The Use Of RFID Technology In Car Access And Vehicle Management

Car Access And Vehicle Management

Prolonged waiting in queues at a facility’s access and exit areas is now a thing of the past! With the introduction of RFID-based car access systems, ensuring complete access security at any facility is not a challenge anymore. Aside from its security benefits, automation of vehicle access can also save organizations significant time and improve management efficiency by eliminating the tedious tasks of manual management wherever possible!

The Need To Automate Vehicle Identification And Access Management

As safety has become a highly pivotal aspect of business growth, more and more organizations are adopting advanced security provisions to keep a close watch on every activity within their premises. Likewise, vehicles are a crucial but vulnerable part of the day-to-day activities and keeping an accurate record of their movement through the in-out locations as well as across the parking lots is of utmost importance.

However, manually monitoring and managing the vehicles’ movements means a long list of tiresome and error-prone processes. These may include counting the free space, allowing access, and managing parking fee, which can be incredibly time-consuming especially in sizable parking lots or toll plazas. To eliminate all the fuss around vehicle access and ensure every driver’s convenience, there is a need to automate all these steps.

Secure And Optimize Your Parking Lots And Toll Plazas With RFID

RFID vehicle access system adds an impenetrable security sphere around your vehicle management operations while it takes the hassle out of controlling the vehicles entering and leaving the site.

A passive RFID tag or sticker can be installed at the windshield or headlight which can be easily detected and verified by an RFID reader (which may also include a contactless payment module) placed at the entry and exit points. The information obtained will then be sent to an online or offline directory or database where it will be verified on the aspects such as free parking spots available, access authorization, and more! Integrating RFID with access control means every vehicle enjoys quick and easy unmanned entry and exit. This will reduce the time wasted looking free parking spots, at access and exit points, as well as during the toll or parking fee payments.

Key Application Possibilities Of RFID-Based Vehicle Access Control Systems

Vehicle Identification

Control every vehicle’s access authorization on the site by incorporating passive tags and RFID readers. The ultra-high frequency of tags and long-read ranges of the reader allow for quick and automatic access by identifying every vehicle entering or leaving the site on the move! Significant innovations in RFID solutions have brought users the flexibility to choose a number of antennas depending on their detection field requirements. A non-integrated reader does not come with an antenna built-in but can accept multiple external antennas. Additionally, a non-integrated reader gives users significant cost benefits as the capability of accepting multiple antennas enhances its scope of coverage, eliminating the need for investing in a separate reader for every area.

Driver Identification

Ensure that the right person is driving the right vehicle or keep track of your employees and make them accountable with RFID-based driver identification solution. Every driver will be issued with RFID embedded ID cards that allow for mobile tracking and quick registration when entering or exiting the company premises. RFID based special key tags can be used to track other activities of your employees which allows the organization to review every person’s working hours, overtime, and the use of company vehicles for non-official purposes.

Car Immobilizers

The RFID-empowered car immobilizer is a system that can be embedded into the car’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that serves as a strong theft prevention device! It consists of a transponder that is fitted to the key and is capable of sending out unique radio-frequency signals. Only when the ECU receives the right signal, the engine can be started. Without this signal or driver identification, the engine won’t start, and all the insincere attempts at starting the engine with hotwires or counterfeit ignition keys will be thwarted.

Some Common Benefits Of RFID In Car Access

Security: RFID facilitates mobile tracking, which means the drivers are no longer required to roll down their windows for identification or fee payments, resulting in improved security!

Convenience: The ultra-high frequency of the tags and long read-ranges of the readers results in quick access authorization, no wait time, and an improved flow of traffic.

Low Tag Costs: High-quality passive tags practically last a lifetime and are more cost-efficient than other tracking solutions.

Low Maintenance: Passive tags are hard-wearing and can sustain weather elements. Unlike battery-powered devices, passive tags are easier to maintain.

No Duplication: An RFID tag cannot be counterfeited as they carry secure encryption and unique numbers, thereby providing a robust security solution for your organization.

Improved Data Collection Quality: Adopting an RFID based solution means that data is collected quickly and accurately. Also, automatic data collection eliminates the chances of transcription errors or missed items, regardless of the detection field size or traffic flow.