6 Quick Tips to Bring 100% Accuracy in Gas Supply Business

You must be a proud startup or an enterprise dwelling since a decade or two in the gas industry. But ever wondered how amazing it would have been, had you maintained accuracy in each of your business operations? Imagine how accuracy would have achieved that list of goals in a year that you are planning to fulfill in five years or so. Let’s follow the popular saying of Marc Rayman “The accuracy we achieved would be like kicking a soccer ball on the earth and scoring a goal on the moon.”

In today’s world, the management and tracking of the gas cylinders have become complex than ever. To maintain the business processes a gas supply company has to undergo a lot of troubles. Delivering the best sort of customer service, reducing costs and improving efficiency have become difficult than ever. The failures of previous tracking techniques such as barcodes have become more than usual. The lack of accuracy in ascertaining the damage of the gas cylinders and discrepancy in cylinders’ records has further worsened the scenario.

However, the various developments in the market have come up with new technologies, solutions, system and software that trigger these challenges and complexities completely. For your better understanding of these opportunities available in the market, we have for you 6 quick tips to bring 100% accuracy in gas supply business.

1. Gas Meter Accuracy: The manual method of reading, writing and recording tank content disrupts the accuracy of the data as 10% information is not error-free. The gas meters are used to read and calculate the amount of gas supplied to the client’s site and update the information on the central system.

Liquid gas monitor requires no human involvement and sense and measure the gas consumption of the clients and transfers the data to a remote location with the help of latest sensing and telemetry technology. Fortunately, the data recorded on the company’s system is 100% accurate and involves no discrepancies.

2.  Know the Accurate Location of Your Assets: The cylinders used to supply industrial and medical gasses are a huge investment by the gas supply companies. They are a key returnable asset and tracking these tankers become crucial in economically challenging times.

The business productivity depends on apprehending the cylinders that are available, whether they are at a customer’s site, in the warehouse or the delivery truck or gone for testing, and their operational status. These are all significant elements of which accuracy is essential at all times.

RFID tracking system can fulfill all these demands and proves to improve inventory accuracy by 99.5%.

3. Identify Damaged Cylinders Accurately: It is problematic for industrial gas suppliers to identify which cylinders are damaged and which can still be used to supply gasses. If the damaged cylinders are used in the supply process, the customers’ relations and the lives of humans can be destroyed.

RFID software can accurately identify cylinder damage and attribute the damage to a specific delivery incident.

4. Accuracy in Timely Deliveries: Manual recording tank process proves to be inefficient and remains unable to plan for future gas cylinder deliveries. The verbal delivery requests for cryogenic gases are often ignored. As a result, customers get anxious and upset due to the late gas deliveries or even worse situation of the non-availability of gas.

Liquid level indicators solution eliminates the possibility of emergency requests at inconvenient times with built-in alerts. These alerts help the gas supply company to prepare for the availability of gas. Moreover, multiple gas cylinder deliveries are clustered in one truck run reducing the costs to the maximum. Due to this, the industrial gas companies can enhance their service by ameliorating accuracy in the cylinders’ delivery.

5. Accurate Detection of Leakage: Leaking valves and fluid-filled pressure gauges can end the gas companies’ business forever. It is important to maintain the gas cylinders in a way that there are no possibilities of leakage.

Gas leak detection system available in the market can measure the liquid level of tank and detect possible leakage accurately, protecting the environment, relations, and people. These are specially designed to enhance safety in the gas industry.

6. Get Accuracy in Reports: The reports are a helpful source for making informed business decisions. Their absence is a big loss for every gas supply company. The insufficient data fail in maintaining the real-time reports.

Gas monitoring solution has a remote monitoring system that senses, transmits, collects and processes data in real-time from sensor through telemetry. It gives gas cylinder companies and their clients’ accurate, comprehensive, real-time rich, dynamic cloud-based reports to help gas companies run, evaluate and manage their business. Customized reports- daily, weekly, monthly, and annually can provide a historical comparison.

Finally, these 6 quick tips are sure to bring 100% accuracy in your gas supply business. These can help you in delivering the best services to your customers. These tips can make the task of managing, maintaining and tracking easy. They can help your company to enhance protection in all terms. They give your gas enterprise customized reports, optimize costs and keep your capital intact.


5 Ways to Protect and Grow Your Gas Supply Business

There would be zero suppliers in the gas industry that would argue that they would do anything to evade the possibility of a monitoring and tracking failure to happen. An ample of dollars is charged in the course of impairing, fixing and unexpected downtime. However, the gas suppliers forget that the market has given birth to the latest technology based tracking and monitoring systems that rarely collapse and help in protecting and growing your gas supply business.

The insufficient and error-prone data does not encourage informed business decisions. It does empower links in the gas supply chain for a better performance. The lack of information about the usage history of the clients hinders the arrangement of their future gas needs.

To further aggravate the situation, emergency deliveries and associated costs increase the dissatisfaction in the gas supply consumers and make the company face losses.

Usually, the industry gas suppliers still hold on to the gas monitors that remain unable to inform the gas company about the possible leak information. As a result, the customers’ relations and human life becomes vulnerable to damage.

