Which Business are you in?

“We are spending Rs 10 lakhs per year in managing our in-house software solution. We will love to talk to you in detail.”

“We bought software for Rs 40,000. We keep on calling the vendor for support but does not come when we want.”

“It is very difficult to implement the system as I do not know the present status of our cylinders.”

“We implemented one solution and it did not work out. Now we have bought another solution. Let us hope it works. ”

“We implemented one solution and it did not work out. Now we have bought another solution. Let us hope it works. ”

“My friend has a full time job and helps us in the evening to develop the system. I am supporting the system and we have spent four years in development.”

“Our Filler eye balls the cylinder and ensures that the test due cylinder is kept aside for testing.”

“We have kept aside a budget of Rs 4 lakhs every year for lost cylinder account.”

“We are having a lot of pain in managing our cylinders and we have a very old system for which we cannot find support.”

“There are no controls in our system. Forget information governance. The data entry person can do what they want.”

“I want to find out where my cylinders are in the plant and at customer site. Can RFID do this?”

“It’s a cylinder business and not a gas business”. The ratio of cylinder cost to gas cost is 75:1. Gas cylinders are not only expensive moveable assets to the company but are also inventory items critical to the business. Achieving efficiencies in cylinder rotation is of paramount importance.

Trakaid CyTrack cylinder tracking solution has built in robust processes and controls based on industry practice that help you in streamlining and managing your production, receipt, delivery, billing, testing, and cylinder service. The Information Governance controls help you trust your data. Stopping back dating, posting with double confirmation with no change, and keeping audit track of important information change.

We have a team of 6 people to support the solution who have domain experience and in-depth knowledge of solution and software. We offer offsite support through phone, email, and by connecting remotely to your solution through broadband internet connection. You may opt for single incidence support, quarterly or annual support.

We recommend implementing the solution in two phases – First and foremost is implementing Trakaid CyTrack software solution that tracks the cylinder by its number. The solution helps in entering the right cylinder number by validating and assisting the user. In phase two you may adopt optional RFID tag and readers to automate reading, writing, and entering data into the system giving you 100 percent accuracy.

CyTrack helps in improving data accuracy, virtually eliminating cylinder loss, and provides
comprehensive reporting to manage your business with minimum efforts.

1. Solution focus is “Rotation! Rotation! Rotation! Rotation!” to expand your bottom lline
2. Industry standard processes for cylinder tracking, billing, servicing, testing, and with
information governance built in that does not allow back dating
3. Built using latest Microsoft mobile, web, and database technology
4. Reduce costs through process improvement, reduction in data entry time, and eliminate
errors by utilizing numerous built in validations
5.Export of data allows you to interface with your existing accounting package
6. More than 55 built-in reports to manage your business based on data you can trust