TRAKAID’s ParkTrack solution is offered as Software-as-a-Service for gated and non-gated parking lots. For gated parking lots, vehicles with authorized RFID tags are allowed entry and drivers of vehicles without tags need to take the parking ticket. For non-gated parking lots, a parking officer uses the simple and complete handheld-based RFID enabled solution to speed up the process for checking automobiles with permit parking and at the same time issue tickets to autos for day parking.

RFID tags - unlike paper permits with or without bar codes - do not require line-of-sight reading, can read tags up to 7 feet away and work in extreme environments. The RFID based solution provides a quick return on investment when a data acquisition task must be performed on a repetitive basis.

Eliminate Repetitive Entry and Fake Permit Parking

Increasing revenue from commuter parking lots isn't a simple task. Counting permit and non-permit cars is manually intensive. Paper parking permits may be easily faked as there is no way to validate individual permits. Issuing handwritten paper tickets, which must be reconciled multiple times, is labor intensive.

Finally, it is expensive to count and calculate revenue generated by each permit.

As a result, parking lot administrators have high multiple data entry costs, but don’t have accurate usage information. This makes it difficult to issue permits with correct pricing structure – ultimately resulting in a significant cost impact.

Reading, writing and entering data take up much of the workers’ time. Approximately 5% of manual entries are incorrect, which has a huge impact on productivity and results in large losses to the bottom line.

Unique Features

The solution allows interaction with a mounted stationary sensor which permits vehicles with authorized RFID tags entry into a parking lot. This solution also provides tickets to unauthorized vehicles at the gate.

The handheld-based RFID solution is practical and cost-effective. RFID permit tags may be read from up to a distance of 7 feet and do not need a line of sight.

TRAKAID’s ParkTrack solution has built-in intelligence that assists parking officers: once entered, data for daily parking tickets will auto fill a new parking ticket.

Trakaid ParkTrack Advantage

TRAKAID ParkTrack for Commuter Parking delivers business benefits through better information about parking usage, including:
  • Accurate and up-to-date parking usage
  • Reduction of unnecessary capital expenditure
  • Ability to read through tinted windows, in bad weather conditions and inconsistently placed permits
  • Allows issue of additional parking permits
  • Eliminates fake parking permits
  • Reduces cost of processing and generating reports
  • Eliminates data entry for frequent day parking tickets
  • Automatic data synchronization, movement of data and detailed reporting
  • Reduces check handling: customers can identify tickets and pay online

Key Features

TRAKAID uses RFID technologies in its solutions while focusing on taking full advantage of technology. This provides easy to use products and solution with high value. TRAKAID ParkTrack has an agile and modular robust architecture and helps simplify asset processing, management and tracking in real-time. It has a simple and easy to use interface that is designed to meet industry requirements. Built-in RFID Support

Built-in RFID Support

The handheld-based/gate-mounted RFID solution tracks RFID tagged vehicles, enabling one-time data entry and speeds the process of checking a parking lot.Effective use of space and resources.

Offline Data Synchronization

ParkTrack mobile software allows coverage of multiple locations by enabling tags to be read on site and be synchronized offline with the server to generate reports immediately.

Parking History

ParkTrack reports can be accessed by authorized personnel. All information is available online. Authorized personnel may view the records by permit, parking ticket, permit holder or license plate.

Modular Architecture

ParkTrack is built with the latest Microsoft technology and is designed as a modular architecture that allows easy expansion. Real time reporting and tracking. Scalable and adaptable solution.

Web-based Reporting and Alerts

Web-based application available via the Internet through highly secured 128-bit SSL encryption.Software-as-a-Service Solution that helps increase efficiency for both gated and non-gated parking lots.

Role-Based Views

Role-based view of data enables customized and controlled access to individuals within an organization.Easy to use interface and multiple reports simplify tracking your asset management.

Business Process and Security, Alarms and Alerts

Any business process or security alert can be raised in real-time and delivered by e-mail or text message to appropriate personnel.