Parktrack – A Bombproof Solution for Parking and Permit Management

Today, human population and their vehicles have taken an upsurge. The spaces have narrowed, and complications have broadened. But when problems arise, number of solutions comes out! But sometimes, there’s one and only one solution to eradicate the issues! Take the case of managing parking and permit. Today, it has become crucial yet difficult to keep a track of the data entries of the parking lot. Management of a large, busy parking lot with number of gates has presented serious challenges. There are various parking management troubles such as manual counting and entries of vehicle details, labor cost, and inaccurate usage information. There is no real-time reporting, frequent duplication of paper parking permits, and lack of alarm for unauthorized entries.

So are you curious to know what bombproof solution you can employ to eliminate the problems and reduce your unnecessary capital expenditure? It is the Trakaid’s Parktrack solution! Security of a parking lot is imperative, and it can be gained only with a monitoring system that is automated and efficient. RFID vehicle tracking system provides accuracy and smooth in-and-out access for drivers without the intervention of humans. It minimizes operation and deployment costs. Customers do not have to waste their time waiting near the entrance/exit of a parking area to park their vehicle.

RFID parking management enhances the total parking experience, with latest technology that accelerates authentication systems. It instantly captures data for high-quality audits. It is ideal for the airport, municipal, university parking, shopping malls and gated and non-gated communities.

Let’s have an in-deep analysis of the benefits you can have by employing Parktrack- A bombproof solution for parking and permit management.

1. Accuracy: You can have accurate data entries, and an up-to-date parking usage that will increase your staff productivity and deliver profit.

2. Alarms: If an unauthorized vehicle enters or exits the parking lot, an alarm will be generated to alert the owner. An alarm will ring if a car gets lost from inventory. The appropriate personnel will be informed in real-time about a business process or security issue via emails and messages.

3. Cost: It will provide a low maintenance cost to your company. The cost of processing and generating reports will also be minimized.

4. Customers: It provides quick and tension-free parking for your customers. It will maximize their safety as the inside and outside of a parking lot is controlled with automatic hands-free.

5. Distance: Practical is another name for handheld-based RFID solution. It allows reading of windshield tags from about 7 feet and do not require a direct line of sight.

6. Duplication: One can easily forge paper parking permits as validation of individual permits is not possible. RFID tags are unique, and one cannot fake them.

7. Efficiency: It will improve the efficiency of management and control the entrance/exit gates of the parking area.

8. Easy Installing: It is very easy to install and integrate even a kid can do it too.

9. Issuing: It issues permits with the right pricing structure that will improve the revenue of your company significantly.

10. Proper Reports: It will provide adequate reports on parking time, traffic pattern, and exception reports. It gives you access to an interface that will be easy to use. It brings multiple reports that will effortlessly track your asset management.

11. Readable: It can read RFID tags through tinted windows and worst weather.

12. Records: You can say bye to swiping an id card or inserting numbers on the machine. As soon as RFID tagged car will enter the gate leading to the parking area, the RFID car parking software will automatically record the data of car access in real-time.

In the system’s database, all the access will be recorded to form a history of activities and manage the bill – daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. It can upload or download the system data. All the information will be available online, and the IT personnel can access the records anytime anywhere.

13. Relieve Labor: The operations will be done 24×7, without the need of proper labor assistance.

14. Security: For the vehicles with unauthorized RFID tags, tickets for day parking will be issued, so that there are no security issues. You can have video surveillance to enhance the security level of your parking lot. Automatic vehicle identification balloons security and shrinks loss of luxury vehicles.

15. Time: It provides a real-time view of all the vehicles in the parking area, and better time management facility.

16. Utilization: It will allow full and optimum use of the parking area. The available space can then be utilized to the maximum limit. It will provide real-time updates of parking.

Overall, Parktrack is a non-stop solution that provides monitoring and security of the gated and non-gated parking lot. RFID technology, in this bombproof solution, provides businesses hands-free control to accelerate the process of allowing entry of the authorized vehicles and issuing a new ticket to autos for day parking. It is such a solution that grants businesses the opportunity to enjoy an instant return on investment. It saves time that is wasted in searching and locating the vehicles and improves the utilization of parking areas.