Case Studies

Gas Manufacturer Fills Up More Often With RFID

Indian oxygen and nitrogen supplier Kay Nitroxygen is using EPC Gen 2 UHF tags and readers to record the status of its reusable cylinders, resulting in increased productivity.

By Claire Swedberg

Mar. 30, 2010—Kay Nitroxygen Pvt. Ltd., an oxygen and nitrogen gas company in Satara, Maharashtra, owned by engineering firm Kay Group, has reduced its product turnaround time by using an RFID system to record the status of its reusable cylinders. Since October 2009, the company has been utilizing the technology not only to track which cylinders are loaded, shipped to customers and returned, but also to identify which need to be tested before being reused, in keeping with federal guidelines.

Kay Nitroxygen faced several challenges when it began seeking an RFID solution for its 135-pound steel cylinders, which are approximately 5 feet in height and 8 inches in diameter, and which cost about $300 apiece. Kay Nitroxygen’s facility fills empty cylinders with oxygen or nitrogen, and ships them to customers.

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