Solution Benefits

Know where your asset is

Consumer Focused

Deliver the right product, to the right customer, in timely manner. Asset Tracking Solution – Assetotrak is cloud-hosted built with latest web-based, mobile, database, and auto-id RFID Technologies, and uses agile, robust, modular and enterprise-class scalable architecture. The Solution interfaces easily with other existing enterprise systems to harness and take advantage of new technologies. The Solution integrates standard scanning devices from Zebra and Honeywell, and additional devices of your choice from other manufacturers can be readily integrated.

Trakaid - 90 minutes

Two ways To Data Acquisition

assume 500 assets in multiple transactions
Trakaid Asset Tracking
Scan, enter, usability, action
Traditional Method

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1. Read write data on pages asset number
Invalid, Not visible, Poor lighting, Covered

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2. Read enter in system 20% error due to
Transcription, Transposition, Eligible handwriting

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3. Go back & locate and go to step. 1

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4. Go back & locate cylinder test date due

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5. Inspection for damage go back & locate cylinder confirm physical damage

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6. Transaction bottleneck

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7. Ready for transaction

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Traditional - 8 Hours