Last Leg Delivery Tracking

Schedule – Track – Confirm

Schedule Delivery and Alert Customer

Share Route & Delivery ETA with Customer

Get Customer Confirmation on Delivery

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Use TRAKAIDTM DELOTRAK Solution to streamline and optimize the delivery process.

  • Reduce and manage Vehicle stop time and cost
  • Increase Customer satisfaction with informed timely delivery
  • Pre-Alert Customer to get ready for delivery
  • Increase efficiency in the use of asset and delivery resources
  • Reduce the effort both for delivery person and Customer

The delivery of medical oxygen and essential supplies is critical. The timely delivery of the correct product to the right Customer makes a difference between life and death.

Eliminate the delivery wait time for your delivery team and your Customer. The cost of each vehicle stop cost is getting higher. The traffic is getting busier. The Customer is anxious to get delivery and keeps on calling for delivery. On arrival, the delivery person may need to wait to make delivery as the Customer is not available\ready to take delivery.

IT services

Trakaid DELOTRAK is a fully-featured logistics cloud-based Software-as-a-Service Solution. It streamlines the logistics communication, eliminates wait times for customer and delivery team, and offers a win-win-win proposition:

A win for the Supplier

  • Manage end-to-end delivery process
  • Hassle-free set-up of Vehicle Run with deliveries
  • Pre-Alert Customer with scheduled delivery
  • Locate Driver during the Vehicle Run

A win for the Delivery Team

  • Start the Vehicle Run on an Android smartphone
  • Send Delivery Alert to Customer Location
  • Share Vehicle Stop route and ETA with Customer
  • Get instant Customer delivery confirmation

A win for the Customer

  • Get Delivery Pre-alerts with delivery details
  • Get Delivery Notification link to track vehicle location\route
  • Track the delivery vehicle and prepare to receive delivery
  • Confirm delivery receipt – Share Delivery PIN with Driver

The solution is FREE to the suppliers of medical oxygen and essential supplies up to December 31, 2021. Enjoy a hassle-free delivery process. To get started, go to

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assume 500 assets in multiple transactions
Trakaid Asset Tracking
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Traditional Method

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1. Read write data on pages asset number
Invalid, Not visible, Poor lighting, Covered

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2. Read enter in system 20% error due to
Transcription, Transposition, Eligible handwriting

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3. Go back & locate and go to step. 1

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