100% Safety – of your Assets and your Customers

Layered gas chambers are generally utilized as a part of the distinctive businesses for a mixed bag of operations. Transportation of packed and condensed gasses are conceivably dangerous as they are combustible and a spillage can prompt a blast in a vehicle.

To keep up and keep on improving the current security record for the utilization of these barrels, TRAKAID has thought of the progressed engineering – Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). TRAKAID RFID empowered brilliant following engineering uses an RFID peruser (radio sign initiator and recipient) that listens to signs sent back from RFID Passive labels. At the point when the trigger on the RFID peruser is pulled, the tag is perused and gives a one of a kind recognizable proof code. This makes it conceivable to catch the information of an advantage.

At the point when the barrel is dropped at the client, the conveyance individual peruses the chamber tag, to kill the difficulties of blended burden conveyance. You and client are ensured that the chamber number was conveyed or grabbed.

We have issued a set of tried and demonstrated rules to help our customers deal with their inventories in a finer manner. The accompanying gives some viable direction on the safe taking care of and putting away of compacted gas chambers:

Correctness – Trust your information.

Traceability – Know the What, Where, When, Why and How of your barrels.

Security – Focus on Patient, Customer and User Safety – Single greatest test.

Versatility – Actionable information at the purpose of utilization.

Advancement – Processes that exploit new innovation.

Stakes – Analyze holdings and apply controls to oversee them.

Execution – Fully upheld strong framework that gives you a chance to concentrate.

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