Solution Features

Partial List

Cloud Hosting and Data Storage- No servers required – Allows you to focus on running your business

On scan GPS location data captured

Data Timestamped to ensure full data trail

Offline Working – If no connection is available, data is stored locally and automatically uploaded

Security and Access – Allow users to work and see what they need. Encryption of data over internet

Real-Time – Intelligent actionable data at point of use

Know where your assets 24 x 7 Track \ Trace \ View real-time Timely return\Eliminate Asset loss

Mobile Data Acquisition Eliminate paper based data collection%92 Fully digitize your data

Customers can simply sign the screen to capture a signature

Company with Multi Location

Validation – Ensure mandatory data is captured at each process step

Thrice daily Data backup kept for 30 days. Access instant downloads and request custom data snapshot

Enhanced Asset Tracking Holistic view of asset life cycle and transparent event traceability

Reports created from the data captured and emailed or stored

Do More with Less 30 percent productivity increase – Transforms business processes

E Mail -Alerts\ Notifications\ Transactions emailed

Proactive Action and Auto Correction -Real-time intervention to prevent wrong action

Work Transactions Create, View, and Complete from anywhere

Trakaid - 90 minutes

Two ways To Data Acquisition

assume 500 assets in multiple transactions
Trakaid Asset Tracking
Scan, enter, usability, action
Traditional Method

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1. Read write data on pages asset number
Invalid, Not visible, Poor lighting, Covered

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2. Read enter in system 20% error due to
Transcription, Transposition, Eligible handwriting

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3. Go back & locate and go to step. 1

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4. Go back & locate cylinder test date due

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5. Inspection for damage go back & locate cylinder confirm physical damage

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6. Transaction bottleneck

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7. Ready for transaction

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Traditional - 8 Hours