The expensive gas cylinders which are the capital of any gas supply enterprise becomes lost or stolen in the gas supply cycle. The cylinders never return back to their home, further costing the gas company to increase their investment in the new cylinders. Sometimes, the tankers remain underutilized halting the return on investments.

Even in the 21st century, the gas supply companies and their customers remain backward and uninformed. The lack of advanced technology thwarts the access to data from anywhere.

So, above enlisted are the shortcomings of gas and oil industry. Let’s see what we can suggest eliminating these issues. Below are the 5 ways to protect and grow your gas supply business.

#1: Moving from costly reactive maintenance to proactive planned maintenance

As the pressure rises on the gas companies to reduce costs, it becomes critical to invest in a gas monitoring solution. The solution allows your company to schedule for timely deliveries with the help of reorder alerts. The emergency requests for deliveries give rise to unnecessary additional costs while the proactive planned deliveries are combined in one truck run giving a rest to reactive maintenance. Such a process is not only beneficial but smooth and organized.

#2.: Acquire the data machine-to-machine and get a predictive analytics software

Remote liquid gas monitoring solution features machine-to-machine data acquisition requiring no human intervention. Due to this, the time and money spent on training the employees are saved. The human errors involved in data uploading are removed from the gas supply company in its entirety.

The latest telemetry and sensing technologies can sense, measure consumption and transmit information to a remote location. When intelligent, real-time, accurate and actionable data is made available to your gas cylinder company, they become capable to make informed business decisions. With this, every link in your gas supply chain is empowered for better performance.

The predictive analytics software can make you access the data of historical usage and analyze and forecast future usage of the clients.

#3: Get your capital back to its home

The tanks used for delivering cryogenic liquid gas, as mentioned above are the capital of every gas supply company. As they are a huge investment, gas companies should use these assets efficiently. The best tracking method using RFID technology focuses on rotation, return of assets and the virtual elimination of cylinder loss.

#4: Enhance protection by employing gas leak detection system

Of course, you don’t want to end your gas supply business’ growth forever and so there is a need to protect your gas cylinders and the people around them. A gas leak detection system is designed especially to ameliorate safety in the gas industry. Portable gas detectors measure the liquid level of the tank and provide possible leak information. To improve the efficiency, on the whole, alerts are sent to the gas supply companies regarding the same.

#5:  Remain one step ahead by accessing information from anywhere and everywhere

The gas monitoring system is cloud-based and meets the industry standards. The gas cylinder companies can get a full view of the current status of their cylinders whose delivery and availability is crucial. The customers can also view their products’ arrival time and date online from any location. Such customized and controlled access to employees and customers from Desktop or Smartphone keeps the gas cylinder companies ahead.

Finally, Liquid Gas Monitoring solution such as Trakaid’s LgMonitor simplifies liquid gas consumption tracking, processing, management, and real-time monitoring. The above 5 ways are a must to follow if you want to protect and grow your gas supply business.


10 Signs You Should Invest in Gas Monitoring

Since more than 150 years, a lot has changed. However, the gas industry is still characterized by a true entrepreneurial passion that invigorates opportunity seeking. So what opportunities you need to seize acknowledging the signs that can disrupt your gas startup? What are those signals and how can you drive success to your business?

Today’s climate is extraordinary, having a high demand for industrial gasses in almost every sector from power to Research & Development and healthcare. The shift in the demand curve prompts the complexities, risks and deficiencies in the gas supply business.  The investment curve of the gas cylinders is steep and long, and so it becomes essential to preserve and utilize them to its best.

Scroll down to read the 10 red light signals that have stopped your growth forever. These signals encourage you to adopt solutions that can flash a green light to jumpstart your productivity, eliminate the complexities of your business and provide your organization a fresh start to a smooth and sailing ocean of success.

1. Losing Customers: Are you starting to notice that you are losing your customers, or they have started being upset with you due to the lack of seriousness in your service? How did that happen? You were doing everything to understand and act on their needs! The defect here is the verbal delivery requests that are misunderstood and not acted upon quickly. The time inefficiencies further aggravate the situation. This is the first sign you should invest in a remote liquid gas monitoring solution that alerts the company to a customer’s bottled gas needs and keep them happy.

2. Underutilized Gas Bottles: As pointed above, the gas tankers are a huge investment that every industrial gas companies have to make. Due to this, it becomes mandatory to use these assets efficiently. Alas! The use of inefficient and inaccurate monitoring methods does not allow this to happen. Probably this is the second sign that prompts your requirement to rely on gas monitoring software process that ensures each tank is utilized properly.

3. Frantic Emergency Calls: Due to the lack of efficiency in recording tank content, there is a flood of emergency calls for the gas. In the middle of the night, customers often request delivery of bulk gas instantly. That’s the third sign for you to start considering gas monitoring applications that prepare real-time data and allow alerts to remove emergency requests at inconvenient times.

4. Exceeded Operation Time: The delivery of gas cylinders takes time to arrive. The customers tend to become anxious because of their critical needs. Due to this, the client’s sustainability hangs in between. Moreover, the non-availability of gas leads to irreparable harm or loss of revenue for the gas company.

That’s the fourth indicator to make you want a fuel monitoring system to avoid shaking your customers’ sustainability and plan just in time delivery.

