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benefits & featuresbarcodeuhf rfid
Unique IdentityNo – No such featureYes – Manufacture embeds digitally Unique Identity Code (UIC) on microchips that may not be changed
Stop CounterfeitPossible – Simple to duplicate – Easy to print and counterfeitNo -May not duplicate – Comes with Unique Identity Code
Ease of UseSimple – Peel and attachSimple to Moderate – Based on use case
Initial CostModerate – Paper labels and Scanners – Suitable for low value items – cost of metal or special material labels is comparable to RFID tagsModerate to High – Based on use case, label encapsulated in high resistant material – Indispensable for assets that are high value or returnable
Total Cost of Operation (TCO)High – Recurring cost to identify and replace unusable labelsLow – Attached permanently
Return on Investment (ROI)Low – Do not detect counterfeit labels – not able to protect brand identityHigh – May not counterfeit – iron-clad protection for brand identity
Harsh EnvironmentNo – Environment sensitive; Generally, degrade when used, stored, or handled in a non-office environmentYes – Encapsulated for use in harsh environment and perform per specification
LifespanLimited – Degrade with handling and mostly useable in industrial environmentMulti-year – Embedded in a protective indestructible
Physical SizeLarger – Very sensitive to the aspect ratio for presentation to a scanner. The ratio of a barcode’s length vs. width is critical to its operationSmall -Size range from a thumbnail to a book. The aspect ratio of a tag’s length vs. width is very flexible and not a significant factor for the RFID reader
TraceabilityMore suitable for entire class of products than identificationCombination of unique identity + user data, suitable to track, recall or document the life span of a single asset
Line of SightScanner must “see” the barcode label to read itDoes not require line of sight
Manual OrientationManually required to re-orient the device to match barcode positionNo orientation required
Scan RangeInchesRange in feet through dirt, oil or snow
Remote ScanNoYes – allows automation – may not need any human involvement to operate
Simultaneous ScanNo – read one at a time individuallyYes – Scan multiple items at once providing exponential gains in output and efficiency
SpeedSlow – Read one at a timeFast – Very quick – easily scan a lot of tags in a shorter period.
Data SecurityNoYes – Data may be encrypted, and password protected
Dynamic Data UpdateNo – once printed it remains frozenYes – may be re-written to with on-board user memory for additional information retention – store product calibration history, preventive maintenance and other information. Updates may be made quickly and automatically without human intervention
Product CodeNo – Major vertical markets such as Retail have created standards which are excellent at coding product type and manufacturer. Including information beyond these basic parameters is not feasible as the size of the barcode becomes too large and price is higherYes – Digital data stored and provides a significant capability to encode:
1) Tag originator
2) User data needed
3) Serial number
AccuracyGoodGood – Auto electronic data acquisition eliminates manual data entry and transcription errors – that may be as high as 20 percent
Geo LocationYes – GPS enabled scanning device – capture GPS coordinates on every scanYes – GPS enabled scanning device – capture GPS coordinates on every scan
Proof of ReceiptYes – Scanner enabled with touch screen and electronic signature software enabledYes – Scanner enabled with touch screen and electronic signature software enabled


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Two ways To Data Acquisition

assume 500 assets in multiple transactions
Trakaid Asset Tracking
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Traditional Method

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1. Read write data on pages asset number
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