How to Monitor Gas Available in Tanks 100% Correctly


Liquid gas sensing in the gas industry has become more important than ever. Cryogenic liquid gasses are low-temperature fluids, and that is why they have an unusual behavior in contrast to other liquids. So, these liquids have a different form of handling which makes its sensing prudent.

The operations such as providing higher protection against leakage, optimizing treatment of liquids and storage and delivering liquid gasses on-time to the customers are steps that can be more efficiently handled, when liquid level monitoring is applied accurately.

Call of The Hour

There is a severe pressure on the gas suppliers to streamline operations in their gas companies and improve economic conditions. With time-sensitive demands of the consumers- accuracy is supreme, and delivery and labor cost reduction is a necessity.

Moreover, as the customers’ operations are hugely dependent on the liquid gasses, gas firms cannot afford to run out of cryogenic liquids and risk holding up the complete operation waiting on delivery.

Major Reasons for Monitoring Gas

Monitoring gas available in tanks is necessary due to the continuous pressure to have the right amount of liquid gas when and where it is required. In such a situation, guesswork is disastrous and can turn out to be very expensive to the gas company and their valuable customers.

Another reason to monitor cryogenic pressurized liquid gas is to be aware of the customers’ requirement of a top-up even before they realize it. This gives time to the gas distributor to arrange for the gas, refill the tankers and be prepared for the delivery of bulk gas beforehand. With this, the sustainability of the customers is maintained and the gas company remains profitable forever.

Answering The Question

Now the question arises, how to monitor gas available in tanks 100% correctly? The answer to which is simple and right here- originated from the word ‘tracking’ we have ‘Trakaid.’

Trakaid is a liquid gas monitoring and remote management solutions provider, delivering customized wireless equipment and services to the liquid gas suppliers all around the globe. Our remote liquid gas monitoring solution offers hardware and software to track and monitor tank liquid levels, on-site and offsite management and access supply chain links with crucial tank information 24/7, so as to remove non-availability of gas and get accurate, actionable and dependable data.

We focus on eliminating manual work to the maximum and automating operations. This is because of many reasons- first, cost effectiveness; second, time efficiency; third, safety; fourth, accuracy and fifth, customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to free you of manual work which involves recording tank content via reading and preparation of paper records, sticking specifications of degrees on the tanks and the labor assisting the tankers everywhere, in the warehouse, gas filling plants and even in the trucks. Such processes are neither cost efficient nor data accurate, and like this the safety of the employees remains vulnerable.

Here’s the best way – Liquid gas monitoring solution built on latest technologies such as electronic pressure sensing, GPRS telemetry and Microsoft mobile, web and database technology. The solution specializes in making errors and guesswork an ancient phenomenon and minimizes costs hugely.

With our cloud-based monitoring system, you get powered through 24×7 web access to cylinder data which is essential for 100% correctly monitoring tank levels, tracking, and locating specific liquids in assets. This electronic monitoring device enables customized and controlled access to tank data to employees and customers from desktop or smartphone whenever they need it.

Here’s what more you can get at your fingertips be employing a low-cost monitoring solution- alerts and alarms that are generated and sent at various thresholds, timely notifications, real-time usage history and tools that have usage prediction capabilities.

All in all, by embracing automatic real-time liquid gas monitoring solution your company’s focus improves not only on monitoring but also on refill and usage. It eliminates emergency calls from the end users for delivery with built-in alerts as the up-to-date data makes you plan for just in time deliveries. Needless to mention that such a case optimize and reduce delivery costs by combining multiple deliveries in one truck run. Besides, there is periodic transparent data load to the central system via telemetry for building your trust. Data validation and information governance capabilities of the solution make your trust even stronger in the data you have. The best part is that the customers stay happy and satisfied and their sustainability is never put at stake!