5. Data Errors: Do you notice that there are errors in your data including accounting errors? How did these mistakes occur? They are nothing but human errors made in reading, writing, and uploading data. These errors push away the profit of your enterprise. It’s time to have a liquid gas monitor that deploys specialized monitoring devices that are robust, user-friendly, designed to last and continuously sense, convert and transmit error-free data.

6. Blue-collar Data Uploading: On each tank, a lot of time is wasted due to the data collection process in a blue-collar manner. The process is repeated ample of times in a day. The gas supply companies are bound to give the employees major training and oversight to maintain such a process and records.

Don’t you realize you are losing much time and money following an old school way? All you need to do is switch to portable gas monitors that can simplify liquid gas consumption tracking, processing, management, and real-time monitoring.

7. Leakage Complaints: It’s difficult to acknowledge which cylinders should go for testing and refurbishing and which can still be employed to supply gas! The damaged cylinders can damage the customers’ relations forever! Fluid-filled pressure gauges and wrong valves make the situation all the more nervous! Are you tired of hearing leakage complaints from your customers? Do you wish to ensure that your service becomes a-one and fault-free?

Employing a gas leak detection system is that one step that must be taken to ensure the indoor and outdoor environment does not become vulnerable. Such a move makes the workplace, trucks, site and people present there safer!

8. Increased Delivery Costs: When unscheduled delivery takes place, the delivery costs increase and the company has to arrange for separate investment. The timely deliveries through reordered alert system in the gas monitoring system reduces the associated costs by combining multiple deliveries in one truck run.

9. Outdated Technology: The technology in your company has become outdated according to the market standards. It keeps you below the competing level and lacks in accomplishing various gas supply tasks. This is just another indicator that you need to switch to a solution that comprises advanced technology such as GPRS telemetry, electronic pressure sensing, Microsoft mobile, web and database technology. Such technologies keep the level of your service high and simplify all your tasks.

10. Lack of Transparency and Trust: As pointed above, your company’s data remains erroneous and cannot be verified. In such a case, the transparency and trust somewhere get nullified. This is probably the last but not the least sign for you to invest in a solution that provides key features to eradicate this issue. Telemetry technology allows periodic transparent data load to the central system. Moreover, the built-in data validation and information governance enables you to trust your data.

The above 10 signs insist you to invest in the best gas monitoring solution such as Trakaid’s LgMonitor with robust software processes and latest technology that provides all the required features to keep you ahead in the competition.  You should take the action else your gas startup can face a catastrophic failure soon. Take the experts’ advice and switch to gas monitoring solution before its too late.


How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Gas Monitoring Solution

You certainly want to ensure that your liquefied gas tanks are used judiciously. That is because it is a crucial asset for your firm, and you have invested too much in it. To make the management of cryogenic tanks easier, tank monitoring systems have been incorporated into many firms. They help in overcoming the challenges faced by gas suppliers in managing the industrial operations related to tanks.

For efficient monitoring of tanks, the gas suppliers use telemetry system. It comprises of a device that is fixed on the exterior of the tanks to sense, read, and generate data. The telemetry system proves to be very valuable for the gas supply business in the following ways:

  • Automation of record keeping.
  • Accurate readings and analysis.
  • Less requirement of human resource.
  • Transparency of operation-related data.
  • Eliminating the conditions of emergency.

Measuring the tank level is of specific importance to the gas suppliers. Here’s why monitoring the tank level should be their priority:

Prevents from Disasters

Some properties of the cryogenic gases make them a potential hazard. In order to prevent them from causing a disaster, it is important that the tank level is monitored properly. Leakage of gases not only wastes the resources but is also capable of causing explosion and serious damages to the environment around it. Therefore, the monitoring solution is a reliable option to prevent the system from unbearable damages.

Optimizes Asset Usage

Confusions about the tank level lead to underutilization of resources. It becomes difficult to manage the tanks in terms of refilling, emptying and delivering. In such cases, the business has to invest more in the assets while the available assets are not being utilized up to their maximum capacity. Monitoring helps in being informed about the level of gas in the tank 24×7. This helps in optimum utilization of the assets since it enables systematic management of cryogenic gases in the tanks.

Makes Management Easier

The management of tanks is a thorough task. It is necessary to know when the tanks are empty or after how much time the tanks will require refill in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the operations. The telemetry system measures the accurate level of the tank and keeps the workers informed about the observations. It enables the operations to be performed timely without any disturbance, therefore making the management of tanks easier.

Saves Time

The delivery of gases is a task that needs to be done timely in order to prevent from causing trouble to the clients. The telemetry system always keeps the workers informed about the tank level. This helps them in avoiding confusions and minimizes delays in production. It makes it possible for the workers to keep the tanks ready for the gases to be transferred to the cylinders and deliver it to their customers on time. It eliminates the situations of emergency and maximizes productivity.

Saves Money

Tank level monitoring encourages maximum asset utilization. It optimizes the productivity of the available resources and minimizes the investment in new assets. It prevents from disasters that are capable of exploding the area and ensures the safety of the workers. It saves from the overflowing of gases that prevents from both- damage of the tanks and wastage of gases. Therefore, it proves to be very cost-efficient for the gas suppliers.

