November 2014

Trakaid introduces comprehensive logistics solution

SHELTON, CT, NOVEMBER 3, 2014 – A comprehensive cylinder Logistics Solution has been engineered as an add-on to any cylinder management solution. Companies may implement


Technology Solution Partners to participate in All India Industrial Gas Manufacturers Show

SHELTON, CT, JANUARY 3, 2011 – For the first time, Technology Solution Partners, LLC (TSP) will participate in the All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association (AiiGMA)

March 2010

Introductory Software Offer Increase in Cylinder Rotation

CyTrack is a total solution for the industrial gas industry that uses RFID technology to provide 100 percent accuracy and complete traceability of gas

April 2010

UPM RAFLATAC To Exhibit Innovate Industry Solutions at RFID Journal Live! 2010

(UPM Raflatac, Tampere, April 13, 2010) – UPM Raflatac will be exhibiting several industry solutions at RFID Journal Live!, the largest and most comprehensive event for RFID technology in the world.

March 2010

TRAKAID CYTRACK Cylinder Tracking System

CyTrack System reduces costs and increases efficiency. The solution seamlessly integrates the production, warehousing and distribution processes.

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2012 - January - AIIGMA NEWS

We Do All The Homework.
So You Don't Have To!

TRAKAID is helping companies around the world revolutionize their processes by incorporating the latest RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

2011 - October - AIIGMA News

Cylinder Tracking Solution - Introductory Software Offer - Increased Safety.

CyTRACK Industrial Gases Cylinder management, tracking, and logistics is a comprehensive solution for the industrial gas industry

2011 - August - AIIGMA News

Cylinder Tracking Solution - 0% Cylinder Loss

CyTrack is a total solution for the industrial gas industry that uses RFID technology to provide 100 percent accuracy

2011 - June - AIIGMA News

Introductory Software Offer Decrease in Labour Cost

CyTrack has seamlessly integrated RFID and Mobile Computing technology for acquisition, processing and maintenance of data.

2011 - April - AIIGMA News

Increase in Cylinder Rotation

Based on more than seven years of performance testing and use, TRAKAID offers the best and most economical products that reduce total operations costs.

2010 - December - AIIGMA News

Save Time Money and your Assets from 2011

Manually 1oo cylinders require 120 minutes to read, write and then read again into your database.


November 2014

Will the right cylinder reach the right destination?

Most errors are made when delivering gas cylinders to a customer. Companies implementing an automated solution in their supply chain can provide more reliable,