7 Incredible Advices for Gas Cylinder Monitoring, You Just Can’t Ignore

Nowadays, the demand for gas cylinders does not recognize any limits. This is because gas is required for a number of facilities ranging from medical supplies to chemical plants and even semiconductor fab. The cost of per cylinder’s gasses may evaluate up to thousands of dollars. Hence, a persistent, reliable supply becomes indispensable for production operations.

So, gas cylinder suppliers think once! Do you lack the advanced automated monitoring technologies? Do you still count on your company’s labor to perform manual data entering and reading of cylinders’ quantity?  Do your readings and delivery data only lay in spreadsheets or data maintenance registers? Then, you must be facing three issues! One, lofty labor costs, two, frequent downtime, and three, enormous gas wastage!

There is a need for automatic gas cabinets with continuous liquid gas monitoring and alarming to assure that gas usage is examined and tracked correctly. At the right time, the depleted cylinders should be discarded, and new ones should be arranged. The liquid gas consumption tracking should be such that losses are eliminated, and efficiency is ameliorated.

Read on to the 7 incredible advices for gas cylinder monitoring, you just can’t ignore!

Never opt for the technology of barcodes to track gas cylinders again: The popularly used technology of barcodes presents serious drawbacks. As the technology lacks sufficient requirements, the market has brought an advanced technology. This advanced technology is none other than Radio Frequency Identification Device.

In the battle of Barcodes v/s RFID, a number of facts have become clear! First, the read/write capabilities on the printed barcodes are an impossible phenomenon while a lot of information on RFID tag can be altered.

Second, the readers of barcodes need a direct line of sight to read the affixed barcode. On the other hand, an RFID reader does not present such a requirement.

Third, barcodes can only and only be read with a close contact. Whereas, an RFID reader can make out the data from an RFID tag even up to long distances (sometimes up to 300 ft.)

Fourth, the barcodes are like little sensitive babies. They cannot resist the harsh environmental conditions as they are exposed. On the other hand, an RFID tag is protected by a shield of a plastic cover and is much stronger! Mud, oil or scratches cannot take away their readability potential.

Fifth, it’s true that the affordability of barcodes attracts everyone. Initially, they may be viable and reasonably priced option. But their high maintenance and drawbacks can get your pockets empty. Moreover, they have a short lifespan. In such a scenario, an RFID technology is a big savior! It is a one-time investment and provides long time benefits.

Hence, only RFID technology should be opted for gas cylinder tracking!

Simplify tracking, monitoring, and management: Who likes difficult and complicated tasks? We all want simplified tasks for a smooth life! Trakaid’s LgMonitor is a cloud-based monitoring systemthat employs sensing devices and GPRS telemetry technology. These advanced tools and technology come with a remote liquid gas monitoring solution. It gives the company a high value and obtains complete benefits from underlying technologies.

LgMonitor makes tracking, monitoring, and management simpler in real-time. The availability and delivery of the company’s assets are vital and urgent. They evaluate their effect on business operations from any spot. Its interface makes the organizations able to view a present status of their assets, thereby coming up with the standards of the industry market. The organizations make an enormous investment in tankers. 24×7 monitoring and tracking of gas cylinders over the internet save the company’s cylinders from being lost.

Take the benefit of cloud-based monitoring for your cylinders: Give your employees and customers a touch of cloud-based monitoring for your cylinders and experience the change. It multiplies your efficiency and profitability and reduces your business’ costs. Your cylinders’ quality can then be improved. You and your employees can sign in from anywhere and everywhere. You can access your valuable information that will be permanently present in the cloud.

Now, that was a focus on your employees, well, what about your customers? Why should they remain aloof from the benefits? Such a monitoring caters to the needs of your customers as well! Your labor does not have the capabilities of providing accurate information verbally to your customers, after all they are humans. Often, your consumers get anxious regarding their delivery shipments and other queries. Cloud-based monitoring provides them the access to view their present order status online, from any location.

Get rid of emergency calls and be prepared: By employing a CMS (cloud-based monitoring system) for your cylinders, you do yourself unbelievable good! The immediate delivery of bulk gas, at odd timings becomes difficult. If the delivery takes much time, the customers’ relations are prone to be damaged. Also, emergency deliveries have their transportation charges.

CMS alerts you through notifications regarding urgent deliveries at the customer’s site. In this case, there is no chance of emergencies or non-availability of gas. The planned deliveries eliminate losses by pooling deliveries in one truck run.

Get rid of manual data recording: In a gas cylinder business, which is extremely complex, reviewing, monitoring and managing the information becomes even more complicated. So, the advice that you just cannot ignore is never to rely on the manual mode of recording data. The paperwork’s hunger for most of your money and time never decreases. In fact, it kills the accuracy of your data and provides a lot of errors.

In such a case, liquid gas monitoring solution bestows on you the benefit of accurate records. The solution leaves your valuable time, money and labor for other business areas alone. The data is stored in a central system, which goes online as soon as the RFID reader reads the fastened RFID tags to your cylinders.

Raise profit in 24 hours: Now, the gas cylinder suppliers can raise profit in 24 hours. Ask how? We just talked about the access to accurate data by employing liquid gas monitoring solution. The same accuracy can increase suppliers’ profit in 24 hours.  The proper data records are real time data which allows suppliers to make the right business decisions.

The Liquid gas monitoring solution maintains proper informative records such as customer’s average daily consumption. The data of the consumers’ past consumption is very useful. These records when scrutinized, can allow the suppliers to foresee consumer’s future usage and prepare for its availability and delivery.

The solution has built-in data validations and information governance. Both of the components allows transparent data load to the central system. Customers can obtain the information and be satisfied with the complete details about the process.  In this way, gas suppliers can shoot two apples with one arrow. First, a continuous service is provided to the existing customers. And second, new traffic is raised in 24 hours, which doubles the profit at an unprecedented rate.

Allow gas cylinder detection: When there is no proper data, how does one know which cylinders can still be used for delivering bulk gas, which ones should go for testing and which ones should be replaced? No, it’s not that simple. An inaccurate monitoring procedure allows leaked cylinders to be still in use. There are numerous gauges that are filled with fluid and can leak because of damage. Due to this, huge losses of funds and lives can take place. As a result, the customers’ relations are wrecked.

So, the last advice we give to you is, making it a must to have a leak detection system. The manual recording of tank content wouldn’t be beneficial at all! The paper records cannot examine data for usage and leakage. The cryogenic pressurized liquid monitoring has a remote telemetry unit that calculates the level of tank product.  When the units are read, the fluid levels are transmitted to the organization. Such detection provides safe and reliable delivery service.

To conclude, if you want to be a successful gas cylinder supplier, the above 7 advices cannot be ignored at all. In a competing world, monitoring through means of advanced technology has become inevitable. The old ways to track, detect, monitor and manage gas cylinders should be left out. There is a need for employing the best solutions that can enhance company’s productivity, raise profits, eliminate losses, improve efficiency and cut down costs. So, it’s time to move towards a better future of the enterprise.