Trakaid offers a brilliant Liquid Gas Monitoring solution in terms of efficiency, reliability and standard. Gasotrak is designed in a way that enables effectual sensing, observing, and processing of data. It is a cloud-based solution that encourages accurate and timely information management. It comprises of robust and latest software technologies that are easy to use.

It carries a rule-based alert and notification engine. Alerts are generated and sent at various thresholds via email and SMS. Reorder Alert helps in scheduling regular and timely delivery. It helps in eliminating emergency deliveries and associated costs. It optimizes asset usage by using the capacity of the tanks in the most efficient manner.

Gasotrak encourages the monitoring of the level of tanks in the most efficient manner. It is capable of fulfilling your expectations in monitoring the gas tanks productively.


5 Ways Manual Asset Tracking Screws Up Your Business

As the demand for the gas cylinders increase, the gas suppliers are bound to add more assets to their business. These assets are tankers that each cost $150-$200. The investment being a huge one makes it necessary for a supplier to hold on to these assets. They simply lose track of what they have and where the cylinders are. It becomes even more complex if they have various offices and warehouses. Usually, the gas suppliers rely on manual mode for tracking their assets. Let’s see what happens in such a mode.

Here are the 5 ways manual asset tracking screws up your business:

1. It squanders a huge amount of time: Manually compiling an inventory of your gas cylinders takes up a lot of time of your workers. The process is reiterated many times while receiving, filling, shipping and tracking the gas. Plus, you might not even be aware that you have got the correct data entries from you employees or not. The data verification of your cylinders also seems to be a distant dream.

With RFID asset tracking system, the data is acquired machine-to-machine. The gas cylinders have RFID tags affixed to them. When the trigger on the RFID scanner is pulled, the tag is scanned and gives a unique identification code. With this, the assets are tracked in no-time. According to RFID Journal, “RFID is 15-20 times faster than manual and barcode processes for inventorying IT assets.” According to Motorola, “Some companies experience a 95% reduction in time using RFID.”

2. You do not have the updated information: Maintaining every minute’s data has become extremely important in the economically challenging times. Manually, it is unimaginable to keep a track of the updated information. The lack of customized reports hinders the growth of the business. The escalation in the business’ growth was guaranteed if the reports were reliable enough to make the best business decisions.

Employing IT asset tracking software, automatically updates the database as soon as a monitored machine comes online. It allows customizable data’s import and export. It can develop custom reports that can be your best friend in making the apt business decisions.

3. Unable to detect leakage before harm: The health of your cylinders is never guaranteed with a manual asset tracking system. The damaged cylinders keep on getting rotated, to supply gas, risking the lives of the customers, employees, and the truck drivers. The chance of leakage and fluid filled pressure gauges presents a danger to the customers’ relations and market reputation.

When the assets are tracked with the help of RFID technology, leakage detection becomes easy. Moreover, RFID tag has specifications such as delivery history, expiry date, product maintenance, etc. With this, the gas suppliers become fully aware of the cylinders that should go for testing or refurbishing and the ones that should be discarded.

4. It eats up a lot of money: Manual method of recording data is not only inefficient but costly. The labor intensive work eats up a lot of money of the company. The employees charge ample amount for the task of uploading data manually. The gas supply business has to invest money in the recruiting, training and maintaining of these employees. Even the mode of barcode for asset tracking proves to have certain shortcomings. For instance, the read rate of barcodes is limited to only one cylinder at a time. Due to this, the taken time and the rate of the labor increase.

RFID asset tracking service might be expensive initially, but it proves to give a faster return on investment. RFID can read 10s, 100s, 1000s cylinders simultaneously at once. The service does not need any training or maintenance cost and is extremely reliable. RFID can achieve 30% reduction in labor costs.

5. Losing the assets: Thousands of cylinders flow in and flow out of your company or research lab each year. When Industrial gas supply companies are unable to locate the cylinders, the price they are bound to pay becomes inconvenient. The time that is wasted in searching for these assets impacts the productivity and minimizes profitability. The inability to track the location of the cylinders causes companies to lose a lot of money and further spend more for buying new ones.

RFID GPS asset tracking makes it quite convenient to record tankers’ movements automatically and gives that data to the applications for asset management. The entries of information are accurate. With RFID, the companies will never lose cylinders again.

Acquiring an insight into the inventory may be impossible to do manually, but with inventory management system it has never been easier. Inventory software can gather this information for you and keep it up-to-date. Adopting RFID technology ameliorates the customer service experience as it has proven to achieve shipping, receiving and order accuracy of the cylinders by 100%. The companies can boost their profit as the efficiency of data increases and the extra expenditure decreases. Today, inventory and asset tracking has become a boon to the gas suppliers.


5 Solid Tips by Which Your Clients Will Stick to You Like a Glue

In today’s world, every business has numerous holes and proves to be broken to some degrees. In true terms, your giant bucket is hollow from places that you don’t even acknowledge. The bad news is that the customers keep on spilling out from every cavity. But here is the good news – you can follow some solid tips by which your clients will stick to you like glue and assist you in sealing the openings of your bucket.

