Can you afford eyeballing safety?

The majority of companies use the eyeballing method to check for cylinder test due dates before filling. Most cylinders have no marking of the cylinder test due date after the initial testing. Almost 99 times of 100, employees do not have the time to eyeball the test date, and often there is nothing to eyeball.

You are taking a very big risk for yourself, your employees, and your customers. Eyeballing leaves you one step away from mishap!

There are things that can’t be compromised

Safety! A Pledge – A Promise – No Two ways about it

Considering a low price cylinder management Solution?
But not at any price. As we see it, there’s no other way.

Trakaid cylinder tracking solution has built in auto checking of the cylinder’s test due date at multiple steps in the operational cycle. It leaves no option for the operator but to put the cylinder aside for testing.

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Enterprises across the globe are employing radio frequency identification (RFID) to cut costs, enhance visibility, improve asset-utilization rates, streamline business processes, improve inventory accuracy and achieve many other benefits

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