Why Gas Industry Leaders Love Cylinder Logistics Solution (And You Should, Too!)

How do you feel when you invest money in something, and it gets damaged or lost? I know it’s a terrible feeling! But just think once, what if you would have taken measures to protect and secure your investment? In such a case, you would have been enjoying its benefits today!

The Industrial gas companies make a colossal investment in cylinders to supply industrial gasses to their consumers. If these products that are assets for the company get impaired or misplaced, it leads to massive financial loss.

The changing economic times has presented severe challenges and difficulties. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative to track the assets (cylinders in this case). Tracking promotes proper asset utilization and provides quick return on your investment.

The enterprises implement cylinder logistics solution on intelligent auto data capture devices with an internet access. It automatically obtains data and uses RFID technology that places actionable data in the user’s hands.

Apart from that, there are a number of reasons why gas industry leaders love cylinder logistics solution, and you should too! You are thinking about one reason; well I will give you seven!  Let’s enlist for you the real reasons for cylinders holders’ employing of these solutions.

Data Accuracy: Manual data reading, writing and entering demands good money to be provided to the workers. Moreover, the process is time-consuming and the data collected remains inaccurate. The cylinder logistics solution tracks each cylinder accurately and eliminates the chances of losing your valuable assets (cylinders).

Advanced Technology: While earlier, barcodes were popular means of tracking, its handicapped nature has evaporated love from the heart of gas industry leaders. In the battle of RFID v/s Barcodes, the former has proved to be much ahead than the latter. The gas industry leaders’ new love of RFID technology built in the solution has channeled a road to success.

The gas cylinders’ tags are identified by the RFID tracking software. They are highly resistant to counterfeiting and do not need a direct line of sight. There is no hindrance in reading due to mud or oil exposure.

Timely deliveries: The inaccuracy in the data and processes results in serious situations. In any business, customers are like God! And to be true, it’s not very good to upset God! The delivery of a wrong cylinder to a wrong consumer is highly upsetting. Consumers tend to lose trust when there is a reduction in the quality of services.

The companies love logistics solution as it provides faster turnaround for delivery and pickup at consumer’s place. It provides them the right cylinders with the right valve type and pressure.

Strengthened Safety: The companies that were earlier depending on barcodes for tracking became disappointed due to the incomplete specifications. Additional information such as the history of delivery, expiry dates, valve details and test due are alien to barcodes. Due to this, the safety of consumers and staff is staked as the decision for discarding a cylinder is never made. The cylinders are neither tested nor serviced when required. In such a situation, the chances of leakage increase.

RFID Tags on Gas Cylinders Remove these Issues. They have full specifications. The history of delivery, expiry date, valve detail, test due and product maintenance date is programmed to the tag. In this way, the safety of customers and employees is strengthened.

Enhanced Transparency: It was never a good practice to keep your customers in dark. Omitting the details and the lack of data transparency cannot sustain the consumers’ trust for long. The companies love cylinder logistics solution because it provides data transparency that enhances customers’ trust in them.

The data is loaded transparently to the central system through a seamless interface. It makes them able to provide loyal and committed service without any cheating. There is a presence of built-in data validation and information governance that enhance your trust in your data. All the information can be accessed on the cloud with the help of a cloud-based monitoring system.

Minimized Cost: For any organization, lowering the costs has been the most sparkling thing for the eye. They switch to CLS as it has number of built-in data validations. The processes are improved; automation picks efficiency and errors are eliminated that results in cost reduction.

Greater Productivity: It is a dream of every company to have a hike in their productivity. Gas industry leaders employ cylinder tracking system that monitors the RFID cylinders. Such a monitoring changes business processes leading to a greater productivity, with an average of 30%.

All in all, Cylinder logistics solution is that one solution which when employed can eliminate all your tracking worries. It allows cost reduction, raises productivity, strengthens safety, promotes transparency, applies the latest technology, provides accurate data, ensures timely delivery and gives customer satisfaction. Gas industry leaders want it, need it and love it, and now I am sure you would too!