In the past, the industrial gas companies’ supply chain used to be simpler. However, in the present, the gas suppliers come across million intricacies in the gas supply business that leads to losing on their customers. The loss of customers who are the blood of every business is unaffordable. But there’s nothing to worry about because we have amazing tips for you to solve all the complications.

Read on to find out the 5 solid tips to start holding on to your traffic and deliver the best services:

1. Plain Sailing Order: It is troublesome and often a failed process to place the orders of the cylinders verbally. Most of the time, the requirement is ignored due to the manual recording of data. Your company should employ liquid gas monitoring solution that uses advanced technologies and devices to simplify the gas cylinders’ supply business. It is a cloud-based monitoring system that makes ordering of the cylinders like a piece of cake for the customers. The online ordering of gas proves to be an accelerated process that reduces the labor’s paperwork and eliminates errors. Such a process doubles and triples the efficiency of placing the orders, making the customers glad.

2. Order’s status just a click away: When the customers try to acquire the information about their ordered products verbally, most of the times they get disappointed. When the need for the gas cylinder increases, they tend to become anxious. The employees of the gas supply companies are humans after all and are unable to provide correct information every time. At this time, the customer might have a second thought about continuing to take service from your supply company.

The need of the hour is to have a remote monitoring solution that allows the clients to view their present order status online, enhancing their experience, wanting them to stick to you like glue.

3. Don’t let your customers give you emergency calls: The gas suppliers invest in the cylinders that are often expensive. It becomes paramount to utilize these assets in an efficient manner. For customers’ operational status, it is necessary to have the inventory management software.

The process of monitoring gas is iterated multiple times in a day. The process is maintained only by constant review and training. Ultimately, the company faces emergency calls from the customers requesting the delivery of gas cylinders. It is not necessary that the company has the availability of gas. Moreover, the delivery of these tankers takes time. The sustainability of the customers remains at stake.

In such a situation, switching to monitoring gas solutions is the right decision. Liquid gas monitoring solution is one such solution that manages the scheduled delivery and removes the emergency requests.

The companies can have RFID inventory tracking through which companies can monitor the clients’ average daily consumption of the gas and plan for its timely delivery.

The monitoring software alerts for scheduled delivery and refilling. With on time deliveries, customers stay satisfied and plan to continue to extend taking your service.

4. Transparency in data builds customers’ trust: It is unfair to keep the customers unaware of the supply process. Being unfair will make you pay hard. The lack of transparent data in the gas supply companies produces doubt in customers’ minds.

The best monitoring software uses GPRS telemetry technology to transmit radio signals on a periodic basis. On the central system, this periodic data becomes accessible to all, enhancing the transparency of the companies’ service. Transparency being the fundament of trust is ensured when the customers have access to complete knowledge about the process.

5. Make rightness and safety your priority: The barcodes have a lack of specification due to which often wrong cylinders are delivered to the consumers. The market has powerful RFID technology built-in cylinder logistics solution ensuring ease in cylinder tagging. With this, only the right cylinders with the right valve type and pressure are supplied to the customers.

Due to the same lack of specifications, the date of dispatch and testing is not mentioned. Due to this, it becomes difficult for a gas supplier to identify which cylinders are damaged and which should go for testing. The use of the damaged cylinders poses an enormous threat to customers’ life ending all the profitable associations.

The cylinders should go for testing and should be properly serviced before the supply. Gas leak detection system measures the level of tank product. Such safe and secure service positively impacts your growth and productivity and makes the customers stick to you like glue.

Finally, the complex supply chain and the increased competition demands these 5 solid tips to be followed, implemented and bought. Employ the latest technology, tools, devices, software, and solutions to increase profits, enhance productivity, ameliorate service and cement your traffic.


How to Growth Hack Your Gas Supply Business?

Achieving phenomenal growth in your sales and traffic is like a dream come true. Although it might seem a distant dream for you, knowing the correct ways to ‘growth hacking’ can lead you right to your destination. The key to attract more traffic and sales and maintain the sustainability of your current customers makes it all the more probable to embrace a growth hacking mindset.

Earlier the logistics of the industrial gas supply business were simple. Today, we have increased demand and a complex supply chain to deal with. In such a situation, growth hacking is an effective strategy for bootstraps and high growth companies. The importance of dismissal of the elevated costs and short lifetime value of the old marketing techniques needs to be taken seriously.

All you need to have is- a growth strategy, abundant out-of-the-box solutions, the latest technologies, advanced tools, scheduled testing, data analytics, data transparency and on-time deliveries. As soon as you understand the ways to multiply your customer base and to escalate them into highly active, and revenue generating clients you are all set to rock the business.

Here are the ways to rapidly growth hack your gas supply business by mounting up golden archways along highway exits:

Use the right set of tools: In an industrial gas company, tankers are used as the main supply procedure to deliver gas to the consumers. Of course, you have hugely invested in these tankers that make it all the more crucial to get them back once they are empty.

As mentioned earlier, the complex supply chain makes the environment of the business confusing. In this confusion, initially the company doesn’t even realize that their 1-2% cylinders become strayed or stolen annually.

Asset monitoring tools track these imperative cylinders. They allow the proper utilization of these assets and their visibility. The critical elements such as where the tankers are at a given time, what is their operational status, have a direct effect on the bottom-line.

