5 Parking Lot Management Problems And Their Solutions

As the money flow increases, and more and more individuals and companies expand their ownership of vehicles, the complexities and conflicts of parking swells. While cooperation and coordination are crucial for a smooth functioning of the parking lot areas, there are a number of things that the parking lot owners could do to speed up their processes. Parking management solutions address parking problems and fully automate parking operations.

In the cities, the supply-demand ratio leads to some deep parking issues for the parking area providers. From tracking, processing, checking to management everything seems to be messed up! Before moving to parking lot problem solving, let’s first read 5 major problems faced in parking lot management. Further, we will move forward to suggesting innovative solutions to vehicle parking.

Manual Checks: Parking managers perform manually intensive work of counting permit and non-permit cars. There is manual checking of vehicle status and details and handwritten tickets. Such a manual procedure leads to 5% entry errors, further resulting in huge losses to the bottom line.

Paper Records:  It is difficult to sieve through the large volumes of information. For accomplishing this task, the parking lot managers have to spend hours searching files for the exact information. So, these paper records create a lot of problems.

High Labor Costs: Reading, writing and entering data is labor-intensive and time consuming. Unnecessary capital expenditure is increased due to the money spent on labor that performs repetitive manual tasks.

Waiting Customers: The outdated mode of management troubles the customers and makes them wait in long queues when they need to enter and exit the parking lot. Due to this, precious time of the clients is wasted, and their sustainability gets shaken.

Unauthorized Access: The parking manager in-charge issue handwritten paper tickets that can be duplicated easily. No security alerts are raised to the authorized personnel if any unauthorized vehicle enters the parking lot.

Now, let us evaluate how Parking space management solutions can help to eradicate these issues and simplify your parking business like never before:

Automated System:  Parking lot management system is an automated system that eliminates data errors made by the manpower. RFID speed up the process for checking automobiles with permit parking. Moreover, the automobiles with authorized RFID tags are allowed automatic entry. This enhances the effective use of space and resources.

Cloud-based Reports: Parking lot management solution offers reports to be accessed online by the authorized personnel. The records are all well-maintained on the cloud to be accessed whenever needed. Particular records can be accessed by just pushing in the license plate or parking ticket’s number or permit holder’s name.

Reduce Labor Costs: RFID-based parking management system is fully automatic, and there’s really not much to do after employing the same. It requires limited personnel to be kept for performing various parking operations. It’s almost like unmanned 24-hour operation. Hence, costs with wireless RFID system are greatly reduced.

Happy Customers:  The parking lot management software can identify the vehicles within microseconds. As the RFID reader can read the RFID tags from a considerable distance, ticket jamming problems are resolved.  RFID parking space management system allows faster check-in and check-out of the vehicles under controlled conditions.  In this way, customers’ time is saved, and they become satisfied with the service forever.

Security Alarms and Alerts: With customized parking space management, parking lot owners can forget unauthorized access of vehicles. Security alerts are raised in real-time and delivered by e-mail or text message to appropriate personnel. RFID technology in parking management solutions is the most secure medium than other networks to perform parking control operations.

TRAKAID’s ParkTrack solution is offered as Software-as-a-Service for gated and non-gated parking lots. For gated parking lots, vehicles with authorized RFID tags are allowed entry and drivers of vehicles without tags need to take the parking ticket. For non-gated parking lots, a parking officer uses the simple and complete handheld-based RFID enabled solution to speed up the process for checking automobiles with permit parking and at the same time issue tickets to autos for day parking. Trakaid’s ParkTrack is one of the best parking management solutions and a boon for the parking lot owners.