7 Reasons Gas Supplier Needs Fuel Tank Monitoring System

Gases are hard to fill, monitor and use because of its state of loosely packed molecules. They are liquefied to low temperatures in order to make them easier to handle. These liquefied gases are then delivered to customers through tanks instead of cylinders to curb the shortcomings of using cylinders. However, it is important to monitor these fuel tanks in order to prevent from the vulnerability of these gases.

Trakaid LgMonitor are capable of supervising these gases remotely through internet. It examines the level and pressure of the tanks according to its suitability. It keeps a record of the data collected and gives access to the workers to follow the information and proceed. However, not every enterprise has incorporated it into their system yet. Here’s why they should:


“Human error” is as common as the term. You cannot rely on human resource for accuracy. With the never ending data collection, analysis and observation, there is vulnerability towards inaccuracy. However, Trakaid LgMonitor are prepared to take it. They provide the records of information with utmost accuracy. They check the position, height and temperature of the tank system constantly and keep upgrading in online to provide better access of information to the providers and consumers.

Demolish Emergency

Struggling with the disaster caused by gas leakage is a nightmare. This is why, constant supervision of the tanks is required. With accurate data from time to time, Trakaid LgMonitor make the observations more reliable. It therefore makes it easier to ensure safety. Hence, any situation of emergency can be predicted and worked on before it actually starts affecting the system.

Send Alerts

Monitors, with built-in intelligence, detect and analyze defects in the system and immediately notify the concerned authority. It also warns of critical rise and fall in temperature and insufficient filling in the tanks. Also, for example, if the windows open are affecting the temperature or the doors are left open during winter, it prompts messages. This helps in driving this whole procedure more smoothly. The elements of trouble can be eliminated promptly and the process can be carried out more efficiently.

Easy Training

Training the workers to monitor the tanks manually is a vigorous task. It requires in-depth knowledge about the system to read the data accurately and infer from it, the present layout. However, the training of technology driven monitors is less challenging. With a systematic approach, anyone can learn to operate technological devices. Here, most of the work is done by the software. Its functioning is easily adaptable and less painstaking. Also, it employs a lot less workers than required in manual monitoring; so there is less staff to train.

Constant Vigilant Monitoring

In this tiresome job, manual labor is an easy target for distraction. But, managing tanks demands sincere invigilation at all times. It requires continuous record keeping and checking to avoid any interruptions in the procedure. However, since technology is more controllable, it guarantees obedience i.e. constant vigilant supervision. This reduces the risk of missing any important phenomena and makes the process more manageable.

Save Time

The constant recording and analyzing of observations consumes a lot of time while still being prone to inefficiency. And rectifying those errors caused is more like misspent time. It can lead to even further delays and complications. Monitors, on the other hand, can make the whole procedure very smooth. It saves a lot of time by giving quick results about the information acquired. This helps in avoiding last minute problems and improves the performance of the production.

Cost Efficiency

The establishment of monitors reduces the demand of human resource and hence cuts down a lot on the cash capital investment. Also, with its robust structure, it promises efficient usage of the infrastructure. By more number of tanks being delivered in one trip, it further minimizes the cost and maximizes the results. Therefore it is efficient as well as easy on the pockets.

The Trakaid LgMonitor brings to you, all of these solutions and more with the device peripherals and accessories offered. Here’s the list:

1. Solar Panel Power Supply: PS024 Kit complete with 5 watt solar panel, stirrup for mounting, and cable for power supply 0.8 m (AMBRA 0001-00-100 Kit Solar Panel)

2. Direct Power Supply: PDUNV 110 – 230 V AC 24 V DC; 1.2 A switching power supply PVC housing for wall mounting IP65

3. Pneumatic Connection: FNF25 1/4” NPT female FGF25 1/4″ G female

4. Other Accessories: FMNF3 3 way manifold

5. Extended Warranty: WEXT3 3 year extended warranty available