You should adopt this monitoring tool to make your business productive.

Forget the traditional method of recording data: Do you know what is eating up your valuable time and money? It is the manual method of reading, writing and entering the data of the cylinders. The process is reiterated in a day while receiving, filling, delivering and tracking the cylinders.

Unfortunately, after putting in so much of hard work, 10% entries prove to have errors.  Such manual entries make it worse to have inefficient and unreliable data. The time and money that is lost in this process remains huge.

Get the best assets’ tracking software for your business that allows the machine-to-machine data acquisition facility and provides efficient and dependable data that accelerates the growth of the company. Moreover, the burden and cost of the labor decreases to the maximum limit.

Dump all your barcodes: Do you know that the barcodes are the biggest barrier on your road to success? Even though barcodes have taken care of the industrial gas companies for a longer period, today their shortcomings are pulling down a gas supply companies’ growth!

Barcodes can be easily forged which makes the integrity of the assets’ physical location unreliable. They lack read-write capabilities and become unreadable as soon as they are damaged or exposed to mud and oil. They require a direct line of sight to be read. The reading of number of barcodes at the same time is an impossible phenomenon!

The technology of RFID for cylinder tracking fast tracks the growth of a gas supply business. The RFID chip is small in size and the code embedded in it is fully resistant to counterfeiting. They do not require a direct line of sight to be read. They can endure harsh environment without being damaged, as they come in case protective covers.

RFID scanner initiates radio signals when the trigger is pulled and then reads the identification code. Due to this, a magical tracking becomes possible. Though RFID installation is more expensive than barcodes, it proves to give a faster return on investment.

Ensure that your cylinders undergo scheduled testing: Barcodes do not contain proper specifications of the gas cylinders. On the other hand, RFID tag has appropriate specifications of the history of issue date, the date of scheduling and maintenance and the gas quantity. Due to this, it becomes easier to discover which cylinders can still be used and which should go for testing or damage repairing.

As a result, the chances of leakage minimize, maintaining your customers’ sustainability. It enhances your reputation in the market that further attracts more traffic. In the end, your business will be able to provide a level of smooth service. Growth hacking can then become possible.

Get your reports right and get them on the cloud: The poor method of obtaining data reduces the possibility of having proper reports. The monitoring solution have GPRS telemetry technology that senses, transmits, collects and process data in real-time. The monitoring system automatically prepares and displays the daily, weekly, monthly and annually organized reports. These reports are accessible even on the cloud for the customers and employees to be seen from anywhere and everywhere 24×7.

Plan your deliveries: Without proper records, it is almost impossible to plan on-time deliveries. The inventory management solution makes it possible to maintain proper records that further allow just–in-time deliveries. Due to this, there are fewer emergency calls for gas delivery, the customers stay satisfied, there remains no possibility of the non-availability of gas and combined delivery in one truck run proves to be a cost-effective way.

Give your customers a taste of transparency: Get this clear, apart from your profit, your customers are the ones for whom you run your business. Keeping them unaware of the business processes is almost a suicidal norm. Get out of this norm and give them a taste of transparency. The monitoring solution has database and telemetry technology that permits a transparent data load to the central system. The transparent data builds their trust in you and attracts more traffic day-by-day.

To conclude, growth hacking your gas supply business is not as easy as it looks. It is important to focus on your customers and how they discover and embrace your service. It’s time to employ the right solutions, technology and tools to build your business that help you attain and retain more traffic, rather than just wasting time on the outdated procedures.


Cryogenic Gas Suppliers: 6 Mistakes Which Cost You Losing your Clients

Hey, all the gas suppliers out there! Are you encountering the wiping out of your organic traffic? Do you think that losing your clients is one of your misfortunes or bad luck? The truth is that there’s no one to be blamed for this mishap, but you!

Ever wondered what disastrous mistakes did you commit? And how can you prevent this uncalled loss from happening to your supply chain?

Kiss your traffic goodbye

As all of you are aware of the fact that along with market demands, the requirements of the people have been taken to a multistoried level.  The customers want and need cryogenic liquid gas in volume rather than in small tanks. The cryogenic tanks are used for storing liquid gas by the clients. This being clear, let’s move on to the 6 fatal mistakes:

You employ the manual method of uploading data: The present procedure you follow of uploading tank content is a blue collar way. The process of monitoring gas available in cylinders is reiterated several times in a single day. The maintenance of this process demands proper continuous training and assessment. Such a process proves to be a big failure.

As a result, the gas suppliers face emergency liquid gas requirement calls from the customers. These emergency calls happen any time of the day and night, hampering the smooth process. Either the delivery takes much time to arrive or the non-availability of liquid gas kills the client’s sustainability.

You do not have an up-to-date data: You do not have a monitoring system that can provide you updated data of every minute. The unavailability of an up-to-date data leads to the incapacity to scrutinize the certainty that there is a leakage. The occurrence of leakage does not only cost your clients to unstick from taking your service but risks their lives leading to your screwed market reputation.

