RFID: A Solution to Toll Collection

RFID technology has been adopted by numerous industries for specific applications. It provides accurate tracking of objects using the radio waves. RFID tags that contain stored information are attached to specific objects. On the basis of the power source, these tags can be classified into two types that are active tags and passive tags.

Over the years, RFID technology has been used in various applications. Utilizing RFID in the toll booth management will help in developing an automated toll collection system. It will overcome the drawbacks of manual toll collection systems. It can provide solutions to many issues such as traffic congestion, time consumption, and other related issues.

RFID-based Toll Collection System

At present, most of the toll booths are using traditional toll collection methods, i.e., the manual method. It requires human labor and is very time consuming as it requires drivers to stop at the booth and take the receipt for the payment.

With RFID, the toll collection method will be more efficient and cost-effective. RFID readers can be fixed at the toll booths. They will read the tags attached to the approaching vehicle and toll deduction will take place through the prepaid card assigned to the owner.

RFID-based toll collection system is a convenient system as it is time-effective and hassle-free. This system will make tollgate transaction easy for the public. The tags can be attached to the vehicle’s windscreen, and the payment will be made from the owner’s account. This system is also useful in tracking the vehicles that are exceeding the speed limit.