insufficient and error-prone data does not encourage informed business decisions. It does empower links in the gas supply chain for a better performance. The lack of information about the usage history of the clients hinders the arrangement of their future gas needs.

To further aggravate the situation, emergency deliveries and associated costs increase the dissatisfaction in the gas supply consumers and make the company face losses.

Usually, the industry gas suppliers still hold on to the gas monitors that remain unable to inform the gas company about the possible leak information. As a result, the customers’ relations and human life becomes vulnerable to damage.

The expensive gas cylinders which are the capital of any gas supply enterprise becomes lost or stolen in the gas supply cycle. The cylinders never return back to their home, further costing the gas company to increase their investment in the new cylinders. Sometimes, the tankers remain underutilized halting the return on investments.

Even in the 21st century, the gas supply companies and their customers remain backward and uninformed. The lack of advanced technology thwarts the access to data from anywhere.

So, above enlisted are the shortcomings of gas and oil industry. Let’s see what we can suggest eliminating these issues. Below are the 5 ways to protect and grow your gas supply business.

#1: Moving from costly reactive maintenance to proactive planned maintenance

As the pressure rises on the gas companies to reduce costs, it becomes critical to invest in a gas monitoring solution. The solution allows your company to schedule for timely deliveries with the help of reorder alerts. The emergency requests for deliveries give rise to unnecessary additional costs while the proactive planned deliveries are combined in one truck run giving a rest to reactive maintenance. Such a process is not only beneficial but smooth and organized.

#2.: Acquire the data machine-to-machine and get a predictive analytics software

Remote liquid gas monitoring solution features machine-to-machine data acquisition requiring no human intervention. Due to this, the time and money spent on training the employees are saved. The human errors involved in data uploading are removed from the gas supply company in its entirety.

The latest telemetry and sensing technologies can sense, measure consumption and transmit information to a remote location. When intelligent, real-time, accurate and actionable data is made available to your gas cylinder company, they become capable to make informed business decisions. With this, every link in your gas supply chain is empowered for better performance.

The predictive analytics software can make you access the data of historical usage and analyze and forecast future usage of the clients.

#3: Get your capital back to its home

The tanks used for delivering cryogenic liquid gas, as mentioned above are the capital of every gas supply company. As they are a huge investment, gas companies should use these assets efficiently. The best tracking method using RFID technology focuses on rotation, return of assets and the virtual elimination of cylinder loss.

#4: Enhance protection by employing gas leak detection system

Of course, you don’t want to end your gas supply business’ growth forever and so there is a need to protect your gas cylinders and the people around them. A gas leak detection system is designed especially to ameliorate safety in the gas industry. Portable gas detectors measure the liquid level of the tank and provide possible leak information. To improve the efficiency, on the whole, alerts are sent to the gas supply companies regarding the same.

#5:  Remain one step ahead by accessing information from anywhere and everywhere

The gas monitoring system is cloud-based and meets the industry standards. The gas cylinder companies can get a full view of the current status of their cylinders whose delivery and availability is crucial. The customers can also view their products’ arrival time and date online from any location. Such customized and controlled access to employees and customers from Desktop or Smartphone keeps the gas cylinder companies ahead.

Finally, Liquid Gas Monitoring solution such as Trakaid’s LgMonitor simplifies liquid gas consumption tracking, processing, management, and real-time monitoring. The above 5 ways are a must to follow if you want to protect and grow your gas supply business.