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Cloud-Based Data Acquisition & Forecasting

Record, View, Chart, and Forecast


Remote Monitoring Device & Software

Software: Web based software solution in cloud accessible 24 x 7 using web browser
Monitoring: One device is installed on each tank Device generated data is sent over integrated modem and collected using point to point data transmission over GSM network using GPRSTCP IP
Notify Alarms: In Real Time sent by SMSEmail to assigned persons
Administrator: Customer designated administrator may provide user login rights to its one or multiple tanks Configure devices
User: May view Tank data allowed by customer administrator Tank Listing, Tank Status, Usage Trends, Alarms & Failures history User may select interface from multiple languages offered
Device: AMCT250 Pressure Transducer device produced by world renowned manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in cryogenic industry


Physical: Aluminum enclosure for tank mounting IP 65 (Dust tight and water proof) 200 x 170 x 90 mm / 4.500 Kg / Additional for Solar panel
Local Display: 1st LCD display for 4 digits for level
2nd LCD display for 4 digits for pressure
1st red led for unit fail
2nd yellow led for data communication
Modem: Integrated quad band modem 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


Relative Pressure Range Full Scale: 0-50 bar / Resolution 100 mbar
Differential Pressure (level) Range: 0-2 bar / Resolution Less than ±1 % of Full Scale (F.S.)

Solution Functionality Features

Feature Availability
Multiple User Logins
Role based User Roles
Alert Notification Pressure, Level, Temperature, Battery, Device
Alert Delivery by email
Multiple Alert Recipients
Alert Delivery by SMS
Type of User Phone/ Computer Any Cellular Phone / Tablet / Computer
Web Based Access
Browser Support Chrome / IE
Cloud Security
Security of Data over Web SSL Data encryption
Solution Monitoring Proactive 24 x 7
On Device Live Status & Reading
Alarm Reset
Set Escalation for High, Low, Other
Programming Device on the cloud
View Device Configuration and Data
View All Devices at Once
Data Logging & Storage
Event Log
Audit Records
Automated Reports
Forecasting Usage
Technical Support
Repair & Warranty Service