You do not employ equipment that ensures safety: All the harm could be avoided if you would have relied on a gas leak detector. There are numerous pressure gauges that are filled with fluid. Leakage can occur during the time of delivery. As a result, you have forgotten to employ a vehicle mounted gas detector. A leaking cylinder or a wrong valve type is where a customer decides to wave you a goodbye.

Nothing like a machine to machine data collection: The employees responsible for recording data are after all humans. So, 10% of manual entries happen to be erroneous. Such data is undependable and cannot help in making correct business decisions for the future.

The future demand of the cryogenic liquid tank remains unpredictable without proper data reports. Often due to this, the gas cylinders remain unarranged. The customers today have high expectations, and they can’t bear late delivery of gases. That is where you again lose your clients.

You still have an outdated technology: The barcodes here is an outdated technology we are referring to! Barcodes do not contain proper specifications of the cryogenic storage tanks. The lack of scheduled date for testing and maintenance makes it unable for a cryogenic supplier to identify which cylinders still can or cannot be used. If the damaged cylinders are used, the maximum chances of losing your consumers come up to the brim.

Keeping your clients in the dark: The norm that you follow of keeping your clients away from the transparent data can result in backfiring you. The details and the statistics of the cylinders remain unreliable. There is no transparent loading of data. So, the customers remain aloof from having the full details of the process. Such little trust of the clients in your service can make them shift to another gas supplier.

Make your traffic stick to you

It’s time to eradicate even the slightest possibility of losing your customers because they are like the oxygen of the industrial gas companies. Without the clients your company will face catastrophic failure.

Trakaid’s Liquid gas monitoring solution gives you a cloud-based monitoring system built on amazing latest technologies. The radio telemetry and database technology and sensing devices can make the cryogenic gas processing, tracking, management and real-time monitoring smooth.

LgMonitor provides gas supply companies the means to view a current status of their tankers, whose delivery and availability is both important and time-sensitive. It evaluates their impact on the business processes from any remote location.

Such fuel monitoring system allows an automatic machine to machine data acquisition that removes customers’ out of stock problems with gas supplies. The technology senses and measures consumption and transmits information to a remote location.  It ensures the correct and clear-cut data on time without the need for labor. It makes the scheduled delivery ready and eliminates emergency requests at odd times.

Moreover, the remote monitoring systems provide rich, dynamic cloud-based reports to the gas suppliers, rule-based alert, and a notification engine. They can predict future usage of the clients with the help of historical records that analyses their average daily consumption. The gas detection sensors enhance the security of the employees and customers like never before.

Hence, you have got a fool proof solution to say goodbye to your mistakes. Of course, life and business both are about making mistakes, learning from them and never repeating them again. The monitoring and tracking solutions we just explored are a win-win for the gas industry, the gas suppliers and their clients.


The Best Monitoring Software to Detect Industrial Gas Cylinder

Today, a vast array of industries such as chemical, mining, steel, medicine, electronics, aerospace, food etc. require industrial gasses. As the demand for industrial gas cylinders swells, the complexities in the industrial gas companies reach a farther limit. In such situation, there arises a need for employing the best software to simplify the intricacies.

Industrial gas suppliers and customers both love cryogenic gas in a huge volume. Large integers of small gas cylinders are expensive to fill, supply, receive and track. The gas supplied through a gas cylinder is stored in cryogenic tanks at the customer’s location for future use or distribution. Like this, gas cylinders become the most important asset of the gas industry, and its proper use becomes vital.

The competing market is required to face and tackle the challenges of the gas industry where the customers require the cryogenic liquid gas time after time. They want safe cylinders to be delivered quickly as their requirements cannot wait. The consumers’ sustainability remains at stake when they order for gas delivery on an emergency basis. If the operation time exceeds and the productivity decrease – customer relations face irreversible damage.

The cryogenic gas suppliers have to recruit labor to perform manual reading of tank content. For this purpose, the labor needs to undergo continuous training and review. Much of the company’s resources are lost in this process. The gas suppliers invest time and money in labor but suffer from inefficiency, remain unable to maintain the up-to-date data, come across leakage issues, lose their cylinders; and there comes the goodbye wave from the customers!

Trakaid’s LgMonitor is by far the best monitoring software to detect Industrial gas supply in the market. You can say it is more of a cloud-based monitoring system that applies sensing devices and GPRS telemetry technology for delivering a remote liquid level sensing solution. LgMonitor succors in simplifying tracking, processing, management and real-time monitoring of the gas consumption.

Liquid gas monitoring solution gives accurate and timely data involving very less human involvement. The monitoring software provides alerts that manage production, plan schedule delivery and evade emergency calls at discomforting times.

Trakaid’s LgMonitor, the best monitoring software provides organizations and their clients with comprehensive, real-time substantially dynamic cloud-based reports and notification alarms.

The wireless tank monitoring converts an analog signal from a pressure sensor into a digital signal. The disadvantages of the technology of barcodes have shifted the demand for popular RFID for cylinder tracking. An identification code affixed to the cylinders help the monitoring software in tracking the tankers. The software has devices that are tough, long lasting, and resistant to the harsh environment and handle rough approach.

Come; let’s look at the advantages of Liquid gas monitoring solution:

1- The up to date data makes on-time delivery possible.

2- The delivery costs are optimized and minimized as numbers of deliveries are arranged in one truck turn.

