UPM RAFLATAC To Exhibit Innovate Industry Solutions at RFID Journal Live! 2010

(UPM Raflatac, Tampere, April 13, 2010) – UPM Raflatac will be exhibiting several industry solutions at RFID Journal Live!, the largest and most comprehensive event for RFID technology in the world. The conference and tradeshow will be held April 14-16, 2010, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Visitors to UPM Raflatac’s booth (#334) will have the opportunity to interact with multiple demonstrations from UPM Raflatac and its industry-leading partners, including:

– Trakaid CyTrack, a tool from Technology Solution Partners LLC and UPM Raflatac, which optimizes the production, warehousing and distribution of industrial gas cylinders. The demo features curved, plastic-encapsulated UPM Raflatac UHF Belt RFID tags equipped with NXP’s U-Code G2XM chips, which were co-designed by UPM Raflatac and Technology Solution Partners LLC. The tags are affixed securely to metal industrial cylinders. Included in the demo is a comprehensive Cylinder Tracking System and a scanning application that uses a handheld RFID reader. Employees can use this solution to automate key processes including scanning tagged cylinders, taking inventory and completing orders, thereby reducing processing timeframes and errors due to human intervention.

– Two solutions from UPM Raflatac and Pittsfield ID Technologies: The first, a bulk encoding program, Batch Complete™, leverages Pittsfield’s custom software and UPM Raflatac UHF Dogbone RFID tags equipped with Impinj’s Monza™ 4 tag chips, to individually encode already-boxed items, improving inventory control and accuracy. Batch Complete™ is also fully compatible with UPM Raflatac’s UHF Belt tag as well as other UPM Raflatac inlays.

The second, Pittsfield’s InMotion™ retail marketing solution, uses RFID-driven sensor technologies, an RFID reader and server and an LCD monitor, paired with UPM Raflatac’s UHF Belt RFID tags, to interact with the customer and communicate the brand message through streaming video, direct links to brand websites or fixed ads. When customers pick up RFID- tagged goods, the tool captures movement and presents them with targeted advertising. Retailers can use the system to increase sales through proactive communication with the customer as well as evaluate which items are generating the least and most interest, using data to fine-tune marketing strategies and drive product sales.

– A bike shop demo, which is a replica of an actual deployment, featuring Freedom Shopping’s RFID-enabled FLiP system, UPM Raflatac UHF Web and ShortDipole RFID tags and merchandise from independent retailer Uptown Cycles. This solution enables small and midsized retailers to leverage the power of RFID technology to streamline critical inventory management processes and reduce shrinkage and theft.

UPM Raflatac is also supplying UHF Frog RFID tags that will be used in the event attendee badges as part of Lygase RFID Solutions’ real-time, RFID-enabled conference attendee tracking, lead capture and data analysis tool.

For further information, please contact:
Mr Jan Svoboda, Sales & Marketing Director, Americas, RFID, UPM Raflatac, tel. +1 805 312 4679
Mr Girish Gupta, Marketing Director, Technology Solution Partners, LLC, tel. +1 203 925 8388
Mr Frederick Bleckmann, Vice President of Development, Pittsfield ID Technologies, LLC, tel. + 1 603 435 8301
Mr Rob Simmons, Marketing Director, Freedom Shopping, tel. +1 828 994 0206, ext. 1001

About Technology Solution Partners
Technology Solution Partners LLC is a developer of RFID-enabled solutions based on EPC Gen 2 global open standards, which focuses on helping customers take full advantage of RFID technology in a way that is simple to use and offers the best value. TSP’s systems help companies use RFID technology to streamline operational processes, which translates into higher revenues and healthier margins. The company’s latest release, the Trakaid CyTrack system, enables industrial gas manufacturers and their integration partners to deploy an RFID- powered system that integrates easily with the manufacturer’s existing tracking system in a cost-effective manner. TSP has been an RFID solution developer since 2006. For more information, please visit www.trakaid.com.

About Pittsfield ID Technologies
Pittsfield ID is a global provider of brand identification and associated technologies. Providing Apparel Brand Protection (anti-counterfeiting), RFID solutions, EAS solutions and flexible RFID software systems, Pittsfield ID supplies major brands and high volume programs while maintaining the flexibility and personal customer service contact necessary to satisfy the needs of customers large and small. A range of innovative solutions includes patented RFID-embedded, sew-in labels, and interactive retail and supply-chain system solutions.

About Freedom Shopping
Freedom Shopping, Inc. is the recognized leader in developing RFID-enabled point-of-sale, security, and self-service solutions for the retail market. The company’s systems help companies, ranging from independent retailers to global merchants, use RFID technology to streamline operational and customer-facing processes, achieving quantifiable gains that translate into higher revenues and healthier margins. The company’s latest release, the IntelliSuite Developer’s Tools, enables retailers and their integration partners to deploy an RFID-powered intelligent EAS system that integrates easily and cost-effectively with existing POS systems. Freedom Shopping has been an RFID innovator since 2005, when its customers used its technology to open the nation’s first 100-percent item-level-tagged stores. For more information, please visit www.freedomshopping.com.

About Uptown Cycles
Uptown Cycles, located in Charlotte, NC, is a premier regional bicycle retailer and training center carrying Giant, Canondale, Blue, and Electra bicycles and a wide range of accessories and apparel. In addition, Uptown Cycles provides a full-time, experienced coaching, sales, and mechanics staff on site, offering cycling enthusiasts and athletes the hands-on training and guidance they need to increase their enjoyment of – and expertise with – the sport. The store is conveniently located in downtown Charlotte near the Panthers stadium. For more information, please visit www.uptowncyclescharlotte.com.

Monza is a trademark of Impinj, Inc.