Why New Telemetry System Should Be Your First Choice When Monitoring Gas Tanks


As the focus shifts from volume to value, the gas supply companies are bound first to increase the efficiency of safe and on-time deliveries to the existing customers and later think about multiplying their number of clients. Besides, the technological espousal has fueled enormous shifts in global demographics, wealth and customer engagement.

Leverage Technology

It is important to harness the opportunities that technologies bestow on the gas supply businesses, to sustain in an economically difficult time. Today, a technology infrastructure that offers sustainable operational ameliorations, seizes best practices, and creates successful connections is essential for every gas company.

Ease and access like never before

It’s true that the world has gone super advanced, and even by being in one location, people can be everywhere where they are not! The gas suppliers can say goodbye to traveling to remote field locations to enquire about the tanks. The gas tankers in remote gas plants, warehouses and vehicles can now be monitored from a single centralized location.

Telemetry System

Remote telemetry systems sieve benefits of the new wireless communication systems to create the best gas monitoring solution. Wireless telemetry system can simplify and accelerate the collection of valuable information from remote places.

Let us understand why only new Telemetry Systems should be your first choice when Monitoring Tanks:

Long-term Cost Savings: Telemetry systems for gas monitoring offer long-term cost savings. How? Since the data is easily transmitted machine-to-machine over long distances in real time, there is less need of manpower to acquire the data manually. This helps in saving any gas supply business a lot of expenditure in the long term.

Access to Detailed Data: Fuel gauge telemetry systems link directly to central monitoring location, so as to prevent any gas exhaustion. A telemetry system is a wall-mountable unit that links to the customer service center. LCD displays convey current tank status and listing.

Eliminate time wasted on manual data recording: Does measuring and downloading data seems like taking forever? While earlier collecting data from inaccessible locations costed an arm and a leg, telemetry monitoring softwarecan tremendously solve this issue.

A lot of time used to be wasted on each tank in manual data collection process. Telemetry and tank monitoring systems use the latest sensing and telemetry technologies to sense and measure consumption and transmit data to a remote place cost-effectively and in real time.

Trustworthy Data: Do you have any doubts about the tank’s data your company’s human resource has recorded? It’s true that human beings are not machines and can do minor and major faults. These faults lead to discrepancies in data, including number transposition errors. In such a situation, Gas Supply Company cannot trust their data in entirety.

A telemetry system for gas tank gives you the guarantee you require, anytime and enable you to check and verify the best quality of recorded data. How? Telemetry system periodically loads transparent data to the central system. Moreover, built-in data validation and information governance constructs your trust in the data that is accurate.

Automated Alerts: Telemetry employs an electronic monitoring device that converts an analog signal from a differential pressure sensor into a digital signal. GPRS technology periodically transmits radio signal that is captured at the receiving end. The data stream is recorded and analyzed against a preset custom configuration. Alerts are generated and sent at various thresholds to the gas company and its customers offering tank liquid level and possible leak information.

Remove Leakage Possibilities: Leakage can risk human lives and good supply with the customers. There are various pressure gauges that are fluid-filled and may leak due to damage. A remote telemetry unit can measure the level of tank product. It measures the pressure between the top and bottom of the tank. There are visual readings of the units and transmission of liquid levels to the company.


All in all, telemetry system with wireless power receiver and monitoring devices reduces the cost of monitoring. The robust device, have multi-year lifespan and function pretty well in extreme environments and withstand rough handling. It provides accurately detailed data to the gas companies from remote locations, raises automated alerts and ensures safe deliveries and storage of gas tanks. Hence, being a gas supplier or distributor, only new telemetry systems should be your first choice when it comes to monitoring tanks.