3- Transparency is enhanced as the data is loaded periodically to the central system through the telemetry technology.

4- The solution maximizes trust in the data as the information is validated and governed.

5- The monitoring solution is erected on advanced technologies such as telemetry, sensing technology, database technology, and Microsoft mobile.

6- The solution provides a real-time actionable data so that informed decisions are made.

7- You can have access to customized reports that help in operating, analyzing and managing the business processes. The reports are made, annually, monthly, weekly and even daily. Due to this, the historical comparison becomes possible and future usage becomes predictable.

8- It allows keeping the assets of the company secure, as proper tracking of the cylinders is done.

9- Customers and employees can have customized and controlled access from anywhere via a MacBook, an iPhone or a tab.

10- It eliminates the risk of leakage as an RFID tag has the testing date of a cylinder. So, the gas suppliers use only the undamaged cylinders for supplying gas. The measurement of tank level via the gas leak detection equipment allows safe delivery.

Finally, apart from the innumerable benefits of the liquid monitoring software and solutions, the increased needs of the market makes it all the more important to employ Trakaid’s LgMonitor. The robust software is user-friendly and transmits data that is error-free. Due to this, the additional costs vanish, the efficiency doubles and the productivity triples. There remains a zero chance of non-planned production; customer’s sustainability is maintained due to the immediate and safe delivery and transparent data.


This is Why Gas Suppliers Need Tracking Solution

After the global recession, the economy is steadily recovering. So, improving the supply chain efficiency to maintain profits and spirit during the good and bad economic times has become the focal point for all businesses. The expanding markets, multiplying suppliers, and inflating consumers has changed the scenario from tip to toe. The margins are shrinking, and competition is growing. There is an increase in the exigency to slick operations and curtail costs.

The companies dealing with gas supply business acknowledge the essentiality of retrenching cost, ameliorating service and efficiency and accelerating return on investments from one pole of the supply chain to the other. The gas suppliers invest a huge sum of money in cylinders that remain the main supply asset for delivering gas. These cylinders need to be fully utilized, maintained and tracked. The loss and theft of these tankers are expensive and troublesome.

In the complex environment, asset tracking solutions have become important to track the tankers throughout their lifecycle. Below are some reasons why gas suppliers need tracking solutions.

Inventory accuracy with a goodbye to labor

The optimization of an expansive supply chain tends to take up a lot of time. This is because the company follows manual procedures; the data acquired remains prone to errors due to the human inefficiency and costs ample of money. To eradicate these issues out of the businesses, the gas suppliers depend on asset tracking system that utilizes RFID technology to its full depth.

Machine-to-machine data acquisition uploads all the information automatically without the need for much human intervention. The data status remains up-to–date within lesser time. According to a survey, RFID raises inventory accuracy from an average of 63% to 95%. Moreover, the inventory labor productivity improves by 96%.

Visibility, tracking status and verification

Today, the gas supply organization is fully aware that the visibility of asset, inventory and shipment has become critical. RFID tracking system provides an automated way of knowing what the gas suppliers own and where it is in the rotation process. Unlike barcodes, RFID does not require a direct line of sight to be read and can read many tags simultaneously at once.

A tracking solution such as Trakaid’s CyTrack provides end-to-end visibility. It gives real-time tracking status and allows verification of the history and location of the cylinders. Such a visibility based on RFID reading can give the gas supply companies a better analysis of when inventory problems are likely to occur so that prior actions to resolve them are undertaken seriously.

The gathered information makes the suppliers view the sleeping and lost cylinders, eliminating buying of new cylinders and recognizing the spots for recovery of the cylinders. They can share the tracking information with their distributors to provide value added services, for example- internal tracking.

Depending on technology for customers’ sustainability

Customers’ sustainability remains at stake if the gas is not rearranged at the right time. Maintaining the process of monitoring gas available in tanks requires constant training and review. Ultimately, emergency calls for a gas delivery result in a hustle-bustle in the gas company. The delivery of the gas consumes time and non-availability of gas harm the revenue.

The gas suppliers require a smooth sailing process for the delivery of gases. To provide hassle free services to the customers, cylinder suppliers depend on technology. Gas monitoring equipment such as Trakaid’s LgMonitor removes out-of-stock issues with gas supplies via latest sensing and telemetry technology to sense and measure average daily consumption and transfer information to a remote location.

In this way, the gas suppliers can plan for a delivery and arrange for the gas. As a result, with a gas monitoring system, the deliveries will be scheduled and the possibility of emergency requests at odd timings will end.

Fitter cylinders, stronger associations

Due to the lack of specifications, it becomes bothersome for the gas supply company to identify the cylinder that must go for testing. Because of this, the damaged cylinders at times are used for the supply of gases, evoking dangers at all levels in the process. As a result, the gas supply companies face the loss of bonds with the distributors, partners and customers.

Unlike barcodes, tracking devices such as RFID provides full specification on the cylinder tags. The date of testing is mentioned on the RFID tag that makes the gas suppliers aware of its testing needs. Due to this, only the fittest cylinders are used for supplying gas, making the association strongest.

You can also growth hack your gas supply business by using Trakaid’s CyTrack and LgMonitor.