4 Ways how RFID Technologies have revolutionized industries

Man inspecting a satellite manufacturing

RFID technology is experiencing a rapid growth in the modern consumer driven world. Trakaid is the chief provider of a world class RFID experience. Trakaid has allowed manufacturers to work more effortlessly while increasing production and keeping costs down through the use of RFID technology. This relatively new technology has paved the way for industrial expansion because of its easy applicability and comprehensive accuracy. Most businesses are transferring over to the RFID platform for better logistics, asset tracking, and supply chain management. This new paradigm shift is revolutionizing industries, helping them reduce costs and double efficiency.

Here are 4 factors as to why Trakaid has helped and is helping play a pivotal role in revolutionizing industries through superior RFID technology.

Greater Information Reach

Unlike barcodes, RFID tags can store a comparatively larger volume of data in respect to a specific product or unit. Moreover, these tags provide the exact location of a particular product and they also have inbuilt memory power that can store more than just a product code or serial number compared to barcodes. This can definitely increase industrial productivity and improve the quality and transparency of data across various supply chains.

Implementation of Complex Manufacturing Processes

The ability for businesses to absorb, accommodate, and process a higher influx of changing data and information is high in demand. This is where RFID’s genius comes into play. RFID can be used to accurately and reliably read and write data directly to a tag on an object in exact REAL TIME. Industries can leverage this dynamic prospect to make flexible manufacturing a true reality!

Increased Efficiency & Zero Re-Work

The most significant advantage of RFID lies in reducing the overall cost of re-work. Real-time visibility helps industries and businesses observe and manage close monitoring of processes and products so that expeditious action can be taken, improving efficiency with impeccable laser point precision. This helps industrial expansion thanks to higher retention of profits and overall greater business efficiency.

Reduction of Time Spent On Inventories

Various companies still follow the old school style of manually counting inventory. Manual counting can be inefficient, time-consuming, and outright tedious. RFID completely removes and eliminates the hassle of hand scanning units and products. This results in a significant improvement in tracking inventory and locating the whereabouts of consignments. This directly impacts customer experience which eventually boosts sales manifold.

Trakaid, through RFID, has established a digital trail that quickly allows you to access your asset quantity, delivery, and location 24/7. Trakaid also brings to you the latest in RFID news and technology. If you are looking to eliminate fake assets from your supply chain and have a 24/7 real-time asset visibility, then choose the brilliance of Trakaid today!