RFID Expertise

TSP has the ability to integrate and harness rapidly changing technology and field conditions to bring about benefits to users from the production floor to the executive suite

With a one-point plan to bring disruptive RFID technology into the mainstream, EPC Global published open global standards in 2006. Since then, TSP has been persistent in evaluating the evolution and economics of RFID technology for commercial use.

A specialized provider with strategic expertise and proven experience within specific practice areas that can position your company as a confident player in a fast-paced business environment, TSP is an exceptionally capable, seasoned and insightful technology partner.

RFID Technology is maturing quickly. When it comes to company adoption, change is accelerating. Companies must ensure their long term strategy embraces innovations disruptive technology create. TRAKAID helps companies utilize this knowledge to adjust strategies appropriately, thus preparing companies for these (and other) disruptive technologies.

Designing an RFID-based solution involves more than working with a system integrator, choosing RFID components, capturing data and integrating with existing systems. The solution must be fully-functioning and be capable of evolving as technology changes.

As benefits from asset visibility data mount, the need to bring them into additional processes explodes. However, the selection of a specific choice of RFID components might confine a company with a preselected proprietary data format.

TSP designs systems based on aggregate data needed to make the business process work. The observed data is time stamped and linked to its business context. The design of the RFID technology enabled data-capture capability and the application that consumes the data are then finalized. Inefficiencies associated with adjusting to continual technology and business change are minimal.

RFID technology makes it possible to:

  • Automate and accelerate data acquisition
  • Trust the data – 100% accuracy in data acquisition
  • Timely information improves asset visibility and productivity
  • Reduce manual data entry process errors that run more than 105% (both reading, writing and entering data into a system and due to data transposition)
  • Reduce the data gathering bottleneck – capture information at customer’s door on pickup and upload into your back-end system
Motorola Mc9190 Z Rfid Reader