7 Mistakes, More than 90% of Gas Cylinder Suppliers are still Making

RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) is considered a part of AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) technology. Basically, it is a wireless system that is used in tracking animate as well as inanimate objects via RFID tags. These tags contain electronically stored information about the object that is being tracked. To decode the information present in the tags, we use RFID readers.

RFID has been considered as a revolutionizing technology by many experts. Over the years, it has transformed numerous business applications. We are witnessing a new dawn of the age of cylinder logistics solutions. Cylinder tracking has always been a major concern for suppliers, and RFID technology is their only hope.

Have you lost productivity due to cylinder identification issues? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely continue reading this article. Nowadays, customers rely on industrial gas cylinder industry that utilizes RFID technology. RFID-based cylinder tracking systems provide effective and efficient cylinder tracking solutions. But the irony is that more than 90% of cylinder suppliers still rely on traditional management systems. If you are one of them then here are the seven mistakes you are still making:

Too much of manual labor and expenditure

Suppliers who are not using RFID technology for cylinder management rely on traditional management systems. As a result, management process becomes labor-intensive and demands a lot of capital to be invested in human labor.

Lack of Efficiency

Traditional management system offers inefficient inventory management. This poses a problem for suppliers as well as the consumers. RFID-based cylinder tracking system provides effective inventory management solutions.

Use of Barcodes

To save their money, many suppliers use barcodes to track the cylinders. This may seem like a cost-effective solution for management, but it is not. Barcode labels are fragile, highly sensitive towards dirt, and requires human labor to attach labels to every cylinder. Finally, it’s time to get rid of barcodes and adopt a better technology known as RFID. TRAKAID CyTRACK solution (RFID-based cylinder tracking system) provides cost-effective and efficient way to manage your inventory.

barcodeBarcodes Technology is Very Expensive

For people who are dedicated disciples of barcoding technology and are in no mood to change it for the better, one should be aware that barcoding tracking system requires complicated printers. Purchasing and maintaining these printers are far more costly affairs.

Inadequacy in Maintaining Records

At present, we are not dealing with the customer who is unaware but a far more smarter one. Customers expect reliable records for cylinders such as the exact date of refilling, dispatch, etc. With RFID, it becomes easy to give the customers what they want.

Losing that One Percent

As per the studies, suppliers lose about one percent of total cylinders due to inventory mismanagement. It has become a necessity to maintain complex records effectively to prevent such mishaps. RFID-based cylinder tracking solutions can put an end to all your mismanagement problems.

Falling for Rumors

There have always been many rumors regarding the RFID technology. Some may be true, but some are baseless. The most prominent of all rumors related to RFID is that it has a lot of maintenance cost. Now the scenario has changed. With continuous improvements in this technology. RFID tags have become a lot cheaper.

Are you one of those who are still making these seven mistakes or are you facing some other problems while supplying cylinders?

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