How Trakaid’s Digital Asset Tracking Can Revolutionize Patient Care in Hospitals

Introduction: The Importance of Efficient Processes in Healthcare

As healthcare professionals, we understand that every second counts in providing the best possible care to patients. Quick and efficient processes are critical, and having the right equipment and supplies available at the right time is essential. This is where Trakaid’s digital asset tracking comes in, providing cutting-edge technology that optimizes workflows, reduces waste, and ensures that patients receive the highest quality care.

Trakaid’s Tracking System for Medical Cylinders

One of the key areas where Trakaid’s tracking system can make a real difference is in the tracking of medical cylinders, such as those used for storing medical oxygen. These cylinders are essential for many hospital procedures, and their location and condition must be carefully monitored to ensure patient safety.

Trakaid’s cloud-hosted Cylotrak solution enables individual cylinder control using multiple data acquisition technologies to automate data capture. With Trakaid, you can easily check the purity of the medical oxygen in the cylinder, see when it was last filled, and confirm that it’s usable. You’ll receive real-time updates on the cylinder’s location and condition, giving you peace of mind and certainty.

Optimizing Asset Use for Improved Patient Care

The benefits of Trakaid’s tracking system go beyond simply knowing where the cylinders are located. By optimizing asset use and tracking the last known location of the cylinders, hospitals can ensure that patients have access to high-quality medical oxygen when they need it most. This can be particularly important in emergency situations, where every second counts.

Reducing Waste and Saving Money

Trakaid’s tracking system can also help hospitals reduce waste and save money. By using the power of the cloud-hosted Trakaid Cylotrak end-to-end solution to know where the cylinders are located, hospitals can eliminate cylinder loss and save money by avoiding out-of-certification cylinders. Hospitals can use their resources more efficiently and effectively, ultimately saving costs.

End-to-End Digital Transaction History and Transparent Asset Visibility

Trakaid’s tracking system provides end-to-end digital transaction history and transparent asset visibility. This means that hospitals can have a complete digital record of the cylinder’s journey from the supplier’s facility to the hospital and back. This can be particularly useful for audit purposes and can help hospitals maintain compliance with regulations and standards.

Built-In AI Technology for Improved Cylinder Management

Trakaid’s tracking system also has built-in AI technology that detects when the cylinder stops participating in rotation. Hospitals can quickly identify and address any issues with the cylinders, ensuring they are always in good condition and ready for use.

Trakaid’s Commitment to Sustainability

Trakaid’s commitment to sustainability is admirable. Hospitals can play a role in protecting the environment while improving patient care by reducing cylinder waste and minimizing the use of out-of-certification cylinders. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for healthcare facilities, and Trakaid’s technology is a step in the right direction.

Conclusion: The Benefits of Trakaid’s Digital Asset Tracking for Patient Care

Trakaid’s digital asset tracking can make a real difference in the healthcare industry, especially in improving hospital patient care. By tracking the live journey of medical cylinders, hospitals can ensure patients have access to high-quality medical oxygen when they need it most. The system can also help hospitals optimize workflows, reduce waste, save money, and maintain compliance with regulations and standards. With Trakaid, hospitals can focus on what they do best – providing high-quality care to their patients – while having peace of mind that their assets are being tracked and managed efficiently.

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