Trakaid’s LgMonitor: Unbeatable Solution for Gas Management System

Monitoring and management of gas levels for a company is not only crucial for safeguarding the environment and the people around it but also for ensuring that the customers get the best service via on time deliveries. Today, when the demand for cryogenic gases is on a rise, it is imperative for a gas supply company to embrace an unbeatable solution that manages the gas supplies, monitors the tanks’ level and satisfies the customers!

The world has advanced, and the technology can now monitor level with no strings attached. Yes, we are talking about nothing other than a wireless remote monitoring system.

Being a gas supplier and distributor, you are aware that the gas cylinders distributed among various customers and kept in warehouses need 24/7 management and monitoring. Trakaid’s LgMonitor is a solution that controls the level of your tanks accurately and offers data reporting services via sensing devices and telemetry technology, so as to deliver tank levels and other data metrics.

Here are some benefits that you will be getting by embracing Trakaid’s LgMonitor:

1. Farewell to annoying manual modes: You know most of the problems of a gas supply business originate from the manual mode of reading protocol. When humans have to intervene in recording tank levels, the result is a failed one! The manual inspections of tank gauges are time-consuming and hazardous. The process of monitoring gas is troublesome, and there are multiple errors in the data recordings.

It is proved that gas supply business following a manual pattern of data collection fails in satisfying their customers with timely gas deliveries. With Trakaid’s LgMonitor, you can say ‘fare thee well’ to manual modes and move towards an automatic technology that offers accuracy at its peak!

2.  Never running out of gas top-ups: Trakaid’s LgMonitor has telemetry technology that allows constant monitoring of gas cylinders’ levels through a contents gauge fixed on the supplied cylinders. GPRS technology transmits a radio signal to the company’s systems, alerts them of the current gas levels and notifies for supplying a top-up to their clients.

3.  Never delivering a leaking gas cylinder: It is important to ensure that the cylinders supplied to the clients are not leaking. Some pressure gauges in tankers are filled with fluid and are potent to leak if they are damaged. The fuel management software notifies maintenance staff of onsite repair requirements. The level measurement instrument can calculate the pressure between the top and bottom of the tank. Delivering only the right tankers to your clients can give your service a perfect touch.

4.  Saving big time expenses: Accuracy in data monitoring saves the company from facing big time losses. While emergency deliveries incurred extra costs for the gas supply company, on-time deliveries scheduled in one truck run save big time expense of the company. Moreover, the labor costs also get decreased, again saving huge money for your deep pockets.

5.  Managing your gas supply chain: The health of your company’s operations is important to maintain! Trakaid’s LgMonitor can manage your gas supply chain in the most optimum manner. Running out of gas cylinders and liquid gasses, as well as costly deliveries can screw up the operational efficiency of your company. Wireless tank monitoring system for tank level helps you manage inventory, and plan time-to-time deliveries as per the customers’ needs.

6.  Possessing the most accurate real-time reports: Liquid gas monitoring solution can sense, transmit, collect and process data in real-time from sensors via telemetry. The tank level monitoring system provides customers and enterprise with comprehensive, real-time rich, dynamic cloud-based reports that help you run, analyze and manage your business. Various customized reports provide comparative, predictive and historical analysis.

7.  Easy access from anywhere and everywhere: With a remote fuel tank level sensor you can forget traveling to remote locations for measuring tank content. You can safely check levels from off-site locations. So, whether it’s you in your office, or your driver heading towards a site, the customized data can always be accessed for monitoring and reviewed from desktop or smartphones.

To conclude, Trakaid’s LgMonitor is a solution that every gas supply business should employ. With telemetry system, you will know what service your customers want before you even hear from them! By doing fewer yet larger deliveries, your business runs smooth and at a low cost! Such proactivity enhances your overall clients’ relationship, makes your operations efficient and profits your enterprise hugely. Besides, your business can reach to its next level without actually adding extra staff members or vehicles.