Money growing on trees for Industrial Gas Companies

“It’s a cylinder business and not a gas business”. The ratio of cylinder cost to gas cost is 75:1. Gas cylinders are not only expensive moveable assets to the company but are also inventory items critical to the business.

Getting back your cylinders in time, utilize the cylinder assets optimally, and to know with certainty where your cylinders are, can make or break your business.

Trakaid CyTRACK Cylinder Tracking Solution has built in robust processes and controls based on industry practice. The multiple versions offer reasonably priced solution as per your needs. The Information Governance controls help you trust your data.

*Including cylinders that are due for more than one year and are normally never recovered.
**Price of cylinder including taxes, transport, insurance, creating master, marking, and valve fitting

The solution adds to your bottom line from day one by improving data accuracy and virtually eliminating cylinder loss. It does this by using in-built controls

1. User on the production floor may not create a new cylinder number or alter the gas type of existing cylinder.

2. Each cylinder has a unique RFID tag that cannot be duplicated. When the tag is read, the cylinder is present. It cannot be faked.

3. When the cylinder is dropped at the customer, the delivery person reads the cylinder tag, to eliminate the challenges of mixed load delivery. You and customer are guaranteed that the cylinder number was delivered or picked up.

4. Solution helps you to stop the cylinder loss and at the same time helps you tune your demurrage policies to make them work for you.

5. Reduce costs through process improvement and reduction in data entry time and eliminate errors by utilizing the built in validations

6. Built in report to track the cylinders due for return.

TSP with its expert team with in-depth cylinder industry experience has been successfully working with companies of all sizes. TSP assures a quick Total Return on Investment (ROI) – from 3 to 9 months.

TSP assured solutions can be found at, the different solutions are based on the size of company. You can read more about us at

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