11 Ways Trakaid Lgmonitor Will Help You to Grow Your Gas Supply Business

Cost increases due to the limitations of small cylinders. Therefore, many gas suppliers prefer tanks over cylinders for the delivery of cryogenic pressurized liquefied gases. It helps in transporting the fuel in bulk to the customers and reducing the transportation cost. However, managing those tanks is a real task.

From their material structure to their numbers, to temperature, level and position, everything needs to be kept in check.  Manual labor, though has been performing these tasks since long, suffer from vulnerabilities towards hazards, delays and losses. But with growing technology, it is possible to minimize the elements of trouble and drive a smooth process that gift profits in return.

Trakaid LgMonitor is the gas monitoring software that the IT sector of many industries will soon depend on. Its ability to enable growth in a business is defined in the following characteristics:

1. There is no doubt about how time efficient it is.

  •  It takes much less time in reading, recording and analyzing the data and uploading it on a common platform. This itself speeds up the whole process.
  •  The software through cloud computing quickly converts the analog signals into digital signals and displays the reports on the screen. Through its in-built data validation, it makes the data more reliable and saves the time usually taken in verification.

2. The software has a robust and flexible structure that promises efficiency.

  •  It is adaptable to whatever environment it is put in.
  •  Its robust structure does not demand much maintenance, and its flexibility is a great help in its fixation. It extracts important information from the detectors and uploads it on the internet.

3. Through alerts and notifications, it forewarns about any dangers predicted. Also, it signals at any important event missed, for example- if the door of the tank room is left open, the tank needs a refill, or there are more than normal variations in the temperature. It is capable of sending any alerts you need, through customization.

4. It highlights its cost effectiveness in its ability minimize human resource.

  • It does most of the work by itself and, therefore, requires fewer efforts from people to make.
  •  Its strong structure does not require maintenance costs very often and guarantees efficient usage of the device.
  • Also, better management through this monitor reduces transportation costs with on-time deliveries and deliveries of many tanks in one truck.

5. It has access to GPRS through a SIM card. Location of tanks plays a very important role in determining which tanks require filling, which are ready to be delivered, and when and where they are to be delivered. It is very important to make sure that the right cylinders are delivered to the right place. GPRS telemetry helps in tracking the tanks 24×7 from the time they are filled to the time they are delivered.

6. Trakaid LgMonitor is an unbeatable solution for gas management system in the way of its simplicity of operation. It is user-friendly and does not stress out the operator. It can be learnt with minimum training and can be managed with a decent knowledge of technology.

7. It records history and enables more organized functioning of the system.

  • Its history usage and analytical reports help in predicting the future usage and circumstances.
  • With recorded history, it is always easier to trace the patterns of operation. These patterns help in determining what boosts the procedure and what causes failure.
  • It keeps a trace of the information that further helps in maintaining an organized report with customized specifications.

8. It is not possible to carry laptops everywhere! This is why Trakaid LgMonitor gives you accessibility from Smartphones. You can access all the reports of observation and analysis from a phone. This assures safety even when you are far away from home. This keeps the information handy as well as safe.

9. Accuracy is the fundamental concern of liquid gas monitoring solutions. Therefore, it assures to monitor gas available in tanks 100% correctly. It promises absolute accuracy in reading the data and analyzing it. It comprises of in-built data validation software that rejects any wrong data entered and sends back for verification.

10. During an emergency, there is a loss in terms of both money and time. The organized procedure that it offers commits the punctuality of deliveries. This eliminates emergency situation that the system is otherwise put through. It saves not only money and time of the company but also its reputation in the market.

11. Of course, it’s important to be brand conscious. It not only guarantees quality but also provides the little perks that others lose on. Brands have a reputation of working on the minute details to make products more desirable that the other companies tend to ignore. Thereby, the Microsoft Certified Trakaid LgMonitor gives you a reason to rely on it.

Trakaid LgMonitor, therefore, is one solution for all problems. It gives you all the reasons to stop worrying about your gas supply. If you can’t believe it, come, see it for yourself!