Trakaid LgMonitor: Stop Worrying about Your Gas Supply!

Cryogenic gases are used in almost every industry all around the world. From chemistry to biotechnology, aeronautics, food production, aerospace, medicine, as well as research liquid gases, are a day-to-day requirement.  Gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, helium, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide are some of the popular demands of industrial, commercial and scientific end-users.

Being a gas supplier or a distributor you already acknowledge the time-sensitive demands of the industries we talked about above! It is likely that being in a gas business you spend a lot of time getting anxious about successful gas supplies to your customers. You are well aware of the fact that late supplies and unavailability of gases can put a halt to your customers’ business operations. The outcome of which will affect your margin of profitability and growth.

Today, this article will relieve you from the stress of your gas supply business. Forever, the time has been an extremely precious thing, and it is foolish to spend it on worrying rather than concentrating on your core business functions. By embracing LgMonitor telemetry system from Trakaid, your clients won’t have to give their gas top-ups a second thought!

Monitoring Gas Levels

The process of recording tank content manually requires constant training and review. The process presents serious shortcomings, due to which your gas company faces emergency calls for immediate delivery of gases. Emergency deliveries take a lot of time to be completed and involve extra costs. They also put the sustainability of customers at stake.

Telemetry technology enables continuous monitoring of gas cylinders’ levels via a contents gauge that is fixed on top of all your supplied tanks. Whenever your consumers need a top-up, GPRS technology can transmit a radio signal to your computers and notify it of their current gas level. Alerts are generated and sent to your company, so as to schedule gas deliveries on time.

Fool-proofing Against Cylinders Leakage

High-pressure cylinders with liquid and industrial gases are not fooled proof against leakage. There are various pressure gauges in tankers that are fluid-filled and may leak due to damage. You are aware of the fact that leaking cylinders are dangerous and can ruin human lives and your relationships with clients.

Liquid gas monitoring solutions come with a gas leak detection system. Telemetry device is a level measurement instrument that measures the pressure between the top and bottom of the tank. This is how your company can fool-proof against the cylinders’ leakage and enable only right tankers for safe and secure gas deliveries.

Reducing your total cost of operations

The employees of your gas supply business undertake manual way to collect data and maintain records. Due to this, your gas company is likely to face innumerable errors in data including transposition errors.

Trakaid’s LgMonitor is a blessing, which when included in your business can reduce labor costs up to 30% and offer 100% accuracy in data. This is because there are built-in data validation and information governance that lets you trust your data. Moreover, there is periodic data load to the central system via telemetry technology.

Telemetry monitoring does not require human intervention, rather automatically and wisely all the monitoring functions are performed. Moreover, the deliveries are always scheduled and do not invoke costs for separate emergency deliveries. All in all, the total costs of operations are reduced by investing in Trakaid’s LgMonitor that accelerates return on investment.

Being present at the places where you are absent

This gas monitoring system has the potential to make you present everywhere and anywhere. The remote monitoring feature saves a lot of time and money that is consumed in traveling to remote locations for measuring gas levels. Wireless gas monitor allows customized and controlled access from desktop or smartphones, making everything easier and simpler.


Trakaid’s LgMonitor offers you a monitoring experience so as to enable a smooth and uninterrupted supply of industrial gases to make your business a huge success. You can conduct your gas supply deliveries in the way you always wanted. This cloud-based monitoring system uses sensing devices and telemetry technology to offer a remote liquid gas monitoring solution. It eliminates the worries of gas supplies by simplifying liquid gas consumption tracking, processing, management and real-time monitoring.