Website Launch Announcement: Trakaid

Today is a big day.

We are thrilled, pleased to announce the launch of our new website

It’s that mixed feeling of all our efforts making sense and the nervousness of presenting something new (and the excitement too!)

Months of hard work, back and forth, and testing have all made this possible. Our team has attempted to keep the website as accessible as possible for you (the user); it’s easy to navigate and understand. The neat, modern design is made to help our users find exactly what they’re looking for and better represent who we are as a company.

The website includes the latest, insightful content and all you want to know about our digital asset tracking and monitoring solutions.

We’re Trakaid: Redefining Tracking and Traceability Solutions in the Modern Digital Era

Trakaid has one mission: to simplify asset monitoring, tracking, visibility, and traceability. Our solutions incorporate powerful Auto-ID data acquisition technologies and standardized processes which minimize user training. In addition, we provide innovative solutions using the latest technologies to help businesses survive, thrive, and automate customer trust.

Our innovative digital smart solutions include:

Assetotrak: Modular, customizable RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabled asset tracking management solutions

Gasotrak: Comprehensive remote telemetry cloud-hosted solution for monitoring Cryogenic Liquid Gas pressure and levels.

Delotrak: A feature-packed logistics cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that streamlines the logistics communication for the customer and delivery team.

Cylotrak: An end-to-end trace-and-track solution for industrial gas cylinders: filling, management, tracking, and logistics.

Highlights of our new website include:

Home page; a 360* capture of Trakaid, our smart solutions overview, and everything we do!

A page focused about us, so you can find more in-depth content about our history, philosophy, offerings and more!

A solutions page, with a breakdown of all our solutions (with individual pages for all services – our attempt to inform, educate and be as transparent as possible!)

A developed blog which will be frequently updated with industry news and trends, as well as useful advice for the audience and our users.

Social Media: Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn; we will be constantly updating our social feed with helpful information, articles, blogs and company announcements. Don’t forget to like, comment and share!

It’s a new journey!

The website launch is our first step toward our larger goal of offering total digital system solutions with a direct customer service model. We would like your support, love and wishes.

What do you think?

Did you explore the website? Liked the experience? We would love to hear your thoughts – please get in touch with us at

For services or to request a quote, you can visit our contact page: That’s all the ways you can connect with our team.