Why Trakaid’s RFID Mobile Readers Are Right for You

It is rightly said that we don’t use technology anymore; we live it. And to ensure that you live it right, you need to make sure that you use the best of what is available.

RFID system is the new solution for the worn out technology of barcodes. Through radio waves, information is transmitted from the RFID tags to the reader. The exchange of waves between the transponder and the reader channelizes the working of the system.

There are three types of RFID systems:

  • Passive reader active tag
  • Active reader passive tag
  • Active reader active tag

In a passive system, that is the most common, the reader transmits energy to the transponder that activates the tag. On the other hand, in an active system, a battery is used to keep the tags activated. Information is transmitted through interfaces, from the host to the server, which is then ready to be used. The technology of RFID can be incorporated into any system via two elements- transponder and reader.

Trakaid pays great attention to the requirements of its customers and, therefore, offers an extremely efficient and easy to use model of RFID reader. Here’s how it makes its device just the right choice for you:


Motorola products have a reputation of high quality in the market. With this brand, Trakaid tries to make sure that you have a sound experience of integrating RFID into your system. High-quality parts are used in the reader to ensure greater accuracy and high RF sensitivity. It, therefore, proposes a reliable solution to your problem.

Multi-model data capture

Motorola device gives integration of both barcode and RFID on one device. This is very beneficial for the users in terms of cost efficiency. The integration on one device reduces the overall ownership cost of the device and still guarantees utmost efficiency in working.

Greater Efficiency

The Motorola model offers a reliable device with long-range RFID performance. This allows more frequent and more accurate inventory-count operation to better manage on-the-floor, backroom and distribution inventory. It reduces out-of-stock and excess inventory carrying costs and maximize user satisfaction.

Maximum Rugged Design

It has a robust structure that has the ability to survive in all environments. It can withstand a 6 ft./1.8 m drop to concrete and about 2000 one-meter tumbles. It has an IP64 sealing to help ensure reliable operation in spite of everyday drops, bumps and exposure to dust and liquids.

LCD Screen

It has a tough, non-glare LCD colored screen that allows usage even in bright sunlight. Indoors or outdoors, it always proves to be convenient for users. It provides a glass protection that prevents from scratches and cracks on the screen. With this strong structure of the screen, it optimizes asset usage.

High Security

The Trakaid reader gives you the power to control the access of the information stored on the reader. It provides customization options to control who can access what information. It offers wired-line grade security without affecting the wireless performance. It even provides optional accessories to support authentication for government applications.


The Trakaid RFID reader has a robust structure that requires very less maintenance. Its high quality ensures customer satisfaction and optimizes asset usage. It offers the best service at the most reasonable price and, therefore, proves to be very cost-efficient for all its users.

Trakaid has more than six years of in-depth experience for providing RFID solutions. It enables Microsoft technologies to integrate seamlessly between mobile devices with data servers. It ensures easy maintenance from remote locations for onsite application maintenance.

It provides specifically designed products to meet the needs of the industry. It takes into consideration the size, reading distance, harsh environments, and reader requirements. With all these productive and streamlined features, Trakaid RFID reader becomes the right choice for you.