Software Development, Management and Monitoring Services
Make your ideas become solutions with successful outcomes. We provide proven experience with RFID technology for process optimization and making actionable data available at point of use to enhance productivity.
Professional Services

With more than 25 years of experience in developing business processes and in-depth knowledge of multiple new technologies including RFID, TSP supports companies with feasibility studies, proof of concept solutions, integration with existing solutions and development of RFID enabled solutions.

Feasibility Studies

At a fixed cost and time, TSP will develop a customized feasibility study to help a company prioritize needs and answer questions, including: Will an RFID system really help? How will it optimize the business process? What ROI can be expected? Which items should be tracked – high value? Will the system prevent theft or shrinkage? Product traceability?

Proof Of Concept Solutions

At a fixed cost and time, TSP will develop a Proof of Concept solution. Proof of Concept is a low-cost solution allowing companies to see the benefits of incorporating RFID technology into their processes.

Integration RFID With Existing Systems

TSP provides services which analyze and determine detail requirements including design, development, integration, installation and employee training needed to implement RFID solutions within existing processes and systems.

Mobile Solutions

TSP develops and integrates mobile applications using RFID technology at point of use to provide capabilities of logistics and capture data in the field.

Technical Support Services

TSP provides back-end solution management, administration, and maintenance IT services to companies at fraction of the cost of hiring full time employees

  • On-site professional set-up, installation and implementation services
  • Preload existing data into system
  • Remote monitoring of application
  • Remote maintenance services
  • Remote trouble-shooting
  • Developing new reporting abilities
  • Help Desk
Develop end-to-end RFID Enabled Systems

TSP provides services which analyze requirements, design, development, integration and installation of RFID solutions.

Trakaid - 90 minutes

Two ways To Data Acquisition

assume 500 assets in multiple transactions
Trakaid Asset Tracking
Scan, enter, usability, action
Traditional Method

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1. Read write data on pages asset number
Invalid, Not visible, Poor lighting, Covered

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2. Read enter in system 20% error due to
Transcription, Transposition, Eligible handwriting

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3. Go back & locate and go to step. 1

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4. Go back & locate cylinder test date due

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5. Inspection for damage go back & locate cylinder confirm physical damage

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6. Transaction bottleneck

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7. Ready for transaction

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Traditional - 8 Hours