RFID and Social Media: A New Wave of Brand Promotion

Only a couple of decades back, the only source of information about new brands was hearsay. People used to get brand recommendations for services and products only from their friends, relatives and acquaintances. But now things have changed. Social media has become an ideal platform for effective brand promotion. Nowadays, people are made aware of new as well as other existing brands through Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other social networks.

With the increased use of technology by market agencies, social media has gained the ability to make everyone an online brand ambassador. People share their experiences with a specific brand and hence they promote it indirectly. Integrating RFID technology in an online brand promotion strategy will help in fostering the effectiveness and efficiency of the promotion strategy.

With RFID technology, it will become easier for the consumers to share their experience in the social network in real time. Companies such as Nissan, Nokia and others have utilized RFID tags to enhance the customer experience. Consumers get RFID-enabled badges (with attached RFID tags) in the exhibition stalls or booths of these companies, before taking part in interactive activities. They have to provide their social media account information, and then they are allotted a unique ID number. Consumers have to pass through various RFID readers located in different stalls for activities. This way they are automatically updating their activities through their social media account.

RFID readers located in specific places along with the RFID tags that are attached to consumers in the form of badges or wristbands will help the consumers share their experience online and promote the brand as well.