Why Future of Cylinders Suppliers Depends on Technology

From the past two decades, cylinder suppliers are struggling to increase their revenue. They are trying to fulfill the customer’s needs. Suppliers are becoming desperate to have a smooth business. It had been all going well in the past, but the economic changes have shaken the robust base of their business.

Till date, the technology they have been using is turning out to be insufficient. Why is this happening? It is because the market has come up with the advanced technologies. In a business which relies upon accurate tracking of assets, it becomes crucial to switch to the newest trends.

It’s time for cylinder suppliers to leave their past practices for a bright future. The technological switch is important for efficient management, expanding productivity and minimized costs.

Have you not employed the solutions with latest technology for your business, until now? Read on to find out about the technologies that have come up, its power to make all the tasks easy without human intervention and its benefits to keep you ahead in the rat race. Let’s get you acquainted with the reasons why suppliers’ future depends on whether they use latest technology or not!

#Technological Tracking

The use of barcodes for cylinder tracking has proved to be a failure. They are handicapped and bring up issues like sensitivity towards oil and mud, less data capabilities and readability after a certain distance.

RFID technology in Trakaid’s CyTrack solution allows companies to have up-to date status of their gas cylinders. The solution is based on a unique infrastructure enabled with RFID based mobile-asset tracking. It eliminates that one-percent chance of losing company’s assets.

You know the technology is advanced when it decreases your labor’s manual work. It allows data to be read, written and entered by a machine in the most accurate manner. As a result, the employees’ costs and efforts shrink and efficiency multiplies.

In the solution, the processes are robust and the infrastructure is scalable. They collect and process information in real-time from affixed RFID tags. As a result enterprises have access to web-based reports, alerts and notifications.

#Magical Monitoring:

The companies make huge investment in cylinders for supplying bulk gas. Due to this, it becomes essential to utilize these assets in the best possible way. The delivery of these assets on time and their return for refilling and testing is critical.

The manual reading and recording of cylinder’s content is difficult. Monitoring the availability of gas cylinders demands continuous training and review. As a result, there are number of emergency calls for gas delivery. The unavailability of gas results in revenue loss.

Trakaid’s LgMonitor is a monitoring system that employs sensing devices and GPRS telemetry technology to offer a remote liquid gas monitoring solution. The solution makes most of its fundamental technologies and gives peak value. Such a technology makes liquid gas consumption tracking, processing, management and monitoring smooth and simple.

Its interface is up to the standard of industry and allows companies to see micro second status of their cylinders. Latest sensing and telemetry technology have the ability to sense and quantify consumption and transfer information to a remote location. Timely alerts allow production management and eliminate emergency calls.

The solution is a cloud based monitoring system. It permits customers and employees to access real-time cloud based reports. Telemetry technology in the solution uses an electronic monitoring device that uses GPRS technology to transfer radio signal periodically to the receiving end.

The presence of Microsoft mobile, web and database technology in the monitoring device allows identification of a unique code. A custom configuration analyzes and records data and alerts are produced. You need devices that function well in harsh environments and do not get affected by casual handling.

Talk about leakage, truck run, customers, cost, access from anywhere anytime

Hence, CyTrack and LgMonitor are cost-effective and secured solutions for a successful future of cylinder suppliers. The technologies in these solutions are advanced and reduce manpower to the minimal. The enterprises can have accurate tracking and 24X7 monitoring. They make work easy and maximize revenue to the best possible limit. It makes customers relax with a sense of security and loyalty by transparent data, right products and timely deliveries. All in all, it is crucial to switch to the latest technology if you want a safe future for your business.