Benefits & Importance Of Gas Tank Remote Telemetry Using GASOTRAK

Gas Tank Remote Telemetry

GASOTRAK is a telemetry remote monitoring solution for industrial and medical liquified gasses. These include oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. The system is a comprehensive SaaS(Software-as-a-Service) solution that allows remote monitoring and provides alerts along with status notifications regarding tank consumption levels, virtually eliminating emergency phone calls.

The interface is simple and easy to use while ensuring complete access anytime, anywhere. You can use it from any internet-connected device such as PC, laptop, smartphone, etc. With an in-built AI processing, it can also forecast consumption up to the next 48 hours.

What Are The Challenges Of The Existing Manual Monitoring System?

  • Human Error: The costly need for human resources to collect data manually. There was a high probability for errors and inconsistencies due to inefficiency.
  • Prerequisite Knowledge: Proper training and regular supervision were necessary to conduct the manual data collection process and manage records.
  • Error-Prone: There was always a likelihood of human error in reading and writing data like the common blunder of number transposition.
  • Unreliable Records: Inaccuracy in manually maintaining regular records hinders data analysis capabilities and effective utilization.
  • Emergency Orders: Errors in manual records can lead to insufficient stock-related problems and require emergency orders to compensate. Lack of available resources and the need for emergency restocking cause high delivery costs and endanger business sustainability.
  • Lost Opportunities: The downtime caused during the delivery of emergency orders can lead to irreparable damage, and the inability to accommodate such deliveries can sour customer relationships.
  • Wasted Assets: Underutilized production and asset storage are also a result of current inefficient and inaccurate monitoring methods.
  • Misinterpreted Orders: There is a significant scope of misunderstandings in verbal requests, which can also cause stock and delivery problems.
  • Requires A Lot Of Time: Manual tank asset management, audit and periodic gas inventory can be time-consuming and a challenging repetitive task with various opportunities for errors.

How Does GASOTRAK Help To Overcome These Challenges?

The cloud-based solution facilitates remote monitoring of cryogenic pressurized liquid delivery and allows you to be aware of the critical conditions of time-sensitive commodities. The technology eases the difficulty in managing gas supply by providing access to customer gas level readings. You can examine the data anytime from anywhere with the help of the web-based interface instead of relying on manual records that have inconsistency issues, may not be timely noted or have errors.

In case of quick consumption or any unexpected scenario, you will receive an alert via email or SMS without any delay, so you are always updated and prepared. Cloud storage capability provides unlimited space for information without worrying about accidental data loss. With a built-in usage forecast, you can predict the consumption patterns over the next 24-48 hours.

What Are The Benefits That GASOTRAK Offers?

1. Eliminates Emergency: You can plan deliveries in advance to avoid an emergency due to lack of required stock. The built-in alerts send an SMS or email to keep you updated about your gas supply delivery.

2. Reduce Delivery Costs: Easily optimize all your deliveries to multiple customers in one truck run to improve route efficiency.

3. Leverage Unique AMBRA Technology: As a prominent cryogenic liquid gas monitoring business leader, AMBRA is an experienced provider of low-cost wireless and self-contained, compact monitoring systems.

4. Quick Installation: Since it is pre-configured and fully assembled, the system is easy to install, configure and use. It does not require an expensive UPS-backed power line, eliminating the installation cost. The technology runs on battery-operated solar power and uses minimal power.

5. 24×7 Access: Complete access to tank information through a simple, intuitive and powerful web-based interface that can be used on any device connected to the internet. So if there is a disruption in the liquid gas tank levels, you’ll be the first to know about it.

6. Worldwide Support: No matter where your business is based, the solution is built on efficient technologies, including electronic pressure sensing and GPRS telemetry. With an agile, modular and scalable solutions architecture, the system can easily help companies keep track of their assets. Built-in data validation and information governance ensure that you can fully trust the data you receive.

The current manual remote monitoring process invites a lot of errors and is an extremely time-consuming task. It often results in frantic calls to the supplier requesting emergency bulk shipment on short notice. The production and delivery take up a lot of time and cost that is required to cater to emergency requests. If you want to switch to a more efficient and accurate monitoring system, contact us at Trakaid.