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Real Time Web-based Monitoring

Monitor Liquid Gas Pressure and Level economically from any device connected via internet


Cryogenic Pressurized Liquid Gas in bulk is preferred over gas in small cylinders. It eliminates working with large numbers of smaller cylinders that are costly to fill, deliver, receive, and track. Industrial gas companies deliver cryogenic liquid gas from tankers in bulk to customer cryogenic liquid tank for use or further distribution. A huge investment, it becomes imperative to use these assets efficiently. Knowledge of inventory - and reordering gas at the right time - is crucial for customers’ operational status and is a critical element which directly impacts customers’ sustainability.

The current manual reading protocol of recording tank content is not followed through. Monitoring gas available in tanks is a process that is repeated multiple times throughout the day. Maintaining this process requires constant training and review. Unfortunately, it is proven that this typically does not work. The end result is frantic emergency calls to the gas company, often in the middle of the night, requesting delivery of bulk gas immediately. It takes time for the delivery to arrive and subsequently, the non-availability of
gas may lead to irreparable harm or loss of revenue.

This lack of up-to-date data results in the inability to analyze the fact that there is a leakage.

GASOTRAK is a cloud-based monitoring solution that provides accurate and timely information for pressure and level of cryogenic liquid gas remotely with no human intervention. Solution notifies users with real-time email and SMS alerts and helps take the pain out of managing liquid gas availability and supplying the same just in time. Companies are able to view current status of their inventory whose delivery and availability is critical and time-sensitive with high impact on business and assess and proactively act to resolve the challenges. It eliminates potential out-of-stock issues. Real-time data and alerts allow managers to manage production, schedule delivery and avoid emergency requests at inconvenient times.

GASOTRAK features easy-to-use interface, uses robust and latest software technologies, uses highly sensitive sensing devices and telemetry technology to sense and measure consumption and transmit data to a remote location, uses machine-to-machine data acquisition, and employs IOT technology (Internet of Things).

GASOTRAK design is aimed at sensing, transmitting, collecting and processing data in real-time from sensors via telemetry and solution provides companies and their customers with comprehensive, real-time rich dynamic cloud-based reports and a rule-based alert and notification engine.

Telemetry (Remote) employs sensing monitoring device that converts an analog signal from a pressure differential sensor into a digital signal. The digital data is periodically transmitted using GPRS technology to a data device. A unique identification code identifies the monitoring device. The data stream received is recorded and analyzed against a preset custom configuration. Alerts are generated and sent at various thresholds via email and SMS. The devices are robust, have a long lifespan, function well in extreme environments and are housed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Our devices are powered by battery charged with solar energy.


  • Manual data collection process not followed through. It is repeated multiple times during the day on each tank.
  • Major training and oversight required to maintain manual data collection process and records
  • Human error in reading and writing data, including number transposition errors
  • Paper records do not aid in analyzing data for usage and leakage
  • Sustainability of customer when ordering on emergency basis is at stake and corresponding ability of gas company to manage that delivery in a timely manner
  • Increased operation time and lost productivity may result in irreparable damage to customer relations
  • Underutilized tanks due to inefficient and inaccurate monitoring methods currently in use
  • Time inefficiencies and misunderstanding of verbal delivery requests
  • Tank asset management, audit, and periodic gas inventory is time consuming and difficult

Liquid Gas Monitoring Solution Advantage

  • A focus on automatic real time liquid gas monitoring, refill and usage
  • Complete low cost solution that integrates pressure electronic sensor technology from most experienced provider with GPRS telemetry and cloud based robust software processes
  • Eliminate emergency calls from end user for delivery with built-in alerts
  • Plan just in time delivery
  • Optimize and reduce delivery costs by combining multiple deliveries in one truck run
  • Periodic transparent data load to the central system via telemetry
  • Built-in data validation and Information Governance lets you trust your data
  • Solution built on latest technologies including electronic pressure sensing, GPRS telemetry, and Microsoft mobile, web, and database technology

Key Features

GASOTRAK is based on agile, modular and scalable architecture that is integrated with electronic sensing, telemetry, mobile, web and multiple latest technologies. It uses specialized pressure electronic sensing device from world’s most experienced company in working with liquid gases coupled with robust software processes and system that utilize these powerful technologies to the fullest.

Access from Anywhere

Enables customized and controlled access to employees and customers from desktop andor Smartphone.

Enterprise-Class Architecture

Built with latest Microsoft Technology with architecture that is robust, flexible, and modular.

Automated Alerts based on Customized Settings

This data is used as a basis to send alerts to the supplier and its customers for liquid level and possible leak information.

Maximum Asset Usage

Optimize asset usage by using capacity in the most efficient manner.

Maximize Revenue & Cost Efficiency

Eliminates non-planned production and non-scheduled delivery costs and maximizes revenue.

Usage History

View real-time and historical usage and analyze, forecast and predict usage.

Robust Monitoring Device from world-renowned manufacturer specializing in cryogenic sensing technology

GASOTRAK uses best-of-class monitoring device, is robust, has user friendly configuration, designed to last, and consistently sense, convert, and transmit error-free data. This automates data acquisition, delivers operational efficiency and offers a huge cost reduction.

Comprehensive Real-Time Reporting

Reports help you run, analyze, and manage your business: Daily, Monthly, Annual, Historical, Comparative, Predictive, and numerous other customized reports.

Complete Real-Time Actionable Data

Intelligent, real-time accurate and actionable data is available to you to make informed business decisions. Empower every link in your supply chain for better performance.

Schedule Just in Time Delivery – eliminate emergency calls

Reorder Alert helps schedule regular and timely delivery and eliminate emergency delivery and associated costs.